What do you mean it’s Wednesday already?

It’s that time of the week again….  What do you mean it’s Wednesday already?  Didn’t Sunday just go by with me saying that I needed to reassess (and reduce) my goals?  Oh, yes, it did.  Ah well.  Here we go again.  ROW80 check-in (here are my updated goals for reference…they don’t include the goals for the Fifty/Fifty/Me or the Telling Tales 2012 Challenges which fortunately seem to be rolling along quite comfortably as I note below).
No typing got done this week.  Except for my 750words and some blogging, I mostly dealt with pen and paper.  Courtesy of my wonderful husband, I found myself blessed with several journals at Cafepress of this type.

Filtered and focused B&W


I even set one up with some of my photography, if anyone is interested (here is an example of the picture I’m using at the moment). Reacquainting myself with using a pen as opposed to a keyboard helped me realize  how much I was I also realized that I want to take up drawing again.  And I want to learn how to paint, something I’ve always wanted to try.  I’m going to.  I’m feeling the need to branch out.  And I want to explore…

For my 50/50/Me, I’m almost done with Robert Rankin‘s book: Knees Up, Mother Earth.  In progress, I also have, also working on Symptoms of Withdrawal by Christopher Kennedy Lawford  and Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War by Peter Maass.  Those two will each count as 75% of a book each as I had started and lost track of them in the chaos of the house and holiday prep.  So I will be supplementing those with some novella-sized stories for the 50/50/Me challenge.  Lawford’s childhood experiences resonate in me just at a time when I’m reworking the experiences of Kieri Vestimorn.  The way that people lived and fought in the Balkans during the 1990s fascinates me on a completely different level.  While some reviewers have stated that Maass’s book is not a “good overview of the conflict” I still find it a fascinating portrayal, and Maass is gracious enough to note other sources that inspired him (often the one’s that the reviewers called superior).  If I take it as a personal account of one reporter’s experiences in Bosnia in the early 90s, then it becomes eloquent, stark and sublime.

I’m curious too about my direction where writing is involved.  I have my regular fiction, but I also have my guilty pleasure or “Fan Fiction”.  Do I want to leave fan fiction?  I really don’t.  Can I offer it for free as a PDF on my blog for people who wish to download it?  Especially if I give due credit to the media that I actually have borrowed ideas from?  Or would it be better to rewrite and create my own story ideas?  And would anyone want to read the whole story that I had posted pieces from earlier?  If so, please speak up.

I’m always cold lately, and I felt I needed to sleep extra these last few days.  It did stir thoughts about my characters for CTSS.  What would the normal weather be like for them?  The trip that ‘Listii and his sister take to the markets in the fall suddenly seems too late in the year for their temperate clime.  I’m thinking of a decent trip here….  At least a hundred miles maybe?  Huh!  I really don’t know what I’m thinking of when I start talking about distances.  I keep thinking in terms of cars and the number of miles a man and horse can walk.  Then I have to remember that these people would be using furlongs and other measurements likely.  And they are also using an ox cart and walking.  They are setting up and breaking down a camp each night for several of the nights.  They need to stow their animals and cart when they spend the night at a hostel.

And Atyr’s journey to the Antia Vale from her homeland has its own issues.

Shan Jeniah reminded me, via her Facebook writer page of a good thesaurus resource online.  It made me all the happier for my awesome thesaurus.  (It really is awesome, however, you really want a physical book, so something that is searchable.)  I really should spend more time with it.  It’s kind of sad that so much changed within a few years of printing the two volumes I own (1921 reprint and 1917).  The newer reprint is nice, but language had evolved clearly even by then, and it doesn’t have the same “real book” feel that my first copy does (I even have the original receipt of the doctor who’d first bought in 1917).


Atyr's sister, AJenna

Why do I feel a romantic attraction to the 1920s?

That’s about it on goals.  Dancing and walking and just doing were a bit behind these last two days.  Everyone in the house was sick, but stuff still got done.   I found some links that I would love to share with you:

http://lesleycarter.wordpress.com/  Travel, the world, people and the things you normally don’t see…

http://thebloggess.com/2012/01/the-post-where-i-make-it-up-to-you-and-then-make-things-worse-and-then-apologize-again/  a very interesting post on dolls’ heads, taxidermy and Texas market places.

http://jakonrath.blogspot.com/2012/01/myth-of-bestseller.html  Kait Nolan Tweeted this on Monday, but it’s stuff worth considering.  We write, we share, we (hopefully) make some money doing work we love.

And of course, here is the Linkytools blog hop link for this Wednesday’s check-in.  There are a number of amazing writers involved in the ROW80 challenge.  Check a few out for yourself.

3 responses to “What do you mean it’s Wednesday already?

  1. The Sunday to Wednesday part of the week always seems to go so much faster than the Thursday to Sunday, and it’s only one extra day! Enjoy your pen and paper writing, and the drawing and painting, too! I think visual work on the side really helps the stories in our heads sort themselves out while we’re not looking at them. 🙂


  2. Eden, I think you are doing remarkably well -I found checking in twice a bit too much; therefore I’m checking in between 1-1.5 weeks, this lessens the stress and anxiety that builds up unintentionally -and it gives me a better idea on how I am actually doing -as it can be disillusional when I have a bad 2-3 days between check-ins.

    I find working between different creative mediums helps me to unleash different parts of my creative psyche so I think you are doing super in embracing that part of yourself too. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing your progress.


    • Thank you, Ozlem! And thanks for stopping in. I love your page, the artwork especially (I wish you has names for the pieces, but this one . (I hope that link works; I really enjoyed the intensity of the colors in it).

      @Kim — You are right about the Sunday to Wednesday part. It’s amazing how much one day can change things. Sometimes I feel like I should do as Ozlem does, posting only once a week or so. But since this is my first ROW80, I’m finding the extra check-in a week is helping me figure out what I’m really trying to do with myself.

      A pen raised in salute… I found a really nice goose feather the other day. Ink well and quill pen anyone?