Checking-in with the Powers

It’s a Wednesday ROW80 check-in day.  Feels awkward to post yet another “Same Old, Same Old–some progress here and there, but not as much as I would like”, even if that basically sums up things; so let me give you a small visual of my world instead of dwelling on writing minutiae.

picture of my office

In All its Chaotic Glory

This is my office as of 1pm this afternoon.   It’s hard to see details here, but perhaps you can imagine the sheer number of rocks and crystals on my desk, a copy of The Book of Thoth sitting near my computer, a monitor at the moment highlighting Facebook in the main browser tab–but there are also tabs for Eliphas Levi, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, Xerxes the I of Persia, Black Stone, and a number of religious, metaphysical and mystical elements open behind it.

I’m preparing for a psychic fair in April where I will be volunteering my services as a tarot reader and crystal worker, things I once practiced daily but allowed myself to drift from when I married my then very Christian boyfriend.

The reading won’t help me as much as re-immersion and practice, but it’s very centering.  So many things in my daily affairs seem out of sorts lately that there is comfort in the rhythm of the words.  And as with any rereading there are new things to be found, things that were misread, ignored or even willfully denied due to my personal maturity at the time.

I work mostly with a small card version of the Thoth deck designed by Crowley and Lady Harris; though I do have two other decks: a Cagliostro and a Hello Tarot (a handmade deck based on Hello Kitty–mine is about 17 years old now).

Tree of stones

Just a little tree of stones

My tarot decks have all been gifts.  There is something about metaphysical/magical work I’ve found true for me–it all must be a gift.  If I buy something…  it’s with the understanding that someday it’ll be given away.  I have the right to use it until that day, but it isn’t mine.

The corollary of that is that if I see something I want or see something that calls to me–I cannot buy it for myself.  I have tried the “giving myself a gift”  thing, but in this sense, it is a trick only.  Within days I’d lose the item, or I would find its proper owner.

The trick was on me.

Does anyone else here enjoy these “so-called” magical activities?  What experiences have you had with your practices?

As always, feel free to share links and stories in the comments.  I love to hear from you.

12 responses to “Checking-in with the Powers

  1. You moved your desk. And seeing all that you, and all the history it holds, makes me smile….I would covet that desk, except that it is a part of you….still, if you are ever done with it…. *You KNOW vhat she’ll say…..*

    It sounds like you are in a lovely transition.

    You know me. I love textures, and dreams, and I’m more about finding magic than in creating or practicing….maybe I am a sharer, or an amplifier, or some such….

    So, tell me, Syster mine, what little bit of magic are you wanting that I could gift to you…?


    • Hmm, not sure where you got the idea that I’ve moved my desk. It’s been here for over two years now. Indeed, I’m getting itchy to move it again. And if Dan cannot help me with my desires to raise this desk up onto taller legs, you’re welcome to have it. It’s got a lot of quirks, but it also has a lot of history… But like all my magical items, it came to me through chance, so until it tells me otherwise, I’ll be caring for it. You are always welcome to come and spend time with it. Maybe it will call to you further then.

      Odd to talk about desks and computers as part of magical items, I know, but one thing I learned early on is that anything we connect with regularly is imprinted with part of ourselves. It becomes with us, and stores up energy for use later on. Sometimes the reason is so that we can offer that energy later to someone else. Sometimes it’s so we can have a resource to draw from when we’ve worn ourselves out.

      And sometimes we use these places as a sort of dumpster for our negative energy… Which often happens to people who just cling.

      Lots of textures here. I don’t think practicing is about creating–it’s about accessing through ritual. But I see what you mean. Magic is everywhere. And ritual, as I noted to Shah in my reply to her, isn’t always about special crystals or about orders of cards… It can be about pouring one’s coffee slowly while breathing deeply or the aroma, about feeling the difference in the floor in certain parts of the house and knowing how things are just by the air pressure against your skin or the texture of the dust under your toes.

      That’s real magic, imho.

      As for you last question… I don’t know yet. Nothing has called for a time. However, I’m aware of some pieces that are looking forward to this psychic fair and being given a new home there.


  2. I have nothing to add regarding magic, although three separate ‘psychics’ have said I should open up to my ‘powers’ or that I’m hiding from my true psychic self and that unless ‘I connect with her, she will perish and leave me empty. I have often wondered about the level of 80% of my readings leading to this outcome, but always ended up shrugging it off. Other things support it, which I always put down to some skewed bipolar symptom. It’s both intriguing and enthralling.

    Either way, I’ve no magical knowledge. Great to hear you’re getting back on it though, as you clearly do. X


    • You probably are supporting a second self. But perhaps you are supporting her through Luna as much as your mind, Shah. Magick is not the trappings–those are just the tools that work for some people, just like the Macs work for you and PCs work for me. Perhaps your tool for reaching and nurturing your psychics self is through your artistic craft. Or perhaps through your photography. You are still giving yourself that outlet, I hope.

      Thank you for stopping over, Shah. And I hope you find the best tools for your own journey… But if you may benefit from a pretty piece of rose quartz nearby.


  3. Hey there, thought I would come check out your blog since you dropped by mine. When I was younger I was fascinated by the tarot, crystal balls (still have a lovely one), all kinds of Wiccan and occult philosophies and practices. I do sometimes include bits and pieces of what I learned in my books. The pine paneling in your office reminds me of my childhood home which had a living room paneled in pine.


    • Thank you for stopping in, Rhiann. I’m glad I was able to at least provide you with some nostalgia here.

      As for the occult–I’m not a full practitioner. My religious views are more earthy but my husband is quite the atheist now, and it makes having any practice feel uncomfortable. Mostly I am doing this for the local community to help their fundraiser and for some writing research. I’m sure your earlier experiences can offer you a lot of space to work in.


  4. Hi there, just stopping by as well. Love, love, love that blue desk. It has a personality. One of my novels is about witches and I loved researching everything from the witch trials to the modern day. As far as magic/special abilities, I’ve been told by several people that I’m an empath and now due to a brain injury last year and the horrible anxiety that has come with it, I’m feeling compelled to explore that a little more…just not sure where to begin. Anyway, enjoy getting back to it 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping in, Jessika. I wouldn’t put it past you for having a strong degree of empathy, especially after having read a few of your Thursday’s Children posts (what a great group idea). You may be using that talent already in the way you are reaching out to others with your interests and passions. (Though I agree that sometime the learning about magic and witchcraft is as fun or even more fun than the practice. Have you ever read anything by Barbara Chepitis? She writes stories with a story magical base and is a practitioner herself.) As for a place to start… write and reach out. Discover where your empathic gift lies…in giving or in receiving, see how it works with your other talents. Just my $.05 on things. 😉

      I’m very sorry to hear about the brain injury. Hopefully it is better now, even if the worries are still there? (I can’t imagine that the worries go away fast or easily.)

      And thanks for the comment about my desk. My husband found it in a pile of abandoned furniture in a house we rented (before that I was using an old computer that had been loaned to me on a set of wooden chairs). He dragged it out of the basement via one of those old storm cellar doors, fixed it (three drawers were broken and the top was coming off) and cleaned it up. The color is how it came to me. A thorough cleaning revealed a brass plate that says it was made in the 1930’s. It has traveled everywhere with me since…


      • What a great story about that desk!

        And no, I haven’t heard of Barbara Chepitis…will definitely look her up 😉

        And thanks, it’s been a long road, but things are slowly moving back to ‘normal’. I’m intrigued by this empath thing and am enjoying opening up to it and seeing where it takes me. Up to this point, I think I’ve been in receiving overload – hence the anxiety, etc… I’m hoping to balance things out a bit…or a lot.


        • Taking time is always good–you can’t progress in anything, writing, magic, driving…without giving yourself time to absorb the experiences and the practice.

          Try meditation…especially Zen meditation. It has a way of helping one find balance in ways that nothing else I tried could. I don’t go as often as I should, but when I do, it’s wonderful.


  5. I love your writer’s corner! I definitely can see you finding inspiration here 🙂 Hope you have a great writing week!


    • It’s not perfect, but it’s home, so to speak. We not only need to have a writer’s paradise, but we need to make it sometimes too. I’m sure you’ve made some great writing retreats for yourself here and there too.

      Thanks for stopping in. See you at the #row80 sprints.