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Sunday, Sunday, Monday Morning 12am

Well F***

This about sums it up

This is almost a “nothing to report” report.  It’s not as if I didn’t do anything since Wednesday.  Actually, I did a lot.  I even did a lot of writing.  This is actually a “I can’t think of what I did now and put it into coherent words at the same time” report.

Ever have days like that?

Instead of getting frustrated with myself or spending my entire evening trying to get my head together, I’m going to leave it at “I have a feeling that some things got forgotten, but that things probably aren’t even close to as bad as they seem right now“.  I know I got stuff done.

I got a lot of writing done, including that so very valuable “intimate time with my characters” I needed to get.    Not as much as I’d hoped, but enough to fuel the fires for the future.

I’m plowing through my reading material (five books in progress at the moment, since I added my collection of Unabridged Grimm’s Fairy Tales for another challenge and The Fiction Writer’s Workshop to add a “craft book” balance to the list).   Add that to reading blogs and news and general research…  It’s a good thing I love to read.  It’s a bad thing that I haven’t figured out how to fit enough hours in a day for all the reading I would like to do.  I’m thinking of experimenting again with books on tape for those long drives I have to make to bring my son to school.  We’ll see.  It’s not a choice that will be popular with the five year-old voting public, but we’ll see. Continue reading

They made me do it: lots of Flash Fiction

I have met some amazing people in the ROW80.  They inspire me to write even when the head is pounding and I can barely keep my eyes open because the monitor glare hurts too much.    So, after Sharon Howard posted her Flash Fiction Friday post on Facebook, the guilt muse that had been politely sitting in the corner, minding her own business and reading something by Dale Carnegie, stood up and said “You promised yourself you would do some flash fiction last Saturday, you know.  I mean, look at the date!  It’s almost Saturday again.  You’ve got a lot of work to make up, Missy.”

I didn’t feel good enough to argue, so here goes a few pieces of flash fiction, one of which is very late. Continue reading

What do you mean it’s Wednesday already?

It’s that time of the week again….  What do you mean it’s Wednesday already?  Didn’t Sunday just go by with me saying that I needed to reassess (and reduce) my goals?  Oh, yes, it did.  Ah well.  Here we go again.  ROW80 check-in (here are my updated goals for reference…they don’t include the goals for the Fifty/Fifty/Me or the Telling Tales 2012 Challenges which fortunately seem to be rolling along quite comfortably as I note below). Continue reading