I must have blinked…

2012 is gone; I knew this was coming, but…  I must have blinked.  It’s already almost a week into 2013.

I must have blinked.

Don't Blink

No Weeping Angels for me

Well, no Weeping Angels for me–I prefer the idea of approaching this new year with new challenges and a new perspective… and more dancing.  Even my lonely assassin is looking on with joy.

New years bring about one other thing–resolutions.  Usually there is an assessment of the “successes and failures” of the previous year to compare to and lots of “I intend to do better at…  X,Y, and Z” or “This is the year that I will do it”… whatever it is.

I think I’ll pass.  It’s not about success or failure anymore.  It’s about focus and direction, and it’s also about not apologizing for my humanity or feeling guilty about things I cannot change.

So…  I have no resolutions.  I simply intend to keep living my life as before, doing as best I can from moment to moment.

This isn’t to say I don’t have goals and plans  for the year.   I do.  Not just for today, not just for this year even.  I have my goals, my hopes and dreams that I intend to work on to make into realities (at least for now, while they still draw me with the same intensity and power they do at the present).

So here is how I intend to achieve my goals:

  • I intend to keep writing and working on my stories, polishing them, adding to them, deleting from them, tweaking them…
  • New writing I intend to be on the average of 1500 words a week (for the moment).  It’s a modest goal that I intend to build as I regain use of my left hand.
  • Stair walking and lots of flexibility exercises…  I miss really hiking and seeing mountains and waterfalls the way I used to before I became a mom.   And I want to share the joy I found in those moments with my Boodle…
  • The ROW80 challenge ROWnd 1 (writing goals) and the 2013 Goodreads Challenge (reading goals)

That’s it.  Hope to share the journey with you, and when this time comes around next year, we’ll have had a super time.

10 responses to “I must have blinked…

  1. I love your goals. They sound just right for now, after this season of change and injury in your life.

    And I adore it when you play with stories…and I am hoping that we will find some time to play together, at Java’s, or our living rooms, or….

    I love you, and I’m so happy you’re back…

    Last thing – I don’t think there is a better approach than to keep on being the best you can in all your moments, and to take on things that delight.

    Big, careful snugs (unless you are wearing the coat with the velvet collar (shudder!).


    • Thank you, Shan. You know where I got the “moments” part from? The AlwaysLearning list. It made such perfect sense (still does), to move moment from moment rather than day to day. Moments pass, and a bad one is soon gone. And always aiming for better choices…

      If I taken nothing else from that list (not likely, but still, if I take nothing else) those two pieces of wisdom are simply gold. And it is thanks to you that I was able to find myself there to discover them.

      So, thank you, and love you too… with big hugs. (And it’s a velvet hood, but only on the inside, so technically I could just pull up my hood and you’d only touch wool.)


  2. Nice post. Welcome to ROW80 2013. Your goals are laid out so precisely they seem very achievable. Dance on!


    • Thanks, Beth. To be honest, I actually did feel somewhat guilty about how ;ax my goals seemed to be. Eventually, I began to look at them as simply starting places for greater things. Nothing says I can’t do more, after all. And they’re at a comfortable level where I know I won’t be giving myself too much disappointment on those days I do fail. It’s about taking small steps anyway.

      I hope you enjoy the journey too. BTW, I love the posts you’ve done so far for your Ultimate blog challenge. Great topics, and wonderful images.


  3. Those are some very achievable goals! Like you, I didn’t make any resolutions, I made goals. I thought about doing the ROW80 first round, but decided to do the Winter Writing Festival instead. I did too much at the beginning of last year and burn out around the end of May. Trying to avoid that this year. Good luck with your goals Eden!


    • I never heard of the Winter Writing Festival, but I can speak from experience that ROW80 actually kept me from burnout. It was my eagerness to pursue several NaNoWriMo like projects (and a lot of crises at home) that actually caused the problems that made me stop blogging and writing regularly.

      But nothing says you need to do one or the other… or even either. You need to find the comfort zone within yourself to explore your creativity and give it the most perfect place to bloom. Good luck on your goals too. And may your words soar!


  4. Woot Woot! I joined a GoodReads challenge this year, too. I have a personal odd goal of adding more quotes from women writers there since I like to focus on women in literary history. Amazing how little focus there is on our literary grandma’s and aunties!

    Here’s to speedy healing of that hand, dear one…. cheering you from here!!


    • Sounds grand! I’m starting to immerse myself a bit deeper into literary women as well–though literary men have many wonderful things to say too. I’ll see you in Goodreads and occasionally on Twitter then, and maybe even get some hints for my next book or two.


  5. Super goals. Look forward to sharing the journey with you. Hoping for a super time in a super year. Wishing you a great 2013!


    • Thank you! I took to heart some of my experiences last year during the ROW80–ones I had not fully grasped even when I was advocating them at the time. “Just 5 sentences” I would tell other lagging ROWers, because sometimes that was all they were getting down. Sometimes even less… and yet, I didn’t always heed my own advice.

      This year, I’m starting smaller and building more gradually. Even if I do the NaNoWriMos that are out there, I’ll be doing them on MY terms. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about staying true to my needs and self. It’s about stay true to our needs and selves…