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I know from reading other people’s blogs that a vague title or cutesy catch phrase is often looked down upon by other bloggers.  In fact, Aaron posted something to that effect specifically in his 10 Reasons I Won’t Comment On Your Blog.


Thing is, unless I want to say something like  Stuff I have done and stuff I want to do, but can’t because there is stuff I still need to do first”, all titles seem to be either too little or too much.  Nothing that came to mind really seem to fit, so I went a bit vague and tried for accuracy as best I could.


So why Some Directions?


Well, to go back several weeks in my last post, I’d started to write about some of the soul-searching I’ve done.  The blogging stopped; the searching did not.  If anything, the end of posts correlated to the depth of searching involved.


You see, I don’t like blogging about myself.


I’d originally made this blog with its name “Many Worlds From Many Minds” with the thought that possibly I would make it place where a writing group could work from.  Then I realized how many such sites were already out there: StoryDam, SheWrites, etc. and I surrendered to the fact I’d made this place–I may as well write here.  (Actually I’d started on Blogspot, but moved MWFMM here due to a (now fixed) issue with my Google account.)


It was about six or so months later when I read (I believe it was via Kristen Lamb) that a good writer’s blog should use the author’s name, not a catch phrase.  There was no problem with using a title on that level, but the actual URL should be the author’s name and nothing else.  Branding the name…


Problem was, I’ve never felt a connection to my name.  I haven’t made a brand identification with either the name I was given by my parents or the one I took when I got married.  In either case I’ve never felt much like an “Eden”.


That didn’t stop me from trying.  I set up the Garden of Delights with grand plans.  It was going to be my space to be me.


The only posts I’ve placed there in almost a year are just things I’ve reblogged from other people’s pages.  :-/


What does this all mean?


It means I’ve come round full circle in some senses.   I’m done trying to be someone I’m not just because it might or might not suit the eventuality of a writing career.


What else it means is this place is still a work in progress.  This is still a work in progress.  It may become more in the way I’d once hoped it would be.  It may stay as it is, an outlet for my ROW80 musings (particularly since I’ve once again signed up as a sponsor for ROWnd 2).  It may even become something else entirely as I explore myself further.


Under Construction


What is going to happen, at least in the short-term, is that I’m going to try creating an actual schedule of what I will be posting and when.  I need to consider it further in-depth, but for the moment I can commit to my ROW80 check in for Sunday and Wednesday.


Add in a Friday Photo to give me time to talk your ears off share my growing passion of photography and that will make three posts a week.  I’d like to set a day for some story snippets too, but Tuesdays won’t work now.  Suggestions anyone?


ROW80 mini-check-in:


I’ve written a lot (800 or so words a day), but very little involved stories.  All this soul-searching has turned into page upon page of rants, freewriting and textual offal that  might eventually compost into something for building characters later on.  Right now, it’s just been catharsis.


Things have equally stalled on Release.  Reading and re-reading and re-reading even more…  I realize that the story has started in the absolutely wrong place, that the first few chapters have far too much worldbuilding baggage built into them, and that the world in that manuscript completely messes up the story line for Swan Song.


Sp there you go, posts on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday…  direction from the directionless.  How did you all find your way in this virtual jungle?


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8 responses to “Some directions

  1. I’m in much the same space, Eden, even down to finding a name. Sing out if you want to share rants. 🙂


    • I’d like to share some workouts first. I think my self-imposed lumpiness has contributed to this uncertainty and unease. But yes, I’d love to hear some of your stories about the name choice too.


  2. I can relate to what you say about writing a lot and none of it involving stories. That was my whole objective for this round, to put a lot of stuff on (virtual) paper, then go back and see what I have. Might not be anything, but it’s given me ideas. I think we all need to do that sometimes.


    • Glad I’m not the only one, John. Sometimes I wonder if that sort of release is a necessary for good writing. Shan call it the ebb and flow, but it’s a bit more than that. The ebb draws in, and leaves an awful lot of crap on the shore… But hiding amongst the debris, there are treasures.

      Nice to see you here. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Yes, workouts are a great idea. I never got back to you, did I? *blushes in shame* Mondays are good for me–I’ll be out of town the 18th; let me know if another day works better now. 🙂


    • Mondays is “okay” for me. It depends on when and where. If we’re just doing mall walking or something like that, I can bring the Boodle with me (he and I have our piano lessons on Mondays). I’ll private message you later and maybe we can arrange some specifics.

      As for getting back to me… no biggie. We all have lives and personal chaos going around.


  4. I’ve been contemplation my blogging as well (going from 3 days to 5 days… maybe). Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with blogging that leaves me a little directionless at times too. When that happens I go with my gut or what makes sense for me. Glad you found your way.


    • Gloria, you described the sensation I’ve been having with blogging all this time–“a love/hate relationship…that lease me a little directionless at times” (though I would change the little to a lot). Some people seem to thrive with more blogging. Maybe the increased days will help you. I hope you find your way soon. As you say–Go with your gut!

      Thanks for stopping in.