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A Lucky 7 ROW

The Lucky 7 Meme pic

Meme Time

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Back in March,  the very eloquent Jayrod Garrett tagged me on the “Lucky 7” Meme.  And since I’m slowly re-working these blogs into something different, it seemed an ideal time to send out some of these posts I’ve built up.  Besides, this one was fun…

The Lucky 7 meme rules are pretty simple.
1. Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript.
2. Go to line 7.
3. Copy down the next seven lines (sentences??) as they are – no cheating.
4. Tag 7 other authors.

I chose to go to page 77 of Release for this little game.  For those following my posts, you may recognize Release as the WiP I’ve been trying to decide whether I wanted to spend the effort on reviving.

This little sample comes from page 77 of 515 pages when formatted in Times New Roman 12pt (as many people use for their electronic submissions).  That does matter….  If I used the classic hardcopy manuscript font  of Courier New 12pt, the piece is quite different, coming from page 77 of 640 pages.

For a moment, it felt as if I was there, not her, in one of the formal beatings I had received, or worse.  Only my voice was caught, and I couldn’t cry out.  I gagged.  I thrashed and kicked, tried to break away…

A cuff aside the temple reintroduced reality, then I noticed movement down by my relations.  After casting a disparaging glance at the guard behind me, I watched a man join the Andar and my grandmother, another red-head than the one in the ring with my mother.  I recognized the baldric and sash of the Dantii Captain Lauren Vestitian.  He took over my grandmother and drew her off.  Their departure privileged me–that symbol of power and strength, our sovereign, fell to his knees, clutching at handfuls of grass and dirt.

And just for the comparison, here is the Courier version (which obviously occurs much earlier in the book):

“Would you have?  Put away the swaggerstick, kid.  The two of you need each other to deal with what is hap–“

I cut him short.  “I don’t need anything…but you off my back.  Yeah, and maybe a chance to wring his Oh So Very Royal Highness’ neck.  I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t started bragging about that brat of his.”  Chaz was one of the few people I’d been willing to talk to about the things that had happened to me.

Yeah….  I’m still not sure what I think either.    Hope you enjoyed the pieces, of course.

And for the rest, here are my seven people.  And like Jayrod said in his own post, I have no expectations from any of my targets fellow writers, but it is a pretty fun, light-hearted meme.  So if you’d like to do it, please let me know.  It will be fun to read what your stories hold in them.

1) Shan Jeniah Burton
2) Lena Corazon
3) Ryan King
4) Lauren Garafalo
5) Fabio Bueno
6) Shah Wharton
7) Amy Beth Inverness

And now, for my ROW80 check-in….

Can we say “bleh?”    Come on, everyone…    1…2…3…  BLEH!

There, I feel better.  Really.  I feel better.

It’s not that things haven’t gotten done.  I’ve just spent more time researching this past week than actually putting words to screen or paper.  It’s been heavy research too with lots of heartbreaking tales of suffering, loss, self-abuse, as well as tales of strength and perseverance.  The effects of tropical parasites on tribal cultures and reading interview after interview of people (mostly women) who were involuntarily sold into the sex trade….  I will be taking a few days off from researching very soon, just to give my heart a break.  I’m not even asking my head to deal with putting everything I’ve learned into character form on the page yet.

A man sitting at a desk, cutting apart a paper...

The rest of my goals (barring that #*&(*^@! Timeline) have gone fairly well.  I’m ahead still on typing, and the editing is proceeding steadily enough; though the heavier rewrites are fast approaching, and I’m sure my great number will fall then.

Heck, I’ve even gotten most of my walking done without any hassles this week.  And that’s with the sinus infection from …well, I don’t know how one could have a sinus infection in a place that’s supposed to be as hot and fiery as Hell, so I’ll leave it as another Bleh!

The BIG thing I am discovering this ROWnd is  my tendency to not take my welfare into account.  Especially notable, I tend to completely toss aside the computer-free days as if they don’t nearly matter as much as doing my sponsorship postings or even checking in with people whom I play with on Fairyland.  I have noticed this before in myself…  this tendency to not value my own needs and try to help and support the world.  Silly, of course.  I know that everyone can manage a few days without me around.  Heck, intellectually I know that some people don’t even have a clue that I am here.  That even most people don’t know it.  But…

I take my small responsibilities perhaps far too seriously.   And I’m still trying to decide what that means…

Lastly, because I was feeling so under the weather Thursday and Friday, I’d made one “big answer” to everyone who commented on my last post and promised I would acknowledge those wonderful people here.  This serves two purposes….
1) I get to acknowledge their largesse a bit more
2) You get a link to on of  their more recent blog posts to enjoy.

So without further ado, please enjoy…

  • Susan Franzblau –expert on hypnosis and sloths (there are no sloths in this post, I regret to say)
  • Shan Jeniah Burton –whom the Boodle still calls Aunt Dee more often than not and who will always have a place in our family with or without sloths
  • Ryan King –who favors action over sloths, but shares my love of Scrivener and understands my predicament with social media.
  • Karen Huber –an insightful essayist who is exploring her own experiences as a blogger and has inspired me more times than I can count
  • Robin McCormack — who knows and supports the pursuit of education and loves to read, read, read

Please check out these great bloggers and enjoy their writing and insights.  And to each of you, I owe you a real response these days.  But thank you for taking the time to comment and share your time with me.

And lastly, a belated “thank you” to Kirsten at A Scenic Route for having a copy of the Lucky 7 image I could borrow and some wonderful writing related posts.  I especially enjoyed: Character Interview: Who’s Teaching Who?