Did You Ever… ROW80?

Almost two months ago I posted the first of what was supposed to be three posts for the Versatile Blogger Award I’d been given by the darling Natasha Guadalupe (who could not join us this ROWnd, but says she’d love to get some more writing in)…..

That first post went something like this:

Did you ever feel that the Universe was reading your mind?

It’s been one of those days–one of those glorious weeks actually when every thing I do or see somehow has a deeper connection to the mental stew I’ve been brewing.  Right now the dish I’m trying to serve up is a bit odd to say the least.  The flavor certainly isn’t right, odd textures, and a lot of it is just water and some bouillon cubes.  Yes, I should have made stock, but I was in a hurry to start some things cooking.  People wanted to eat, and I felt like a truck had dragged me down the Thruway behind it.

But the stuff I saw along the way….  Wow!

Very Yummy Eggplant StewIt seems almost comical to read those words now.  Not that things are any harder or more challenging or that I seen newer and brighter things that put my naivete of that post to shame….  I mean, in a sense, they are, they keep getting that way, and I have…but I have come to understand that is part of the beauty and magic that comes for being involved with challenges like the ROW80 and the A-to-Z blogging challenge (though yet again I did not join in the fun choosing instead the once a year Story A Day challenge to fill my May play book).  It is also why groups the WANAs and even the classic discussion lists of SFF.net and Usenet have built the followings they have.

Because there connection is magic.  Connection is love and beauty.

It’s not hard to figure out how one of the most powerful human abilities became nearly synonymous with that universal act of sex and reproduction.  There is a kind of magic there, of making something new, of giving life and new voice existence, and for many lucky species on this planet….connection.  Euphoria, empowerment (along with some fear and hurt, yes), passion, intensity and love…  The creative act is an act of connection, be it with a higher power or with one’s own true self.

Just imagine what can happen when that act of connection is shared among so many many….

Did you ever ROW80?  I have.  MMmm….

So for this check-in first let me finish my last Versatile Blogger post.  The very nice bloggers I’ve chosen to finish out this series definitely deserve your notice.  I hope you will visit them and have as much fun reading their posts as I have had.

  1.  Debra Bryan at The Monster in Your Closet
  2. Karen Huber at KMHuber’s Blog
  3. Lisa Hall Wilson who posts about great writing
  4. Jeri Minick at jaxensmommy ( great photoy-blog about life and living)
  5. Miss Elsie at Bowendaries (please go and read her poetry…  and hers shorts… amazing!)
  6. Kathy Ceceri at Home Chemistry (a place to spend too much time browsing and “oohing and ah-ing”)

And for my last three Random Facts about me:

  1. There is a record out there somewhere in the world that I am singing on.  I don’t sing anymore, but I almost attended The Crane School for voice.
  2. I have totaled four Ford Fairmonts and one Mercury Zephyr (the same kind of car) in my lifetime, plus helped two boyfriends ruin theirs, all within 3 years of my life.
  3. At 42 years old, I still have two grandparents–the same number my mother had when I was my son’s age.

Now for the ROW80 Check-in

My sponsor post went up on the ROW80 blog on Monday…  This may not seem like a big deal.  Sponsor posts get posted.  That’s part of what it means to be a ROW80 sponsor.  But it was a big deal to me.  Every time I submit something for what one might call “peer review” the heart starts beating faster, the nerves all twitch…  Not that I think I’m alone here, but it is unnerving.   But people actually seemed to like it.  I am so very grateful for the kind words, especially since the first thing I saw when I looked at the post of was the spelling error.

Monster flower

As for my actual check-in….  I can say with absolute certainty that since my last post I have not only met but exceeded every single one of my goals.  Just in time to change them completely for a month….

Yep!  That’s right.  I’m on target, doing great, getting lots of stuff done.  And now…  I’m changing it all.

For the rest of May, I’m devoting my time and mental energy to doing the Story A Day challenge.  I will be using these shorts most of the time to explore pieces of my story world, much as I have in the Unnamed Story, but in Flash Fiction format.  If you’ve read other pieces I’ve written and find yourself intrigued by my characters, you may enjoy these snippets which will often explore details and subplots in far more detail than I ever will in the main WiPs.  The Insider’s Editions, so to speak…

Beyond that, the gradual merging and redesign of my blogosphere to A Garden of Delights, and my sponsorship duties…  I have no other writing related goals for the rest of the month. I can resume the rest in June, when I all I have to worry about will be sponsor duties and the JuNoWriMo (YES, there IS one…I’m am psyched!).

That doesn’t meant I can’t surprise myself on occasion.  I’ll certainly try here and there.

So, here’s the linky.  Go ahead, give some other ROWers a bit of comment-love if you can.  We’re writers; we like to hear from you.

Photo credits:

  • Aubergine Stew (Photo credit: The GI News)
  • Monster flower (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

23 responses to “Did You Ever… ROW80?

  1. Oh, lordie, I can NOT think about “mental stew” when there are zombies on TV lol!

    Huzzah for exceeding goals!


  2. Ahh I totally understand the weird that is looking back at how you felt about a situation in the past…and laughing at yourself. I currenly keep finding myself in moments where I say “geesh I thought THAT was hard, look at me now.” And actually the other way around where I think “really? I’ve been wayyy more tired/busy/stressed out/insane that I am right now, so get it together lady.” I think it’s a good reminder that everything has cycles and everything is a matter of perspective.

    Your check in sounds so positive today!! Glad you’ve been kicking butt all over the place. Good luck with Story A Day, and have a wonderful rest of the week!


    • I read this on Wednesday in the middle of a “thought-break” from writing my daily short and said “That’s neat…I’ll reply later”… It’s Friday now. 😦 Two days of almost no internet. Where did all that positive thinking go?

      Well, at least I was able to spend some quality time watching Castle last night with the hubby. And you’ve been engrossed in INSURGENT. Lost of good storytelling and story experiencing going around.

      And you are spot on about the cycles, Lauren. Sometimes we’re so caught up in the highs and the lows that we don’t see how normal they are. And seeing them for what they are is usually all that is needed to make living with them easier.

      So glad you stopped in. Hope the sprints these last two days went well. I will DEFINITELY find a way to join in on Monday. Maybe with some chocolate, glitter and Fillion. (Ooh, chocolate and glitter covered Fillions… YUM!)


  3. So happy for your doings and writings and beings….


  4. Brilliant to see how well you’re doing and good for you with adjusting your entire goals for the month to allow for the challenge. If I didn’t need to get this editing finished and off to the betas/editor I’d dive right in myself. I really want to be free of this project ready for nanowrimo – I mean to write the third on my series during that month (or at least put a massive dent in the first draft). Best of luck for the challenge Eden. X


    • Shah, you may want to look into the June NoWriMo then. Unlike the one in November, you don’t need to do something “original”… You can work on a new story, but the goal is to achieve that minimum of 1667 words a day to make the 50,000. You can work on your edits and pull everything together with this challenge.

      As for the StoryADay challenge… I’m using it as a tool to explore characters. Perhaps you could use it to get subplots ready for November?

      Thanks for visiting, Shah. So glad you’re “back with your words” after the visits (even if this last visit was much easier to bear)


  5. lynnkelleyauthor

    Wow, you’ve got a full plate.I’ve never give ROW a shot, but hopefully someday. Wishing you the best of luck in meeting all the goals you’ve set!


    • It’s a good challenge. Definitely a challenge, but a good one. Hope you get to join… I think you’d like it.

      Thanks for visiting, Lynne. Have a great week.


  6. YEAH!!! On reaching your target, getting great reviews, and WRITING!!!! And the sloths agree with me.


  7. You are really rockin’ those goals, Eden! I am in awe that you are participating in the story a day challenge. Always know I am in your corner and cheering for you, and I mean always, although it takes me a bit longer to comment. Again, congrats and best for this week.

    Thank you so much for the award, and yes, I am blushing.



    • Thanks, Karen.

      Sometimes it feels like I’m just piling more challenges on to avoid really facing the ones I am doing… but the ROW80 has such a great built-in reflection meter and support group, that I’m finding myself actually looking forward to these little moments of self-analysis.

      Of course, your blog inspires so much awareness. You shouldn’t blush, Karen. You deserve the honor, and so much more. But if you want, go ahead… Blushing is lovely.


  8. Well, if you’re going to change your goals, what a way to go out. With a bang! Congrats this past week. And good luck with the story a day 🙂 You might need it!


    • Thanks, Ryan. So far the StoryADay is going well, but the challenge is new and we’ve already run into two days without internet, two migraines, new brake trouble with the car… Next week is the Boodle’s birthday party. We’ll see how much the Universe decides to pile up on me before I crumble. 😉

      Nah! I shall overcome! The alternative is unthinkable…


  9. Story-a-Day into JuNoWriMo? You know how to keep going! Good luck and wishing you many, many good words!


    • I hadn’t thought of it that way, but yep… I think the steady flow is actually better for me. It makes writing each day a priority. Someday this habit needs to stick… 😉

      Thanks for stopping in, Katherine.


  10. Ruth Nestvold

    Wow, a story a day! That’s ambitious! Good luck, and hope the words continue to flow for you. 🙂


    • Thank you. There are a couple of ROWers doing this if you look into the Facebook ROW page. We’re even getting our own page up on the Story A Day site. You’re welcome to join in. 😀

      May the words flow for you as well. You have a lot of wonderful distractions to write about after all.