Monthly Archives: April 2011

So many things…..

I’m breaking the “every other week” cycle I wrote about in my main blog on WordPress to write this.  Rest assured, I will be posting again next Monday as well, when I will hopefully have consolidated my observations on writing with Scrivener (as opposed to my former WordPerfect plodding) and how a change in technological format can both stifle and inspire new ways to express one’s self.

The reason I’m posting this is sheer vanity: I was curious to see if this blog had ever made a blip into Google Search Land…  As far as I can tell, it hasn’t, but doing a search did reveal some interesting things.  I have a lot of reading to do now.  I may not be a blip on the world’s RADAR, but I keep finding nifty stuff and that’s enough to mae me happy.

One of the posts that interested me the most was this one on the New Buddhist website.  So may things call me toward the Buddhist philosophy of late.  I have friends who practice; I have been slowly working my way through some Zen writings; there is even a Buddhist Temple in my son’s school.  Clearly there is something that I am looking for in it, though at the moment I couldn’t say what that something might be.  I guess it is enough to know I am and to continue my search.

And so I am off.  This time it is to edit some files that got mangled in the slew of crashes and computer reconstructions that came about from that Firefox worm as well as the annual holiday/family gathering chaos of winter.