Row, row…. oh….

Another ROW80 Check-In; here’s the linky: Click Me!

At this point, so early in the challenge (only check-in number three), the flame burns low.  My fault of course….  In my zeal to Try ALL the Things! as per the Quickmeme for the great blog at Hyperbole and a Half, a lot has gotten left undone.  Not to mention, my alter ego Procrastination Lady has made her appearance on the scene.  Excellent post here from the HaaH…  Yes, that is me.

Stuff got done.  I wrote every day.  If nothing seemed to be clicking, I at least fulfilled my Test Mile goals that Kait Nolan suggested we do before we gave up trying to write real content each day.


My personality in one

I didn’t always write  as much as I thought I should.  But it was always something.  And every bit counts.

We danced a lot in our house this week too.  More dancing than we’ve ever done on a regular basis.  Still get the YMCA membership renewed yet….  But I did add some walking today and yesterday.

Blogging and social media:  Yep…  Spent WAAAYYYY too much time there.  A local friend is a social media sorceress.  I think it’s time our sons had a playdate again.  And until that can happen, I’m learning about tools I hadn’t tried before, such a Tweetdeck.

My husband also suggested some little extensions for my browser.  It’s actually not as easy to find good toys for Seamonkey ♦♦.  The way I usually get around things is by tricking the browser into thinking it is Firefox, installing the add-on and then putting Seamonkey back into normal mode. It’s not that I dislike Firefox, but the truth is that along with Chrome and Explorer, it’s well recognized…meaning, it’s a target.

A small example of being a target here: I just had to spend last night and today dealing with a virus on my PC.   I can’t be positive that this was the cause, but I realized when I started writing this post and wanted to check the actual name of the plug-in (the one that lets me convince installers that my Seamonkey is Firefox) that I’d left the browser in Firefox mode after the last update.  I say I can’t be positive, but really, if you open and door and leave it open and unattended, it shouldn’t surprise you if someone walks in and starts looking at your underwear.

Oh, and that reminds me…  The next blog post will be about underwear.  Underwear, a book and a movie…   Not necessarily in that order.

For my 50/50/Me goals, I managed to finish my first book (next book will NOT be so close to “self-help”) and watch a movie.  I’ll write more about my opinions and feelings about the two later.  Nothing bad.  Trust me.

And most important, at least to me, I learned a bunch about myself, things that helped me get more done.  Things I need to do to feel comfortable in my works spaces, be they the computers or the desk or the chairs….  If nothing else, ROW80 is teaching me a lot about the process and work of being a writer mom–mostly by showing me how important it is that I honor and savor both.

Which is why I’m leaving you with these two pictures:

The most amazing thing I know

Marcus at one hour old

And more and more amazing

Marcus at Colonie Center Sept 2011

Time passes us by every day.   USE it: Live it.  It doesn’t come back tomorrow so you can enjoy it more.

♦♦ Remember back in the early days when there was this browser, email program, chat client, and stuff rolled together in one?  That’s Seamonkey.  Not to be confused with these guys.  It’s based on the same platform as Firefox, but it also comes with the email program, and extras.  Some of the older versions were extra buggy.  The recent one is very stable, and I like how seamless it is.

5 responses to “Row, row…. oh….

  1. Love the post, love the pictures. Love you guys. Maybe next Tuesday…..?


  2. The baby is just precious, and it sounds like you’ll subdue Procrastinaton Lady soon enough. Life happens 😉

    P.S. Thanks for pointing out the Minnehaha detail.


  3. Interesting. I’ve never had any trouble with firefox. The reason I love it is the adblocker. The only thing I use seamonkey for is the web composer to fix our business website. Ah. I’ve had those days of procrastination in which spend hours online and accomplish nothing. Marcus is adorable!


    • Thank you, Robin. I think so too. Biased that way, don’t you know.

      Yeah, I used to use Firefox all the time, but even with Adblock, Flash Block and NoScript running, I got hit by a couple dousies and had to rebuild the system. If you fix it up, you can get Seamonkey running to act like a half-way between Firefox and Chrome toy. And usually it’s pretty good now that they’ve been doing more work on the project.