Because I Don’t Believe in Sleep

It’s Wednesday–well, actually it’s almost Thursday given the time, but I had some great stuff, a mix-up of sorts that has been hanging around here and I wanted to post of the great links I’ve discovered recently.

Let’s see, we have the hilarious, but also thought-provoking post Amy Beth Inverness posted on her Sci-Fi  Q of the day:  Why Go to the Moon?

Then there is this cool piece of flash fiction by DL Thurston for this week’s Terrible Mind’s prompt the Unlikable Protagonist.

This piece from Out Magazine is likely not for everyone, but I found it cool.  I love learning about people…  all people.  And I really like learning about happy people.

Then I passed through a few blogs and Twitter pages I try to follow and found the oddest little hashtag–#3WW.  Granted, I think a lot of Twitter hashtags are odd, but they do grown on one.  And I suspect this one will too….

It’s Three Word Wednesday

The point is to make a piece of poetry that includes three words.  This week’s the words are angelic, ruin and foster.  Here is my attempt on short notice.


Hard walls hold,

brackish grey, ruinous mould

wrapped around the fragile center

shapes and cools

fires of non-angelic nature

fosters permanence

images of grotesques

and fools.

I’m not sure why…  Actually I started this thinking about Cadbury Creme Eggs and then the Weeping Angels from Steve Moffat’s Blink episode of Doctor Who.  Strange where the mind goes.

12 responses to “Because I Don’t Believe in Sleep

  1. I love those “strange where the mind goes” moments. And I, like you, don’t believe in sleep lately. Enjoyed your poem, but now I’m dreaming of Cadbury Creme eggs. 🙂


  2. Was not Blink one of the finest Doctor Whos?


  3. Ahhhh clever #3WW ! Great word prompt for poetry.. I hadn’t heard about it until now. I love the vision ‘Shapes and cools’ gives in your poem. I tried to connect to the Out article but it the link didn’t work. Who is the article about?


    • Oh… mea culpa. Should have seen that problem. It’s the way the link got typed in. There is an extra HTTP in the address. Fixing it now.


  4. I love the article/photos!!!!!! The military guys got to me 🙂 thanks for even posting something like this up….


    • I think people in all their faces and loves are wonderful. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Also, if you need/wish… you can send me stuff you want me to look over anytime it’s comfortable for you (tell me what kind of reading you want too… detail oriented, over-view oriented, mix of both, general discussion of themes and how I as a reader see things occurring, etc,…)

      I am working on a reply to you… I just have a beta read I need to finish by tomorrow, so I’m spending more time there.


  5. Cadbury eggs and Neil Patrick Harris. On the moon. You can’t get better than that lol!

    Thanks for linking to me! That particular SciFi Q of the Day was one of the best one’s I’ve had. I love it when I get a nice combination of serious, thought-provoking answers mixed with smart-ass or silly replies!


    • Agreed! And sometimes it seems the smart-ass answers can be as thought provoking as the serious ones. Thank you, Amy, for sharing your threads. They were really enjoyable.