My first #Row80 check-in =)

While today isn’t exactly the time I “scheduled” to assess the goals (for some silly reason, I first wrote goats there…  must have to do with Roniie Libra’s talk about goat biryani) for the ROW80 challenge, this is my very FIRST check-in.  YAY!!!  self-congratulatory pat on the back


Okay, I didn’t really deserve a pat on the back…slacked off a lot these past few days; spent way too much time ogling the social media world than healthy; way too much time thinking about stuff that only marginally involved writing, such as what music to listen to and erasing songs from the computer I never liked anyway.  I spent a bunch of time reading writing blogs (I’d put “Increase Blog Involvement” in my handwritten goals but not my first post).  I have an awful tendency to NOT post comments on blogs that I have fun reading and only comment on those I want to kvetch on…  must continue to work on positives.

I blew it on my exercise goal.  The last two days were in the single digits here and I’ve been close to hibernating.  Add a YMCA membership that just expired…  Well, no gym trips for me.  Either tomorrow or Friday, that will be done.  It depends on who drives tomorrow.  On the upside, I did get stuff done that had been building in the house.  Example?  I finally ordered my Albany Symphony tickets for  the rest of the season.  Wasn’t actually part of my goals, but then, I was supposed to have done this in last November, but November being what it was with the every other week nasty ick coming home from my son’s school and NanoWriMo, I didn’t.

I did “some” cleaning.  Almost nil.  Good thing THAT wasn’t on my goals list–though perhaps it should have been.

Dancing…  Almost didn’t on Monday.  I ended up asking my son Marcus (he’s five going on thirty and amazing) if he would like to dance with me; he picked the music.  Somehow Raffi’s Rise and Shine wasn’t “quite” the boost I was looking for, but I picked him up and hugged him, and we “danced” to it anyway.  Next time, I pick the song…maybe Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie.

There has been plenty of other dancing since..  Yesterday I had fun with some 80s German pop by Modern Talking.  Today it was a lot of Hindi pop.  It’s quite energetic, and I can even use it a bit toward my exercise goal.

I had some progress on another front as well.  While I haven’t actually created the timeline, Monday ended up being research the various software that would allow me to make one.  Most programs are limited to following the our present day calendar, adjusted for our earth.  This doesn’t work for my stories.   So far (with the help of my wonderful husband), I found two programs that have possibilities.  For Apple users, Aeon seems to have everything, except the operating system I need.  For Windows grunts like myself, this looked promising.

I didn’t actually post THIS goal, except on my Facebook page:  but following Sharon Howard’s inspiration, I checked myself into the 50/50/Me challenge as well.  I love reading, but almost never watch movies.  I may have watched ten in the last five years, and that includes the Disney things my son puts on.  The last time I went to the theatre was because my husband’s office all went out for dinner and the last Star Wars movie.  We didn’t pay for our tickets or our dinner.  At the end of it all, I felt we’d been overcharged for the movie and should have tipped the waitress twice what the guy who paid ended up doing.

But on the 50/50/Me front, my husband has gathered a huge list of movies (he watches them almost daily) that he thinks I should watch and has valiantly offered to watch them “again” with me.  Luckily he doesn’t have to help me on the book front; I devour books for dinner.  The big challenge is my intention to read fiction for pleasure–mostly.  There will be time taken to winnow the “To Read” pile somewhat.  But since a lot of my reading is non-fiction research material, I expect some serious library stops are in order.  Right now I am reading Red Neck Blue Collar Atheist  by a friend of mine Hank Fox, mostly because it was right on top of the third book pile over my desk, just in reach when I started reaching blindly… I really need to trim down those piles.

On the actual writing goals….  Notice I saved this one for last and even added other stuff into the post before I approached this.  Well, umm, yeah…  I did do some writing related stuff for my WIP.  Yesterday.  Yesterday I managed to make up the 500 words I didn’t do on Monday and meet Tuesday’s goal.  Today I’ve done squat, though I did start notes for a new blog post that I intend to write for next Monday.  Typing has gone very well however, and because it’s not straight transcription, there has been some creative work being done, just very little.  I’m ahead of the typing page count, and probably added an extra two pages of story in the edits.

So that’s it.  Nothing special, not a lot to say.  I’ve made a start, and I am also making myself be accountable for my actions.  So, good-bye for now.  I still have time to get a page or two of story writing done.  See you at the next check-in.

6 responses to “My first #Row80 check-in =)

  1. I keep forgetting to dance, and, although I don’t have it on my goals list, I wanted to dance every day. maybe you could send me a link to something you’re dancing to, now and then, to remind me? =)


    • I’ll send you my Youtube playlist if you’d like. And I believe in that pile of MP3s I gave you (if you didn’t delete them all) there are some Modern Talking ones. Also Milk, Inc. (though it gets a bit difficult for me to enjoy after a while–too much), Juno Reactor (certain songs–God Is God is an excellent one), Sousxie & the Banshees, E-Type… Most of that faster, beat-heavy stuff for clubbing. Good for working up a sweat even on a 15 minute playlist.

      And I’m sure you have stuff you like too. Or, maybe I’ll post a “songs I danced to” list daily….. Now how is that for silly? 🙂


  2. I laughed when you wrote that perhaps cleaning should have been a goal. I have a sinking feeling that cleaning should have been a goal of mine!

    I have been dancing with my kids on the wii. Such fun. 🙂

    You have a ton of stuff going on–if you are making progress, I think that counts as success!!


    • Heather, you just made my day. I wondered if I was telling a little too much there about the cleaning. Glad I’m not the only one with clutter issues.

      Dancing of the Wii sounds great. Just curious, does it need to be hooked up to an actual television/DVD player setup? Just wondering because we got rid of our TV a few years back (we use a media PC now for when we do want to watch something) and I have seen some Wii games I’d love to try.


  3. The only way to make progress is to start, so good for you. You sound like me with the flittering (thanks for stopping by my post on focus, btw!). Wishing you lots of words by Sunday’s check in.

    Welcome to ROW80, you’ll love it!


    • Thank you. And I wish the same huge (after first editing–heck, why not?) word count on Sunday. Off to a great start here. Did today’s word count, what was left of yesterday, and part of tomorrow’s… 😀