Daily Archives: February 21, 2012

Tuesday Snippet

Confession time:

Writers Posting Stories Online For Free Scare Me.

When someone posts their writing on the web, so many alarms go off in my head.   I admit, I wonder about people who post their stories online without any expectation of recompense.  Yet, here I am….  I have posted snippets of my “exercise” writing for the past month and a bit with little concern.  Actually, I rather enjoy it.

As well, I’ve found a greater appreciation for many of the writers I’ve “met” online since posting my work.  Some of the writing that people post on their blogs and websites ends up being the best writing I find.  Some of it is … well, to put it politely… dreck.  But usually I see enough to keep me content.  And sometimes I see something that will inspire me to look up the longer works of an author.

I hesitate to say that is the goal of most posters of online writing is to get you, the reader, to go buy their books.  I know it is for some people.  It wasn’t my reason, and I know others who that wouldn’t fit either.  Some share for the joy of sharing, for attention, for an outlet… Continue reading