Monthly Archives: June 2010

Sun sets…

…on another topic. I don’t know if it was the right direction to follow, but here I am anyway. The characters all have their own ideas, very few of them matching the reality of the news and opinion pages, but then theirs is a different sort of place. The expectations for their lives, the traditions and rituals they follow are not the ones I was brought up with, and I cannot say I would like it if they had been. Most of them seem horrific to my nearly WASP birthright.

I’ve heard said that the words one uses, the placement of these words and the symbols that accentuate and define them, become a kind of fingerprint.

What does mine look like I wonder, swirling, breaking, cracking, flipping…the bird that flies through cloudless skies, soaring majestic and alone after it shat on your windshield….

Someday I will really start this blog the way I should. Not tonight.