Daily Archives: January 16, 2013

Short sweet and pretty

OpalizedshelledI’m working on a great post about the mythology of my story worlds, but today just isn’t the day to post that.  Today is, instead, a day to post a ROW80 check-in and some pictures of some awesome ammonite shells that I bought just before Christmas.

Why?  Because they are nifty and cool, and because I just learned from Jessica Rosenkrantz’s blog  Nervous System what the lovely filigree designs I saw on my polished shell came from.  They’re called suture patterns, and as you can see, both from my own photos and those on Jessica’s blog, they are gorgeous–Nature’s own Rococo (a style that I love far too much for my own good).

What does this have to do with the ROW80 you ask?

Delicate inside crystals

Delicate inside crystals

Well, the ROW80 is the challenge that understands you have a life, and I realized I wasn’t enjoying myself a lot when I couldn’t play with my camera.  So, I’m taking more pictures again.  I’ve also involved myself with a Facebook group where I’m supposed to take a picture a day and post it (not quite there on the posting daily, but getting better on the taking daily).  It’s fun, it’s creative, and it’s stirring my mind.

I also am feeling the call to start drawing again.  I watched a woman in Bountiful Bread yesterday (where I can never seem to get the wi-fi to work with my laptop)…  I had done some proofreading of Release, but I just stopped and studied her face, and then wished I had some pencils and a sketch pad with me to try drawing her.

It may be a household thing.  The Boodle has been making wonderful nature scenes with fingerpaints and reading books about Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.  Even the hubby has been dabbling with writing some stories…

Creativity abounds.

And that is what these pictures have to do with the ROW80…  Creativity abounds, and even writing is getting done.  I’m editing; I’m writing; I’m even dreaming.  My wordcounts are on track; I’m visiting new blogs and learning new things.

It’s pretty awesome.

If you want to see why, here are a bunch of other ROW80 members with blogs to look over.  Have lots of fun!