Daily Archives: March 31, 2012

Powering Up To Go ROW

It’s time for Round Two of the ROW80 challenge.  I’m looking forward to it with hesitant anticipation.  It seems like I never stopped.

The Passage of Time

That’s probably because I never did.  And no doubt neither did many of you.  We joined this challenge to help ourselves (learn to) live like writers.   We were tired of trying to race through month-long challenges that left us gulping air at the end of our participation.  We came to the ROW80 for the very reasons that Kait Nolan created the Round of Words, because we wanted to live through our writing career…  certainly enough to enjoy it.

This session, if I didn’t wait too long to get that post to Kait, I will be acting as a sponsor for fellow ROWers.  This new responsibility as well as my assessment of my successes and failures during the last round inspired me to pick less vague and (hopefully) more attainable goals, while ensuring that I am still urged to try more.


Tomorrow evening, I will post my goals for this Round of Words as well as my scheduling layout for this blog and my other page A Garden of Delights.  One of my goals for this round is to slowly merge these two blogs into one: A Garden of Possibilities.  It seems the most fitting, if a somewhat bad pun on my name.  But sometimes closing doors opens up a world of new opportunities.

For tonight though, I’m going to take a walk along one of the paths I have left free for trespass and see where it leads me.  Tonight, I am going to go to sleep and pretend this computer does not exist.  Tonight I’m going to peek into the shadows of my own stories and relax with them for no other purpose than to just enjoy myself.  I’m taking an evening off.

I invite you all to join me.  But if you want to stay up and meet some other ROWers (something I highly recommend you do on occasion) here is the linky where you find them.