When in ROWme Do as the ROWmans Do

Well, this is getting to be a very bad habit here…  the missing of Sunday check-ins that is.  I seem to remember having a similar problem right around this time last ROWnd (perhaps even a bit earlier even).  It would be nice to say that I’m getting better at organizing my time, but if one makes a point to bring up the whole “A Writing Challenge That Knows You Have A Life” part about the ROW80, it means I’m doing something definitely wrong here.

Violinist Joseph Joachim and pianist Clara Sch...

Or, it means, I’ve been sick.  which I have…  Sunday became Catch Up Day, laundry and the sink full of dishes and conflict.  So much conflict…  I’m counting down the hours till this school year finishes, and the less said about that, the better.

Sunday was GOOD!

I did have a wonderful time with Elizabeth Anne Mitchell at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall on Sunday evening.  The very last of the Albany Symphony performances this season, this was more an eclectic mix of chamber music and soloists from the orchestra than not.  A wonderful performance that surprisingly also included the band and chorus from the Doyle Middle School in Troy as part of the Symphony’s Music In the Classroom program.  The students composed and researched their own concert pieces.  It was quite impressive.

I’m sorry their parents brought them home after their part was over instead of letting them experience the last four numbers.  I suspect, given the energy and enthusiasm that these kids had approached their project with, they would have enjoyed seeing the other young composers’ creations.  There is something empowering about seeing what can be done, or even what some people have tried, just so they might be willing to test new limits.

Goals were NOT…

As psyched as I was after last Wednesday (and oddly enough, I was psyched, about writing, NOT about being on the computer), everything fell apart on Thursday.  Between having the weirdest “ick’ (still not sure what it was since it seemed to incorporate food poisoning, a migraine and throwing my back out) and my father “helping” me buy a car at the NY State Auction…  Basically I crawled into my bed at 1:30 in the afternoon on Thursday and only dug myself out on Friday morning because I’d promised my son that I would go to see him at school for the last “Morning Meeting” of the year.

This means two things…  I ended up NOT getting anything done for Story A Day or my sponsor posts until Saturday.  I also ended a 230 streak at 750words.  No Pegasus badge for me…not this year.  😦

It also means I have another POS car in the driveway to rant about in future posts.  😉

So my challenge for this month Story A Day is technically a bust.  I was hoping to use the weekend to catch up on writing in the stories I’ve handwritten.  I’m probably going to have to save that for later, perhaps in July, since I do intend to do the JuNoWriMo (really happy about the “not new story concept part” about the June Novel Challenge).   I’m still handwriting my stories…  these last few have not been very good, ihmo.  When I do type them in, we’ll see if any are salvageable.   So far they all seem to be something from a larger work.

Failure shouldn’t be an option

Clearly I need to spend some time developing my technique for the short form.

And until then,….

I will do as other ROWmans do–put my butt in the chair and make words flow.  There really is no other way to go.   The Writing Challenge that knows we have lives exists because we want to live as writers.  So I missed a bit this week.  It’s not the day-to-day, or even the month by month…  It’s the long haul.  And in that, I can still say I’m Rockin’ the ROW80.  I’m still writing, I’m still posting and commenting and learning… and I’m still ROWing.

(Hopefully I will remember to edit this post when the Linky goes live.  Keep an eye to A Round of Words in 80 Days for it so you can support other ROWers just in case.  These wonderful people deserve your support.)

Photo Credit

  • Violinist Joseph Joachim and pianist Clara Schumann. Reproduction of pastel drawing (now lost) by Adolph von Menzel, 1853. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Unknown, found here (a very good post that fits where I am perfectly)

12 responses to “When in ROWme Do as the ROWmans Do

  1. Busy as always Eden. And you’re right, ROWer allows for ‘lives’ and all ‘life’ requires of us. No need feeling guilty if writing stops occasionally )I’m telling this to myself too). Hope you get more done one rate next few days, if you wish it. OR can. IF not, so be it. X



    • Ah, Shah! Don’t tell me that you’re having some stuck time too… Going through it myself, I’m extra sorry to hear about it in my fellow writers. Partly because you guys are all my inspiration. You always have so many wonderful things going on, Shah, with your photo editing and Luna’s story. Feel better…we will persevere! 🙂

      How is the move to WordPress-land going?


    • Ah, Shah! Don’t tell me that you’re having some stuck time too… Going through it myself, I’m extra sorry to hear about it in my fellow writers. Partly because you guys are all my inspiration. You always have so many wonderful things going on, Shah, with your photo editing and Luna’s story. Feel better…we will persevere! 🙂

      How is the move to WordPress-land going?


  2. Wasn’t the concert just wonderful?! I agree with you, I think the middle school kids would have benefited from the rest of the concert. It would have made a late school night worthwhile for them to talk to people who had such creativity and passion.

    I’m still missing the ROW and the ROWfolk. I’m hoping to jump in again this weekend. Hang in there, Eden. We’re all cheering you on.


    • Exactly! The way the ASO handles these concerts, the composers and even the performers (later at the close) are all very accessible. They clearly want to be there for newcomers in the art. And since these kids seem to have a level of passion already, it seems almost a crime to notnurture it. I mean, if I’d had any clue of exactly what was going to happen at the concert, I may have brought the Boodle even so, despite it starting a 1/2 before his bedtime. He would have loved it.

      *smiles* Thank you. And you hang in there. I told the hubby that you’d like a PC, and while he hasn’t had much time to work on it, he said he will. However, he suggests (and I agree with him) that you need a UPS (universal power supply) hooked to the PC. We used to have similar problems, but I picked up a few UPSs on a Black Friday one time. We’ve not lost a power supply nor blown a motherboard since. Even my weird motherboard that likes to reboot itself always boots up fine… and that’s more likely a memory issue.


  3. It;s always a struggle for us it seems – we have the best intentions, and lots of enthusiasm for our objectives, but life keeps getting in the way. So – we let it intrude and re-balance again.


    • Sometimes I wonder… If it wasn’t for the interference, what would we have to write about, Mike? While the interference can suck, I know that it helps me. And when I pick myself up after everything, I also feel better because I’m still on course.

      Thanks for stopping in. Have a create week of writing and thinking and dreaming!


  4. Yes! You *are* still rockin’ the ROW! Hurray for you for being able to see that in the midst of a week that wasn’t quite what you’d hoped for. There will always be weeks that come along and sideswipe us, but it’s what we do afterwards that is really important. And you are getting back to your writing, so woo hoo for you!


    • Exactly, Kim. We all have our moments when we just aren’t working up to our idea of achievement, but that doesn’t mean giving up. It means adjusting and continuing. Nothing is achieved by giving up.

      Thanks for visiting and holding the horse still while I regained by seat. 🙂


  5. Hope you’re feeling better!
    Love the idea of calling us ROWmans 🙂
    And that symphony sounds delightful – I haven’t had a day/evening out like that in a while…


    • Thanks, Deniz. Things are better here, definitely.

      The symphony was wonderful, and I am really glad I made the choice to go. You should take some “you time” and do it if you can. It’s rejuvenating!

      Have a great week.