Monthly Archives: January 2012

Reassess and Renew

I almost didn’t make this post.  Not so much because I wanted to avoid admitting failures.  I was having some fun–I was giving myself a few hours of total escapism just for the sake of escapism.

It actually started last night when I had intended to go to the Albany Symphony with a friend.  We didn’t go.  I was the one who supposed to drive, and I was overtired and not feeling well enough to actually be out all evening.  And since I was falling asleep at my keyboard an hour before I could have managed to get home, I don’t regret the choice, even though I had looked forward to the concert for over a month. Continue reading

Friday Snack Pack 1.5

Short snack tonight, one of those “Open the fridge and peek at a couple of covered dishes that have sat there so long you are no longer sure what they had been, but they don’t smell bad yet” things…  It’s late, the bulb blew a month or two back, and it all looks suspiciously edible, but not.

Served up for the evening, we have:

  1. Dinner (and writing) music
  2. A huge bag of candy, or it it well-done steak (Oh, no!  Spoiler alert!)
  3. Succulent deserts for Zombies….

Continue reading

DO something, even if it is WRONG

There is no smell more disgusting and obnoxious than the smell of microwaved chicken wings.  Ugh!  pain to the nose, and my whole house smells like it now because my husband just threw in a pack of T.G.I.Friday’s Buffalo wings.  Vile.  Cannot stand it.  And I love Buffalo wings. Continue reading