Created Out of Chaos

I believe that writers are created by their characters as much as they create the characters and the stories they live in.  This, and my other blog of the same name, are where I will be delving into the processes that create my stories, how writing has affected me and my life, and general writing niftiness that I come across in this journey toward self-discovery.

I hope you enjoy the trip as much as I do.

2 responses to “Created Out of Chaos

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I love what you say about writers being created by their characters. I’m writing my first novel, and I can imagine that being true. But even non-fiction writing helps to develop ourselves, as I have found through writing my blog.


    • You’re so right about non-fiction helping a writer develop more fully. It’s the creative process, the understanding what one values and the choices one makes about what s/he shares with the world, that drives that evolution, I think. Best of luck on your novel, and on your blog too. May joy and peace follow you.