Renewed Understanding and Freedom

For anyone who reads my ROW80 check-ins, it won’t be much of a surprise that I’ve been slowly spiraling downhill the past few weeks.  For that matter, given that I’ve forgotten to do the next to posts I promised for my Versatile Blogger Award, obviously I haven’t been keeping my ducks waddling along steadily or in a row.

In fact, I took this last week off to get back in touch with myself.  Sorry about the lack of posts and delayed replies (as well as the not visiting), but I wanted to spend my son’s school break with him (and my husband) and not always hiding away behind my computer screen.  It served two purposes.

  1. For those who know my friend and Syster, Shan Jeniah, you know her husband had a serious motorcycle accident this past week (he’s recovering well, but it has been very hard on her whole family).
  2. Stepping away for a short period from almost all goals and “work” allowed me time to consider the real purpose of all these challenges I’ve entered and whether they are serving the goals I had set.
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The first is obvious enough.  There’s nothing like being close to, but not in the middle of, a catastrophe to make one step back and realize what is most important.  It was a good family oriented week.

The second allowed me to lift an emotional weight from my shoulders that I hadn’t even known I was carrying.  And as a result…  I’m dropping the Fifty/Fifty/Me challenge.  The book-half of the challenge had nearly suffered beyond recovery because of the movie half.  Every time I thought about watching a movie, it was with a sense of dread and annoyance (though not for a lack of enjoying screen time, since I’ve happily indulged in three days of television marathons of The Big Bang Theory and Castle recently).  I’m sure that some serious analysis could yield an answer as to why I was making myself nearly sick every time I considered that challenge and how far behind on it I was getting.  At the moment, it’s enough to know that I needed to drop it.  Just doing that made everything seem so much more achievable.  And I’m happy to say by the end of this week I’d managed to finish three of the books in my cue (I will post reviews on The Garden of Delights this week).

So what now?

Well, first off, let’s get another five blogs posted for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I’ve had all these links waiting for weeks now.  It would be kind of nice to share these wonderful people with you sooner.  (And if you are new to this tribute, let me again thank the amazing Natasha Guadalupe for offering me this award)

  1. Tia Silverthorne Bach at Depression Cookies (which is really just too cool a name)
  2. Morgan DragonWillow at Writer’s Universe
  3. Patrick Sternkopf at Patrick’s Photography
  4. Alberta Ross at Alberta Ross UK
  5. Celine Shinbutsu  at Writing from Japan

And the obligatory things about me:

  1. I love exploring basements.
  2. I’m descended from Hoarders on both sides of my family
  3. I used to collect Tarot decks, including a hand-drawn Hello Kitty one.

    Tarot of white cats

    Tarot of white cats (Photo credit: Lanei)

And for closing, let me add….

…a few randomthoughts that have been hovering around (sort of a Mash-Up).

Such as this piece from Kirsten Lamb’s Blog which somewhat relates to my recent post about writing and publishing online:    I agree in principle, but really, as people are becoming more attached to multimedia presentations where special effects seem to cover a multitude of storyline sins (or where people can create their own stories and who cares if the writing is good because it is their own), I wonder how much power we writers really have.   I also wonder about those people, like myself, who have writing they want to publish, but also some that we just don’t feel accommodates our writing universes enough.  Hmmm…

Though at least as a result of posting my Tuesday Snippets, I’m starting (and I say this with the same  intensity as an addict entering her first 12step program) to not panic so much about creating the perfect story.

And related to my epiphanies this week about challenges:   What do I “need” as a writer

Reading the always interesting the Io9 blog gave me this post on Lost Technologies…  Since a lot of my fiction can be seen as written in the Dark Ages of my story universe where the people there are only just beginning to realize how do more than feud for resources, stuff like this fascinates me.

And because the answer to this (which, I confess, was my own) question made me think of writing…  here is a wonderful answer about hypnosis and what it really is:

And sometimes I really wonder if Kait Nolan may be channeling me somehow, because her posts always come out echoing something going on in my life lately.  This is only one example of many.


And that, dear Reader, is more than enough for the evening.  Best to you, and may you be delighted and entertained for the week.

4 responses to “Renewed Understanding and Freedom

  1. Strong, strong post, Eden, I can almost hear you breathe as you re-group, which is not only what ROW80 helps us do, I think, but as you already know, being in the now keeps us experiencing each moment. By the way, really like the way you do an “almost Mash Up.” It makes such sense!


    • I think there have been a lot of collective sighs going on (especially if the gusting winds up our way are any clue). I’ve been seeing it in the faces of people I meet in stores… just a sense of something in progress. Maybe it’s the signs of Spring. Maybe it’s more cosmic with the planetary conjunction that is occurring this weekend. Whatever it is… Something’s in the air!

      Thanks for your words on my “Mash-Up”. I see so many interesting blog posts that I want to share that usually I end up not passing them on for fear of swamping people. This time, I just decided to wing it.

      And if anyone wants a link to that conjunction:


  2. I love you – we’re waiting to hear how the hand surgery went, and when we can bring him home…..

    I hope to look at some of those links, but I am in home and life readying mode, now, so don’t know when I might settle enough to focus on the tabs I already have open.

    I am glad our crisis brought new closeness and appreciation not only for my family, but also for people I love.

    Wishing you a delightful this week, too! =)


    • I’m listening in for news on Jim’s surgery too. I confess, I felt a bit bad to write about how much your problems affected us, but I needed to tell it as it was, so to speak. It mattered, and it reminded me of what mattered.

      As for the links, they will be there tomorrow, or next month… I’m not hurrying to end this blog yet. 😉

      And thank you for the delightful week wish. May yours be full of closeness and joy too.