Sunday, Sunday, Monday Morning 12am

Well F***

This about sums it up

This is almost a “nothing to report” report.  It’s not as if I didn’t do anything since Wednesday.  Actually, I did a lot.  I even did a lot of writing.  This is actually a “I can’t think of what I did now and put it into coherent words at the same time” report.

Ever have days like that?

Instead of getting frustrated with myself or spending my entire evening trying to get my head together, I’m going to leave it at “I have a feeling that some things got forgotten, but that things probably aren’t even close to as bad as they seem right now“.  I know I got stuff done.

I got a lot of writing done, including that so very valuable “intimate time with my characters” I needed to get.    Not as much as I’d hoped, but enough to fuel the fires for the future.

I’m plowing through my reading material (five books in progress at the moment, since I added my collection of Unabridged Grimm’s Fairy Tales for another challenge and The Fiction Writer’s Workshop to add a “craft book” balance to the list).   Add that to reading blogs and news and general research…  It’s a good thing I love to read.  It’s a bad thing that I haven’t figured out how to fit enough hours in a day for all the reading I would like to do.  I’m thinking of experimenting again with books on tape for those long drives I have to make to bring my son to school.  We’ll see.  It’s not a choice that will be popular with the five year-old voting public, but we’ll see.

I even had the inspiration to play with food and try some new twists on recipes this week.  Note to self: just because you added lots of good healthy stuff to the mac & cheese, doesn’t make it “healthy”(Thursday); need to add some olive oil with the spinach and mushrooms–tilapia isn’t fatty enough to keep stuff from sticking to the pan (Sunday).

You know…  the only real “failure I can see is that I haven’t watched another movie for the 50/50/Me challenge since V for Vendetta.  Oh, and I fell behind on typing this week.  Poor synchronization of notebooks and keyboard…  Ah well.  I still did typing.  And it’s not as if I spent the time watching anything else.  The only screen time was some social media (and that was reduced this week) and lots of “Butt In Chair, Hands To Keyboard” writing.

In all, I’m pretty darned happy.  How about you?

11 responses to “Sunday, Sunday, Monday Morning 12am

  1. Hi Eden!
    Can I say I totally understand… not know what or even feeling like saying anything. For me it takes time, thought and creativity to put a post. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t do any writing or reading.. I think sometimes I get stuck in my head with my story..
    Posting and talking to others is when I’m prying myself out of the pages I have read and writing in. Not to add another book to your reading/ writing repertoire But I really found this Fiction writing book really really good.


    • 😀 Natasha! Never, never feel guilty about adding another book to the piles by the bed. I may take some time to get to it, but… MMMmmmmm, books! Yum!

      “Stuck in my head with my story”…. Yeah, that’s a good description of it. Do you find that sometimes it’s hard to switch gears and move from the world of the writing to “this one”? Or worse, when there are a lot of things to do (holiday time is a huge mental sap for me, I can only imagine it probably is for everyone)… Do you ever have your characters give you the silent treatment because you’ve been ignoring them too long?


  2. Hi Eden, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I appreciated your encouraging words. Yes, maybe I should put some intimate time in with my characters. And I believe I will do it in front of my family so they can put me in for a short stint in a mental facility. I could use the vacation. 😉 Also, thanks for the Shakespeare Insulter. I’m really struggling with the swearing, as I said.

    I think I have that book “The Fiction Writers Workshop.” Haven’t read it yet. Is it good? I’m going to get into Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind” this weekend. I too do a lot of reading, but like you said, there’s not enough time in the day. *sigh*

    I’m subscribed to your blog now. It’s always nice to ‘meet’ like-minded people. 🙂

    The Story Inside Me


    • I hadn’t heard of Wild Mind. I’ll be checking in to see what you think of it.

      The Fiction Writer’s Workshop is good, but a bit more work than I thought I was ready for. I think I was looking for inspirational and happy, and this is almost taking a class. So we’ll see how far I really get. 😉

      And I’m glad I was able to at least give you some humor there with the insult generator, Michelle. Nothing like trying to express your complete frustration and being limited to “brown icky, corny glop”. Besides… being a writer allows you play with the more colorful words too. Research…

      Thanks for the subscription. I hope you enjoy yourself while you are here.

      Oh, and just so you know, I LOVE the design you used on your blog. Beautiful artwork.


  3. Sounds to me like you’re hitting your stride! I love this program because it forces me to think back through what I’ve done and evaluate it! Good stuff! May the rest of your week be productive and satisfying!


    • Thanks, Marji. You’re so right about the built-in “checks” that the ROW offers. And it’s really helped me see places I need to improve (and places where I’m doing far better than I thought I’d been doing). May your own revelations be ad productive and pleasant.


  4. Hi Eden- Yes! I totally do. When I’m really in it (which is normally late at night) I get completely emotionally involved. The surroundings that I’m sitting in become dark, Begin to hear the sounds and voices around me from which the my character is in.

    Then I’m in his head.. thinking, feeling, smelling and hearing. I do this on purpose so I say focused on his/ her thoughts rather than my own.

    The biggest emotion I feel when I’m writing is sadness. I think because I know the story and pretty much know how it will end I find myself crying often. .. but I also know I’m a sap so that may not help.

    While all of this is going on my little dog, Jak, runs up to me and puts his tiny paws on my knee to remind me he and his brother Jedi need to be fed. I’m so in it that I get startled and jump up.

    I then realize I’m spending too much time on the story and have to spend quality time with my family. I have to cook, clean and prep for the next day of work. I spoke about this a little in my post “I wonder what people think about when they write”.

    This my first time writing like this so I feel pretty much alone in doing this and often wonder what others are doing and how they are doing it.


  5. In my mind if you are a writer that is writing you are doing great. The last two days I have done bare minimum writing yet it is still more than I have done on a regular basis before the last two weeks. So even on my bad days I need to pat myself on the back because I am plugging along and not giving up. Ever.



    • It does seem to be boosting my writing just taking those little steps. It’s all part of a process, I suppose, learning what works for us all. Thanks for visiting, Morgan.


  6. Sounds like you are writing… something I envy right now. Thanks so much for stopping by Depression Cookies and being so encouraging. I’m picking up the pieces… slowly but surely!


    • There is writing and there is writing, Tia. If it wasn’t for the #wordmongering sprint and #teamsprinty, I don’t know if I’d have made any progress on my WiPs at all. They’ve been amazing “muses”. Maybe you could get together for a “write in” with a friend at a cafe, Tia? Sometimes having someone else to work with helps a lot.