Interrupting the ROW and Re-immersion

Another late ROW80 check-in.  I’m okay with that.  Life has been–well,  I’m tired…. tired of teeth that break near weekly; tired of the accompanying needles, the lost time, and appointment after appointment with my dentist.

I like my dentist.  He’s a nice guy, and seeing him three or four times a year would not bother me in the least.  But it’s over an hour drive to his office from home*, and the commute can get a bit overwhelming when it’s so frequent.

So I’m all out of whack.  My check-in is late.  A bunch of bills are late too**. It’s not a money issue, but rather one concerning that other more rare and precious currency…  time.

I need a Personal Assistant. :-/

The minutiae of this check in involve word counts, projects and personal discoveries.  What have I done since my Facebook Mini-check-in on Sunday….

Words Words Words (36/365)

Words Words Words

ROW80 in depth

Words Words Words

I’m squeaking by on my daily word count.  Squeaking by because I had increased it last week when I signed up for the February Challenge at  My actual wordcounts look weird when I see my progress charts because I’ve typed little notes hither and thither and copying and pasting them into 750words when I finally get a chance.  It keeps me moving at least.  And napkin notes now have a better place than shredding at the bottom of my purse.

I’ve managed about 800 words a day on average since the first of the month.  It’s real progress, but now the writing needs focus.


Release has taken back seat lately.  It’s hard to concentrate on the story with so many other things demanding to be done.  I need some help too–I need a reader, as in someone to read the story out loud to me.  I tried putting some of the text into the demonstration version of  Natural Readers, but the Microsoft voices mess with my head.  The British accent works “okay” and matches the voice in my head, but I don’t feel comfortable spending that much money on the software.

Another editing project I’m involved in is copy-editing a fellow fantasy writer’s manuscript before she submits it to an editor for final review.  I’m not moving on it a fast as I would like, but I’d rather take a bit longer than miss something.

Personal Discovery–Spelling and Immersion

To me, the spelling is huge–I’m starting to spell words right that I used to spell wrong all the time.

The squiggly red line that appears as I type has been good to me.  I see the mistake, and I retype it, and more and more I am getting that retyped word right without any other help.   As someone who has never been a naturally good speller, it’s wonderful to have found a way to “see” the correct word in a way I never could see “spelling words” in school.

Perhaps the passion just wasn’t there then.  Spelling matters to me now.  I have things to say, and I want people to pay attention to what I write.  It’s pretty rude to ask this of  people without giving something in return.  I shouldn’t make it a challenge for people to read what I’ve written–not right away.  I will draw them in slowly with great characters and the harrowing situations they are caught in…

…then I can spring weird place names and story-world languages on them!

What?  “No” you say?  NO?  Oh, ye of little faith…  It’ll be fun!  I promise.

It can be fun–can’t it?  Doesn’t everyone love the way Tolkien created several languages for his stories, how the appendices in the Return of the King took almost half the book?



Deep under

Deep under

The geek in me loved those.  All of those little pieces and parts of the world that he didn’t place in the Silmarillion (which, imho, was just a bigger appendix for the Lord of the Rings, as was The Adventures of Tom Bombadil)…  well, I felt immersed.

And immersion as a personal necessity is something I’ve long suspected.  I love to be immersed.

Not just immersion in the mental sense, although that is sublime.  I love things that squeeze me, hold me in, surround me, swallow me…  Swimming deep under water with its weightless pressure…  Being held close or curled up with blankets mummy-wrapped about me…  Mmm!

I could probably give a psychiatrist a field day analyzing the reasons behind this, but I have done this from Day One.

Funny story as long as you aren’t my mother…

I was born nearly a month late (due on Thanksgiving, was born on Christmas), and Mom says she became a master at swaddling.  As a toddler, I loved being hugged so much that I would walk away with any adult that gave me one…  It didn’t matter who, or how many gray hairs it gave my mom.

Being a mother now myself, I can certainly see her concern.

I’m not writing this to say I’m special.  I’m just me, and this is part of who I am.  I’m starting to see and understand that person more.  And as part of last week’s post on revealing myself, I’m sharing this self-discovery with you.  Maybe it will help someone, maybe it’ll amuse if nothing more…  But it’s here, it’s me, and I think it’s pretty neat.

So, new week, similar directions…  and deeper discoveries.

Please visit some fellow ROWers and share some love…  Valentine’s Day is coming!

*he’s the dentist I had since high school, and though I’ve tried a few other dentists, I’ve had questionable experiences with most others

**though fortunately only by a few days

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12 responses to “Interrupting the ROW and Re-immersion

  1. So sorry about all the dental issues! Bleah! But hurray for the spelling progress. I love when something simple helps me move in a direction I wanted to go.

    I enjoyed reading about your love of immersion and about your self-discovery. Self-discovery is such important work!

    Hang in there and keep up the great work on the word count. Because it is great work, and just making the 750 words is *still* making your word count. So way to go, you!


  2. I missed about the February challenge on 750words. I write there every day, but I really don’t give the site much thought, to be honest. Maybe I’ll sign up for March.


    • You should, John. It’s a fun little challenge, and it’s a nice way to support the site if you fail (or you succeed, depending on your preferences)


  3. Your self-discovery experiment sounds intriguing! And yes, as a mom, the idea of a kid wandering off with anyone who’d hug her is scary! Hope your dental issues are all fixed soon!


    • I think any self-discovery experiment is cool, Jennette. It seems that a lot of ROWers are doing something similar too. It’s how we learn and grow…

      And yes, it’s scary now. At the time, I was horribly frustrated. My mother is not a “huggy” person. She doesn’t like people touching her at all. But she’s a great person in so many other ways–we’ve become great friends as I’ve grown older and gained the experience to see how she saw the world.

      As for the teeth… kind of. I’ve ground my teeth in my sleep for most of my life (even chewed through two mouth guards). I’ve kind of resigned myself to dental work–it’s just the sheer number at the time.

      But I’m really not complaining (well, maybe just a little). I met a woman while I was on jury duty last year whose 16 year old daughter already had four of those new implant surgeries because of a genetic condition in their family that made her lose her teeth as puberty hit.

      No, really, I’m very lucky when all is said and done.


  4. I do! I do! Love all of Tolkien’s languages.
    Hope your teeth are better this week! I’d like an intern myself…


    • Oh, yes! An intern would be divine… And to have a fellow Tolkien language buff to help me with my cause… YES!

      As for the teeth… Well, we’ll leave that discussion for another time. 😉

      (ps: sorry for the delay, Deniz. Somehow your comment got lost in my spam folder.)


  5. Sorry to hear about your dental issues, Eden! You deserve much praise for keeping up with the writing in spite of that. Health woes and the accompanying distractions are real creativity killers for me!

    I hope dental problems get cleared up soon. But it sounds like the self-discovery is helping you a lot. 🙂


    • The self-discovery has been amazing. And the dental issues… well, they’re really just blips in the long run. Slightly long-running blips, but blips nonetheless.

      Thanks for stopping in, Ruth. And thanks for the book post…. even if I do have enough books to keep my great-grandkids busy until adulthood. 😀


  6. Oh I have the dentist early Tuesday morning. He will no doubt berate me for not flossing enough again. * Groan* – who has time to faff about with string? Yes, I know I should – I should exercise too, but that also feels like a huge waste of my time. There’s so little of it, I want to fill it, get things done. Not run on the spot while running string between my teeth!

    I’m British, we’re not big on flossing. Which is probably why we all have crappy teeth. (FYI – my teeth are impeccable, it’s my bleeding gums which are the issue – my hygienist must want to run away when she sees me coming.)

    Great, insightful post. I yearned for hugs growing up and love them now; they were a rare commodity with most of my family. Nothing says – “You’re safe, all is well.” like a hug.

    Best of luck with the dentist. your goals and more self-discovery.

    Oh, and hugs! X


    • Thanks, Shah. Both for the hugs and the visit.

      I so get you on the flossing thing. I only do it at all now because the dental work I’ve had done makes gaps for food–BLEH!

      Exercising on the other hand… I can get how it feels like a waste of time, but once I’m actually doing it and am in the flow, it’s cathartic. There are so many times now that I’ve been stumped on a story idea and then found exactly what I needed after I did some exercise–I’m pretty sold on it now.

      Thanks again for stopping in, and……