DO something, even if it is WRONG

There is no smell more disgusting and obnoxious than the smell of microwaved chicken wings.  Ugh!  pain to the nose, and my whole house smells like it now because my husband just threw in a pack of T.G.I.Friday’s Buffalo wings.  Vile.  Cannot stand it.  And I love Buffalo wings.

Actually…  I can think of something more disgusting–all that guilt and frustration that one starts feeling when stuff keeps getting put off or forgotten.  That and that  really funky (worthy of a Han Solo quote) thing I endured during the walk from Bruegger’s Bagels to Adirondack Tire to pick up the car last Friday….

So what to say about check-in time….  As usual, I can’t say I did what I wanted to do (as you can see at my original ROW80 goal posting).  I did get a lot done though, so I count everything as a win and a half.  And the lessons keep coming.  I’ve learned more about how I work (and don’t work) in these past two weeks than I ever knew.  And I’ve met some wonder people, learned about some great new sites to spend time online.  I’ve gathered followers on a blog that I wasn’t even sure I could host, because I was always too shy to actually promote it.

I even learned a bit of how to promote myself and my work.

I’ve gained a bit of bravery.  I created a page on Facebook where I can share ideas about writing and creativity in general.  (I confess, I do not like the setup Facebook uses, urging people to choose “Writer” “Photographer”, etc., but I’m finding ways to work in their limitations.)  Doing any amount of promotion on Facebook has been close to terrifying.  While I’ve “reconnected” with a lot of people I went to school with there , I haven’t gotten past going to school with these people (I can’t really separate elementary from high school since in our small town most of us went through Kindergarten to 12th together).  That was 25 years ago.   You’d think I’d be over it by now.

On my actual goals?  Well, there was dancing, but not as much as I would have liked.  Felt tired a lot.  Full moon, didn’t sleep well, stressed over minutiae…  Don’t want to change the goal from dancing, mostly because there is something very joyful about dancing that is so different than most other forms of exercise.  But I really need to add in actual exercise as well.

Then I’ve got the “learn how to better use software” thing and made no progress on that at all–not unless you count looking into Tweetdeck and Triberr and Hootsuite and trying to figure out the best way to streamline this overwhelming mess of online networks.

The WiPs and progress there seem stuck.  The most I’ve done is some editing.

Creative writing HAS been happening though.  I’ve done a bunch of blog writing.  It’s non-fiction, but at least it’s new work.  And that’s good enough for me.   I love writing fiction when I can allow my mind into it, but there never seems enough time to immerse myself lately.  When I do have any “me time”, I seem to always be playing catch up with all the other goings on in the world.  Time to immerse myself without feeling as if I’m being selfish seems beyond me, and I’m getting a bit frustrated with myself.  I need to sleep more, really.  So tired, and nothing seems to be enough sleep anymore.  Seasonal doldrums?  Maybe.

Typing…  Ah, yes, fell somewhat short of that one again, though there is enough that I did do.  Since I tend to do most of my writing out longhand (and what a wonderfully sensual experience that is at times….mmmnnn, nothing beats the sensation of words flowing from your mind to the page of some silken smooth paper with the fluid touch of good pen).

That’s about it.  I didn’t actually do my overview of goals on Sunday, so that’s a bit of a bust, though it was on my mind, and I have been still considering what it will entail.  Number one–clean up my computer.  Some fellow ROWers started their new year off by doing a desk cleaning challenge, but not me.  My desk needs cleaning too, but my computers–my real thinking space–need it more.

I say this because I am virtually drowning in bookmarks and little notes (I’ve tried Delicious, but it dies trying to upload my bookmarks) that have been recorded on my two machines and stored so that I “might” find them someday (I usually do,just not when I want them).  I cannot even use One Note on my laptop anymore because there are so many notes and so many notebooks open that it kills all the machine’s spare memory just to start the program (last time I count a 4 minute 19 second pause as the machine adjusted its virtual memory to accommodate the program).  I used to love One Note.  Now I use Scrivener because it’s the best compromise I’ve found to trying to run One Note and any word processor (and forget trying to run a browser!  Cutting and pasting from a webpage is an experience in patience).  The biggest flaw is that Scrivener files are project based. which means  need to duplicate research for any project I have that may be working off the main piece.  One Note was, for all its other flaws, an excellent place to store everything (though it didn’t handle mp3s well).
So for the next week, beyond writing, organization has become my priority.

Funny as it may sound, the huge post I wrote for the last ROW80 check-in is part of this.  It falls under the “I have this thing that keeps coming and staring me in the face, nagging me, annoying me, and out-right scolding me to do something about it…”  For the longest time, I didn’t.  I knew how much it saddened my son when he couldn’t get the clothes he wanted when he was three, and I didn’t write about it then.  And again when he was four.  Critical mass hit when we needed to buy clothes again this year.  And even then it took me about a week and a half to gather my thoughts together, actually take the pictures, and write.  So, I’m cleaning my mental desk a bit, getting the ideas in my head down and out.  That post and my little piece on the Garden of Delights start dealing somewhat with all the stuff that has built up.  Who knew that I could find so much to see in a little black box?

And in case you need something to inspire your own pleasure in the black (or grey or fruit colored) box you’re sitting at right now, I’ve also spent way too much time at Marc and Angel Hack Life of late.  I think they must have been spying on me to write this post.  It’s worth it though.

Now, let me please make some very belated “Thank You”s to those nice people who have decided to explore writing, life and the web with me: Shan Jeniah (love you, sys!), Maxwell Roberts (a novel approach to novel writing), Studio Brow (a cool page of pop culture contemplations), tatoott1009 (someone who reads my Facebook page, I fear), Patrick (some wonderful pictures–I love photoblogs, btw), Miss Elsie (intense pieces of short fiction), Susan (Writer, reader, fellow Fairylander), and Robot Rhetoric (short fiction and all).
Lastly, if you want more things to do, here’s two more.

1) Did you know that every link I post uses the hover feature so you can see some more information (or dis-information if I’m feeling snarky) about the site before clicking it?

2) This post is part of a ROW80 blog hop.  There are well over a hundred of us out there writing stories and blogs, sharing interesting posts at the #ROW80 hashtag on Twitter, and checking in here at Linky Tools.  Why do you go there and check out a few more pages?  You’ll be glad you did.

Have a great day.

6 responses to “DO something, even if it is WRONG

  1. I love all this. Sometimes a new direction calls, and leads us away from the one we’re on…..sometimes we make it back, and sometimes we don’t….

    You also took time to give me considered responses on the Tiny Buddha piece. Critical reading, and more writing…..

    It’s good to get those random thoughts out, and something new and fresh, even if just space or clarity of thought, in..

    It sounds like, although your week wasn’t outwardly and measurably as productive as you’d hoped, that you made some inner transformations that will very likely result in a spate of writing, eventually…..

    I’ve had similar things going on. My focus is shifting outward, and inward, all at once. New ides coming in, forming new connections…..

    I’ve learned to trust it a lot more, and bob along where I am carried, because I need to be there…….

    I wish for you the space and time and trust in yourself that will honor YOU as you are……and, in so doing, offer the gift of a fulfilled and joyful you to those who love you.

    It IS cool to be making this journey of self-claiming and discovery in each other’s company, with no effort to make each other over in our own image, or to compete.

    Maybe we are the only two who can know how amazing that is, from where we’ve come….or maybe it’s as common as air. Either way, I think I live this. ❤

    I have a feeling we're going to have lots of story stuff to share with each other, before too long….I FINALLY feel all my disparate storylines merging into an epic, cohesive whole…….



    • There are millions of us, I think, kind of like this: Reflection we’re the same, just looked at from different sides sometimes.

      (or as Dan calls it…. “We’re exactly the same, just different”.)


  2. It’s amazing how simply setting goals and reporting on them means you get more done. Even when I don’t achieve all of my goals, I can say it’s a win because I get lots done. Sounds like that’s true for you too.

    I have enjoyed Scrinever, although I never used One Note so I have no comparison. I tried TweetDeck for a while and switched over to HootSuite, which I like better. HootSuite allows scheduling tweets and organizes information in a manner that easier for me to sort through. Best wishes with the rest of your week!


    • You’re right, Julie. Just setting goats does inspire you to get more done.

      One Note is pretty much a huge resource database; think the research section of any Scrivener project. I don’t think it come standard with most versions of Microsoft Office, but I believe cost to add it in is trivial. And I’m partial to the 2007 version over the 2010 one. Even with the huge amounts of data, it seemed to run better on my old machine. There are some nice extra features in the newer version, such as online sychronization via the Windows Live site, but I used Dropbox for synching files before and it worked fine.

      If you’re curious to try it, there are a couple similar style programs out there, including a freeware version. I can look them up. Let me know.


  3. I keep thinking I need to get Savvy and use some of these programs yet I never find myself discovering the time to learn about them within… ay. Life!

    You said a lot that is worthy of commentary. Love your voice here… and your meandering way of being.

    Looking forward to reading more throughout our time on ROW80!


    • “Meandering way of being….” Now that is a description that’s so frighteningly accurate, I have to wonder if you’ve talked with my mother before. 😉

      As for “savvy”–I think it is overrated. I tried Tweetdeck today and it failed me miserably. May end up using Hootsuite, though my friend who is a social media wizardess says she just uses Facebook connect for everything now. shrugs Looks like we all find our ways eventually, and I’ll find mine, and you’ll find yours. Have a great couple of days until the next check-in.