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Some Words Sunday — When there is nothing

IMG_9191tweakSometimes…  too often of late…

Sometimes, I have nothing to say.

Today is one of those days.

Today I could talk about the lovely hike we took as  family yesterday  at Mt. Greylock, enjoying the early Spring sunshine and the rushing water of the Money Brook trail at the base of the Hopper Trail.

Today I could write about the joy my son showed as he went outside this morning for a little Easter Egg hunt that I woke early to give him.

IMG_9264cropToday I could write about the ROW80 and my plans for this upcoming Round 2.  I could write about my plans for the CampNaNoWriMo that starts tomorrow.

I could…

I won’t.  I have nothing.  The words aren’t here today.  Maybe they didn’t make it back down the mountain.  Maybe they got caught on the other side of the Petersburgh Pass.

We did take a different route home after all.

Maybe my words got lost along the way…

For now my fingers are chill against my keyboard.  They do not wish to move.   I scuff my feet on the rug beneath my desk to warm them.  I’m dressed in several layers against the chill.

My husband insists the house needs to be open and aired out despite the overcast skies and threat of rain.

Despite the fact that it’s barely 50° outside and little over 59° in the house….

So I have nothing to say.  The energy is being spent elsewhere.

I think my husband has it.  He’s stapling insulation to the ceiling of our “soon to be” new kitchen, a project several years in the making.

Sometimes there are so many things in one’s head that there is nothing to say because there are too many things to say.

Sometimes I have days like this.

More than I would like…

(That said, there is so much stirring in my mind this afternoon from the Anti-Rent War and what had been a truly feudal society in the Americas during the first fifty years of the United States’ existence…  and that it happened so close to this place I call home now.  War in its many forms seems to be a historical setting to everywhere I’ve lived.  That… and so many things are stirring my thoughts.  My head is a full and exciting place these days.  It just awaits some sense of direction and order.)



Friday Photo–Spring

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What’s With Wednesday — Take Five

If you’ve read these posts for any amount of time, you know my family has been hit with some serious “ick”.  My mother thinks we may have had the flu–if so, we’re surviving well enough that I’m still glad we didn’t get the shots.

In the long run, I think we’ll be better off.

Cat Nap

Cat Nap

For now, however, I’m following my body’s demands–a last cat nap before I must be more active.  You see, next ROW80 round, I volunteered to be a sponsor–that means I will be online and more active in the blogosphere starting the beginning of the month.

And there is a shorter than average break between rounds this time.  Usually the pause is about ten days.   This time…  it’s less than four.

Considering this, I gave myself permission, starting Sunday evening to just rest and “play” a little.  I’ve watched television and read books and played video games.  I’ve done some house cleaning catch-up, desk straightening, clothes sorting, shelf-emptying…

I’ve crocheted; I’ve doodled…  I’ve napped.

I have not been online much.  I have not played any of my Facebook games, I have not participated in any ROW80 sprints, and I have not written much of anything.

I have had some great fanfic dreams, and even started mulling new directions in my more serious works.  Lots of good stuff actually…

Anyway, I’ve been taking five.  I’m going to continue to do so until this Sunday when I will be posting my Round 2 goals.  I will still post a Friday Photo this week to welcome Spring.  A little pick-me-up never hurt anyone….

Here ends my closing post for Round 1 of A Round of Words in 80 Days 2013;  I had little to report today, but sometimes the less said, the more taken in.  The round was a good one in general.  I met (and usually exceeded) my writing and social media goals.  My fitness goals fell by the wayside as did many of my editing goals…although this Sunday and Monday I actually made up some lost ground there.

In all, it was an excellent ROWnd.