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Good things to consider when you are writing anything historical (or futuristic, depending on your society). Sandra’s post outlines some details of living in the past that many of of don’t consider (and some of us don’t want to consider)… Just remember this when you’re drooling over Viggo Mortensen and Liv Tyler… and imagining her after the ride from Rivendell covered in trail dust and horsesweat, and him covered in four day old orc blood.

Murders and Mysteries

Today I’ve got my friend Sandra Sookoo back for a visit. As you can see from the title she’s talking about clothes-the difference between now and 1863.

Though I love writing stories set in historical time lines, there are a few things that make such a venture difficult—namely the clothes.

Imagine your daily routine now: wake up to the alarm, stumble out of bed and into a nice, warm shower, blow dry your hair, put on makeup, get dressed in barely-there panties, a bra, some sort of shirt and pants then slide your feet into some sort of shoes. That’s it.

Now imagine yourself living back during the Civil War era, circa 1863. You wake up to no alarm. There were no electronic devices—or electricity. Most likely there are chickens around, roosters too that herald the dawn. No shower either, though running water was around in some parts more advanced…

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