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Tuesday Snippet and the Gift One Gives One’s Self

Silver Bay at sunrise

Silver Bay at sunrise (Photo credit: nicholasjon)

Yesterday I put just under 350 miles on our poor old car because a friend was having some issues and just needed to talk them out.

Some might think that crazy.  A phone call, or maybe a Skype chat–surely something less horrid for the environment would have worked…  Wouldn’t it?

Well, not really.  Sometimes I need to actually be present in my interactions with other people.  Cues get translated via our posture, our eyes, our expressions…  Everything about our physical presence carries additional messages that can make (or break) a meeting.

And for the most complete experience for us both, I needed to be there.

I enjoyed myself immensely.  However, I had little clue as to the enormous rewards I would experience for choosing the long drive over the phone call.  From the lovely lunch and discussion of the photographs and paintings adorning her walls  to the great view off her deck as we discussed relationships, books, and those old school experiences, the few hours ended up being delightful.

Photograph of Champlain Bridge, connecting the...

Champlain Bridge in March 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But I received far more from my trip than that.  If anything, I have to wonder what I did that was so special to be rewarded so much for the effort of spending time with a friend.

You see, the visit would have been great no matter what.  I like love people.  I can’t spend time well in crowds because I get overwhelmed with the input.  But one-to-one situations are emotional fuel.  I got a lot of fuel yesterday.

Add to that an amazing drive along 9N through the Adirondack Park up through Bolton Landing (and, because Google Maps gave me the “long way around directions, all the way up along Lake George through Silver Bay, Ticonderoga, Crown Point and across Lake Champlain)….  No, I did not intend to drive all the way up that far to get into Vermont.  I came home on the other side of the water, and while I felt rushed in both directions, the scenery inspired so many thoughts. Continue reading