A Day Late and Very Short: a ROW80 update

Whenever any event that marks a Life Change comes up there seem to be celebrations upon celebrations upon…

If you are anything like me, these events can easily become very expensive.   I don’t mean this as a complaint.  They just have that “feature”, so to speak.

Yesterday was the Boodle’s last day at DS, at least for a while (he has already made his interest in going back clear this past week).  There were gifts around the room for classmates, there were “get together”s, there were plans made for the summer (camps, camps, and more camps), and there were plans for more gatherings during the summer (including a possible All Mom Trip to Montreal).  There was also a delectable dinner out at Villa Valenti.

Swallowtail butterfly

Swallowtail (credit: Self)

Dinner was the killer.  Next time I will order water instead of my beloved iced tea.  Or at least forgo the refills and the various “possibilities” that come but don’t come with the meal…  It was a great time, and I don’t regret it, but after the nearly $12oo we put on the “new” car yesterday morning so that it might pass inspection once the computer finishes its tests, spending nearly $100 on dinner for the three of us was….  excessive.  It was also extraordinary.

We’ve never done that before.  Never…  in hibachi houses, sushi bars, French Provincial gourmet restaurants or even taking the exchange rate into account for special meals in England and Canada.  And none of us ordered alcohol!


I really need to read menus better.  We all do, because the Spice and I weren’t the only parents in our group that ended up staring in shock at our portion of the bill.

Maybe the restaurant charged extra for the fact that our part of 23 people included almost 15 children six and younger…  😉

No.  I don’t really think so.  The bill was right.  It’s just easier than one might think to get carried away in the great conversation and companionship of friends and simply nod when the waitress says “Would you like a refill?” or “Would you like marinara or one of our other sauces? (and then choose the olive oil and fresh garlic & herbs)”, etc.

It’s easy to not think about these things in the moment.  And, really, we don’t regret the moment (and the leftovers were still amazing!).

Do you have moments that you feel you went “overboard” but don’t regret?

ROW80 Check-in

Since I’ve chosen to take on the June National Novel Writing Month challenge(s).  For myself, this means I’ve hung out a lot on Twitter at the #JuNoWriMo #CampNaNoWriMo and #wordmongering hashtags… a lot!  Today I managed to get some time in with #teamsprinty at the #Row80 hashtag.  You’re reading the efforts of that now.

All of this Tweeting has made me realize how much I need to get Tweetdeck up and running again.  So far everything has worked for me, but it does get crazy at times, and since I’ve volunteered to host some of the #JuNoWriMo sprints for the month, anything to speed up the process will help.

The rest of my ROW80 goals?  Well, I’ve mostly been meeting (and exceeding) my testmile goal of 500 words a day.  I had over 3K on Tuesday, but only squeaked my 750words.com goal by one yesterday.  And all of these are on the story–I am not including the intro “get my head into the writing” words in my totals.    Yay me!  😀

My sponsor duties have been “okay”.  There is still something odd about the settings on my laptop as opposed to my desktop machine that makes it hard to actually comment on people’s blogs when I’m away from home.  I am almost up to date, but I did not manage to visit any extra ROWers this week yet.  😦  Sorry guys!

My typing in of older stories has fallen completely stopped.  I find no issue with that.  Things go in cycles I have found.  Today I have more energy and focus one activity; tomorrow I can handle another kind of task better.

One thing that has happened brought with it the oddest effect yesterday.  Of late there have been a lot of emails floating around the class-mom list these past few weeks as we all plotted and planned yesterday’s adventures.  On my email signature I have links to my blogs which I often trim out for school and other communiques…  I must have missed doing so.  And I found out yesterday that one of the fellow room-moms had read through some of my stories and actually liked it, enough to mention this yesterday to me,


So I’m in a pretty happy frame of mind.  And even more interesting that it happened to me on Day 2 of Jeff Goins 15 Habits of a Great Writer program…  Believe.

So, though I did not get up two hours earlier for writing yesterday (or today…in fact today I lolled in bed for several hours thanks to a generous husband who let me sleep in and daydream)…  I’m starting to actually “believe“.

Good-bye until Sunday, and please, support your fellow ROWers here!

11 responses to “A Day Late and Very Short: a ROW80 update

  1. You actually planned to get up two hours early to write? I might stay up two hours LATE to write (I’ve been known to be up at 2AM) but never early.

    Good luck!


    • No, I didn’t actually plan on getting up two hours early…yet. (Though I think you’re right, the two hours later does sound more realistic for me, with my sometimes going to bed after I’ve sent my son to school.)

      I guess I’ll tell you how it works out next week. 😀


  2. Karen McFarland

    Eden, first of all, you are getting a lot done considering Boodles is home from school now. So not to worry girl! And yes, I have been there when the check comes and you take a big gulp. With your large group, sometimes restaurants will automatically add in the tip. But still I know it can be a shocker especially when there was no alcohol imbibed. Who knows anymore. Things are just expensive these days. I see home cooked meals in your future, eh? Take care Eden and have a great week! 🙂


    • Definitely home-cooked meals for a while in our future, Karen. Good thing we’ve got a well stocked pantry and some more time and inspiration….

      I think we’ve all done something similar, but I love hearing other people’s stories. Glad you stopped in.


  3. My latest splurge was Memorial Day, although it was not my pocket but my digestive system, which has its own very slim budget. I had a couple beers, a sandwich for lunch and blue cheese cheeseburger for dinner, with all day snacking of a few chips and just a taste of fruit.

    Took my system nearly a week to recover from the sugar, gluten, and yeast but I enjoyed every taste with friends who are more aptly name family.

    I won’t repeat again until Christmas. I can do this every six months and truth be told, I am able to extend my digestive budget just a bit these days but beer by the pool is probably in my past.

    Good luck with all your writing endeavors, Eden.



    • I am so sorry for not replying sooner, Karen. The perfect lesson in: “Don’t save something for later just because you’re afraid you won’t have the time to do a good job; because if you don’t have time now, you won’t have any more later.” I kept hoping I could reply and start one of those delightful conversations we sometimes have…

      Instead, it’s become something closer to a trade of Tweets. 😦 My bad…

      However, thanks for stopping in a commenting. And reminding me, since I’ve been slowly and carefully (though not as carefully as I probably should) trying to figure out my migraine triggers. And blue cheese burgers (especially with bacon, lettuce and red onions) are my downfall… I can feel my cholesterol climbing out of my ears (or as my husband likes to say… “I need to harden my arteries before my bones get too brittle to hold me up.” 😉 ).

      Have a lovely few days, Karen.


  4. Oh I’ve done just what you did at restaurants – not hard at all! Appetizers, desserts, all the stuff you mention…. if you do throw in alcohol, make it a $200 bill for three people (and that’s for only two drinking)! I’ve been seeing the same thing with my time this week – it seems to keep filling up with little unexpected things. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


    • Time seems to have a very bad habit of not increasing to meet the demand the Universe places on it. I mean, I thought that Time was supposed to be infinite or something. Which seems to mean to me that it should be able to be limited even by division… Doesn’t that make sense to you? Maybe we should start a protest. 😉

      As for the dinner–yes, if we’d actually ordered the appetizers, desserts and alcohol… What brought it over was even glasses of water were charged as dollar. 😦 I can see the charge in a bar or dance club because drinks are how they make their money, but a family restaurant kind of threw me for a loop by doing that.

      And as I said… It was a wonderful evening. Just a bit of a shocker…


  5. Yes, I’ve been surprised by a bill more than once, even though I’m generally good at keeping a running tally of charges in my head. Eden, I gave your blog the Liebster Award via http://rwrambling.blogspot.com/2012/06/share-blog-love.html


    • It happens to all of us it seems. Something about letting go for a time, and all of that. 😀

      And the award! Thank you, Pat. I saw your post on the WANA page. I had a great giggle about trying to find some Finnish blogs to tag in response… maybe Norwegian. I have a friend who has been trying to teach that to me. I promise, I will get to it sometime in July. right now I’m neck-high in “Novel Writing Month(s)” trying to tread water.