Short sweet and pretty

OpalizedshelledI’m working on a great post about the mythology of my story worlds, but today just isn’t the day to post that.  Today is, instead, a day to post a ROW80 check-in and some pictures of some awesome ammonite shells that I bought just before Christmas.

Why?  Because they are nifty and cool, and because I just learned from Jessica Rosenkrantz’s blog  Nervous System what the lovely filigree designs I saw on my polished shell came from.  They’re called suture patterns, and as you can see, both from my own photos and those on Jessica’s blog, they are gorgeous–Nature’s own Rococo (a style that I love far too much for my own good).

What does this have to do with the ROW80 you ask?

Delicate inside crystals

Delicate inside crystals

Well, the ROW80 is the challenge that understands you have a life, and I realized I wasn’t enjoying myself a lot when I couldn’t play with my camera.  So, I’m taking more pictures again.  I’ve also involved myself with a Facebook group where I’m supposed to take a picture a day and post it (not quite there on the posting daily, but getting better on the taking daily).  It’s fun, it’s creative, and it’s stirring my mind.

I also am feeling the call to start drawing again.  I watched a woman in Bountiful Bread yesterday (where I can never seem to get the wi-fi to work with my laptop)…  I had done some proofreading of Release, but I just stopped and studied her face, and then wished I had some pencils and a sketch pad with me to try drawing her.

It may be a household thing.  The Boodle has been making wonderful nature scenes with fingerpaints and reading books about Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.  Even the hubby has been dabbling with writing some stories…

Creativity abounds.

And that is what these pictures have to do with the ROW80…  Creativity abounds, and even writing is getting done.  I’m editing; I’m writing; I’m even dreaming.  My wordcounts are on track; I’m visiting new blogs and learning new things.

It’s pretty awesome.

If you want to see why, here are a bunch of other ROW80 members with blogs to look over.  Have lots of fun!



14 responses to “Short sweet and pretty

  1. I love sea related things, your shells are so pretty. I tried a photo a day, but totally forgot from Sunday on. Oops. Maybe I’ll get back into it, might help my creativity. Is the Facebook group an open one anyone can join?


  2. Lauren Garafalo

    The shells are so pretty!! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your camera more. It’s one of my goals as well this year. I know I need multiple forms of creativity..I have a feeling a lot of us are like that 😀 Have a great rest of the week!


    • Thank you, Lauren. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos and are doing a similar thing with you goals. What sort of camera are you using? (if you’re interested in trying the effect, I used a scrap of black velour, natural sunlight through a sheer curtain, and Fstop 4/Aperture 2/with a 2x macro adapter on a Canon G5)

      Yes, I agree. A lot of us are like that.


  3. I love the idea of drawing. But from my brain down through my arm and through my fingers, something happens that’s unsettling. Thankfully, words seem to flow out much better! 😉 Photos, too. Color me (or draw!) impressed. (Yes, being a dork is something I’m quite proud of!).

    I need to get to editing as well, but I always feel freer when I’m also writing. Guess I’ll have to find a balance.

    Hope you have an excellent week.


    • I can’t really imagine you not being able to create in all sorts of forms, Tia. Wow… Have you tried singing, or maybe cooking gives you a flow of creativity? (I’m a HORRID cook, or at least I think so, my husband says otherwise, but I think it’s just because he’s too hungry to notice. 🙂 )

      I hope you find the balance you are looking for. It’s not easy. Sometimes the best thing we can do is find a way to tread water more efficiently.


  4. Oh…. hi! I was clicking through the links on the ROW80 page and I suddenly realized… hey! This is Eden’s page!

    The shells are gorgeous. I love mathematical patterns found in nature.

    I haven’t drawn much since I’ve been serious about the writing. It used to be I’d sit in front of the TV in the evenings with a pad of graph paper in my lap doing architectural plans and sketches. Now I have laptop with my WIP and blog and other social media stuff. It’s a hard decision, knowing what has to “go” in ones life in order to make room for what matters.


    • Ha! I do that sometimes with the Linky page too. Glad you found something fun in the visit too. (I agree, mathematical patterns in Nature are wonderful. I even found that absolutely neat fractal broccoli that is posted so often at our local food co-op: It actually tasted more like a cauliflower than broccoli, but it was so fun to find it I didn’t mind the flavor of the recipe being a bit off.

      I get you about the changes in “what we do” when it comes to balancing passions and interests. I used to draw a lot more than I do now. I’m only just recovering some of that interest, and mostly because I feel something creative is missing. That, and as I told Tia, I’m a horrid cook. 😉

      Thanks for stopping in.


  5. Eden, wow! What a creative family you have, and a creative mind! Congrats on how well things are going for you at the moment, goal wise and how you’re still giving yourself the opportunity to expand your creative chops with other activities that mean something to you!


    • All these wonderful compliments from the woman who is encouraging my desire to try yoga…. Thank you!! 😀

      But beyond gratitude, I agree. I count myself very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people on a regular basis–both online and in my day-to-day real offline experiences. It sometimes leads me to wonder if I’ll ever be “as good” as those I admire, but most of the time it’s just “Cool!”

      Thank you for visiting, and have a great week.


  6. This has been a strange round for me. In the last three rounds of 2011, I wrote and published a novella for each. That’s when I did the Libby Fox series, which consists of Dark Relic: Vampires’ Curse, Secrets of the Wolf, and Search for the Vampires’ Curse. I loved writing these novellas, and I hope the sales of them pick up someday. My older works still do better than these novellas, or the compilation of them, Vampires’ Curse. I have yet to figure out what makes some books sell better than others, even when the ones that are selling aren’t quite as good as the ones that aren’t. Anyway, I digress and ramble. This round, I just couldn’t get my motivation together. I would have some days where I wrote, then many other days when I didn’t. This was so foreign to me, because I had always stuck to goals and written most days of each round. I don’t know what happened to me. I felt like I was so busy with other things in life and didn’t have the energy for writing, I guess. I really envy those who can write any time of the day because they’re not burdened by a time-consuming day job. I want to be in that situation someday. I WILL be in that situation someday. So I didn’t finish my current WIP in this round. But that’s okay because I can continue it in Round Three. No one is going to beat me with a stick for not meeting the goal I had of finishing this round. I LOVE ROW80. The word count has been good the past two days. Monday – 1119 and Tuesday – 1061. I think it’s really helped to stop focusing on a certain word count every day (usually 500) and just focusing on spending a set amount of time with my WIP. This has actually led to higher word counts, as you can see. So I feel like I’m really back on track.


    • This got caught in my spam folder. Glad you’re enjoying the ROW80. Sorry about your motivation issues… I wish I could help, but really, it happens to us all. And given your novella list, it sounds like you’re getting plenty accomplished. Kudos to you. 🙂


  7. As someone who has known you a loooooong time, I love this. These shells are you, and lovely.

    So cool that you and your camera are hanging out. (You know my brain that turns letters and numbers into Alphabet Soup? Will you show my about stops and apertures?)

    I can picture the art reading (he may want to check out the PBS website; a couple of weeks ago, I saw a docu on Illumined Paris with a lot of personal history on Picasso, among others.

    If Dan is writing stories, I’m guessing they are as uniquely a howl as he is. May he also be delighting in them!

    I’m so happy for your creative and happy space….and happy to that my sponsor duties brought me to your virtual doorstep.

    Kismet, I tell ya….there just ain’t no shakin’ me *giggle!*


    • Thanks. I’m glad you love the shells. Maybe we should plan another overnight Mom-retreat again and we can head down to Rhinebeck and enjoy the shopping and estate tours, etc.

      I’d love to help you will all that F-stop and aperture stuff, but truthfully, I’m only just starting to learn it all myself. Also, from what I’m learning, these things are very camera dependent. This site: can be found here depending of your model of camera. It helps when you want to learn the best points for focusing on to get the best picture. This little piece was really helpful too:

      I hear you about the PBS specials. Marcus loves Bob Ross and the “Happy Little Trees”. As for Dan’s stories.. I think he’s having fun with them, though they aren’t exactly “funny”.

      Have a great week.