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Wednesday Writing Woes, Wonders & Words

Stained...glassThis post is a hodge-podge.

Because I’ve allowed myself ro fall out of the habit of blogging, and because I’ve chosen a personal goal of participating in A Round of Words in 80 Days, I have committed myself to doing more regular blog posts.

A commitment, I realized this morning, I was not as ready to fulfill as I’d hoped I would be.

Eh…  It’s not as if I ever allowed a lack of preparation to stop me from speaking my mind.  😀

So, in the spirit of my former check-ins (you can see most of them by looking through the links on the pages I setup for each round above), I’d like to offer you more than just “This is what I did” and “This is what I want to try doing next time”.

I want to play with words.

It’s been actually a week of playing with words…more play than actual process.  Though I’d started the week out with grand plans to sit with pen and notebook and organize some of the events in this rapidly avalanching set of stories I have called The Swan Song Trilogy, things changed course quickly.  Given how Monday morning started with virtual possession of the spirit of Ted Geisel during a visit to fellow ROWer Lena Corazon, I should have realized that unlike the two bones in my forearm, my humerus was well and needing attention.

So… from watching Rowan Atkinson and John Cleese performing a pseudo-interview on being an apiarist to spending a bit of extra time last night with my husband (who, for those who do not know him, is an incredibly funny man who has perfected such skills as giggling and telling me “I love you” like the Schmoo and dancing like a Muppet *), I have made an effort to attend to laughter and joy.

Those things, while great in their own way, haven’t helped me get writing.  So, I’m playing in different way, mixing up some metaphors and poking at two writing related sites that I used to enjoy for inspiration: The One Minute Writer and Three World Wednesday (links for the prompts I used here).

The socks were folded, pair upon pair;
The cashier’s gaze vacant, a semi-focused stare
Blue and then red, her expression half-dead,
and we never bought groceries again there.


shmoo (Photo credit: Exploding Aardvark)

Well, short and sweet, I guess.  Then again, I typed it in one minute with one hand and a huge pillow separating me from my keyboard…

Time for that ROW80 update part:

ROW80 Progress:

As this post shows, I’m doing well on my goals.  I realize I missed putting in a Social Media goal into the mix (actually quite vital in a group like the ROW), so here it is:

  • I will visit at least 3 ROWers per check-in, and try to look at one new blog a week.
  • I will be attending #teamsprinty a bit erratically, but attending at least once a week
  • I will maintain at least one post a day on my Facebook Author Page.
  • I will not take more than a week to reply to any comments.

So, there it is, and so far, I am on target there too.  *pats self on back before heading off to cheer on other ROWers here*  And all should be as well or better by Sunday’s check-in.

* Videos from my brother-in-law’s wedding as “Dancing like Muppets” has become quite the family joke.  The four “dancers” are my husband and his three brothers: Part 1 and Part 2