Daily Archives: May 2, 2011

Scrivenings on Scrivener for Windows

I’m a recent convert to this delightful little(!) program from the folks at Literature and Latte.  Since I don’t have a Mac (it’s not a preference thing, it’s an inertia one), I am happily risking my computer and story files to play with the most recent Beta test version (you do notice that they aren’t brave enough to post that on their main page yet–sad, because even the Beta is quite good).

What I like the most about it is the way I can finally relieve my mind of the internal outlines I am always carrying around with me.  Most of the outline styles I’d learned in school didn’t work for me: I too often found myself obsessing over the outline and avoiding the writing.  The apparent inflexibility of the two formats (and my conviction at the time that I needed to be able to write something and have it be “just right” the first time…I know now it can’t be done) basically left me holding story after story in my head, making hundreds of little metal changes in the format for each variation that showed up.  And heaven forbid that I throw something that didn’t work away….  But that’s an issue for another post.

However, as one can see by this picture, I have found my dream outlining setup and it’s right on the screen with my research, the pictures I use as inspiration, the scenes I write and even the soundclips I’ve even used to help portray certain moods.  I haven’t fully explored all the possibilities of the program yet.  Even after following the Tutorial included in the download, I know I am completely ignorant as to the full power of the program.  But at the moment, it’s what I need.  And after my recent discovery that I would no longer be able to rely on my old WordPerfect 5.1/OneNote combo (my laptop comes to a standstill every time I open OneNote of late, which effectively makes the program useless) when I am switching between my two computers, I feel like this little revelation from NaNoWriMo last year has been given to me by some divine being [I’ve heard his name is Lee Powell]. 

Hey, no one said I couldn’t dream.