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Some Words Sunday– Nothing New

(This should be a ROW80 check-in, but beyond my missing a day of writing yesterday, everything is pretty much the way it has been.  Writing, reading, editing and social media…  all about the same.)

There’s a saying along the lines of “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

For my Goodreads reading challenge, I finished reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.  I’d started it last year for a Classics reading challenge, but never got beyond the third chapter–this year I kicked myself into a higher gear and finished it this week.

What does this have to do with there being “nothing new under the sun”?

I finished a manuscript about ten years ago called Release, that I’ve tried to find a place for recently.  From day one it’s been an emotional roller-coaster for me.  When I first wrote it, I’d shown piece of it to my then boyfriend, and his told me “Wow!  You should read this comic book.  See?  What you’ve done with your character is just like this story.”

I was devastated.  Here I’d worked so very hard to create something new and special and here I find out that it had already been done–in a comic book no less.  (I actually love comic books.  My feelings came more from disappointment in myself.  Over the next few years I scoured every comic book store and mall sale I found to gather the pieces of GrimJack; I’m still short two issues.)

Come rewrites and edits, and in reading of how John Gaunt’s story veered from Kieri Vestimorn’s, I found peace.  Similarities existed, yes, but the stories were different.  I had no reason to be upset.   Should you panic if  you wrote a story about someone who worked at a fast food restaurant and then read a story about someone who had a part-time job at…  a fast food restaurant?

No?  And neither should I have.

But I just read Great Expectations and…  well, that Fickle Finger of Fate did it to me again.

Toward the end of Great Expectations Pip goes slightly mad/ill after the loss of Magwitch.  He eventually wakes to find that his dear friend and “almost father” Joe Gargery had been taking care of him and is there by his bedside.

And wouldn’t you know…  I have a scene where Kieri is taken ill by madness when his lover Pemilia kills herself, and his guardian, Chaz stays by his side trying to help him survive the loss of his LifeCalled.

There really is nothing new under the sun, or on the page…

The chapter in Great Expectations you can compare with this, the beginning of Chapter 22 of Release:

Time passed erratically between the accident and total consciousness.  A lot happened during the interim, nothing that seemed real.  The things that felt the most were things that couldn’t have been.

I eventually did come out of the sleep.  That wasn’t what I wanted or hoped.  Instead of waking from a bad dream, I found reality the nightmare.  Instead of Pem, my eyes found my room at the Port, found Andy and Chaz’s grim faces.  Instead of reassurance or comfort, I found a lecture on duty and responsibility.  And all I wanted to do was die.
    For a bit, I listened as Andy went on about how he needed me there to keep him sane, how since the nurse had left I was the only person who could help if someone got hurt–how dare I try to run out on my duty to my friends.  Chaz never said a word.  Andy ranted and raved like a spurned lover.  He was crying, his body one tense, emotional shudder.  Behind him, Chaz picked at a hangnail.
    “Andrew Lirimyr, enough.”
    Both Andy and I looked at the man in shock.  Chaz’s stern, no-nonsense tone and use of Andy’s full name surprised me more than a little.  Andy seemed shocked that our old buddy wasn’t backing him up.  My lover blinked and began to protest.
    “But nothing,” Chaz said.  “I didn’t bring you in here to castrate him for being as fallible as the rest of us.  I’d hoped you’d be able to help him through this.  Losing a Call is pain enough for anyone.”
    “Don’t tell me you believe those old wive’s tales, Chaz,” my longtime lover argued.
    Chaz gave him one quick nod. “Yes, I do.”
    “You’re crazy.”
    “Maybe…”  Our leader nodded to my bed.  “Does that look like the work of affection to you?”
    Andy’s green eyes covered me quickly.  His expression softened.  “No.  But…”
    “As I said, ‘But, nothing.’  Just be damned glad he is alive, son.”  The man brushed back his hair and sighed.  “Go ahead and tell the others that he’s woken.  But don’t let them up here.  He’s going to need some real rest now.”

After Andy left, Chaz eased my chair toward the door and sat down.  I watched, trying not to think of how it bothered me hearing them talk like that in front of me–as if I were deaf.  When Chaz settled in the chair, I looked at the ceiling, remembering times when Dar and I spent an hour or so here on our own, times when Dar’s special bedside manner made the patterns on the tiles do strange things as I lay there.  Or the one time we’d managed to pool enough resources to buy Davianis to season a cigarette.  We had sat curled together in the chair and watched the posters on the wall come to life.
    The patterns weren’t doing anything now.  The walls weren’t vibrating.  The posters were just paper, and the ceiling was nothing more than a cracked stucco.  I was alive.  Pem was dead.  We were Called–no, not anymore–Pem had died and taken my sense of wonder with her.
    “Thanks, Chaz.”
    He didn’t look at me.  I wondered if he’d heard.  I had whispered.  Then after a few moments and my clearing my throat to try again, he replied.  “For what?  Nearly letting you do yourself in?”
    Something in his voice made me turn my attention back to him.  He was staring at the wall, biting his lip–crying.
    That shook me.  Andy’s little display…now Chaz.  In answer to all my doubts of whether I meant something to my friends here–my fears had no place.  I turned back to staring at the ceiling, knowing why he’d stayed in the room now.  “I won’t try to join her.”
    “I won’t,” I said.  “I promise.”
    I sensed he was looking at me now and turned my head just enough to meet his gaze.  “I believe you–but why?”
    Something in his expression said he knew the answer and only wanted to hear me say it.  Something else said that he really was as confused as he looked.  I didn’t know what to trust and decided to answer.  “Andy’s right.  It would just be running away from my responsibilities.”
    His gaze narrowed.  “You think we can’t survive without you, kid?  We’ve made it without Tam.  He made it without Darnel, his father.”  He sat up, straightening his back so that he could lean forward to face me better.  “You aren’t a God, Kieri Vestimorn.  Acaria would see tomorrow if Alanii Vestimiir died today, Drontar can survive without her Lieutenant-Major, and you’re a Hell of a lot less–“
    “–important than they are,” I finished.  “Some comfort you are.”
    He looked at the floor.  “Sorry.  You don’t need me spewing crap at you right now.”
    I managed a small chuckle and a smile when he glanced back up.  “Actually, I do need that, Chaz.  Remember back in the Mines when I mouthed off at you about how I could teach fighting better than you?”
    He nodded.  “Yes.”
    “Well, you may not have realized it, but…”  I pursed my lips, trying to express what was on my mind and have it make as much sense in words as it did in my jumbled thoughts.  “But, well–it shook me when you said you didn’t need us.”  My mentor nodded again, obviously waiting for me to continue.  “And well, I, umm–I guess you can say I’d needed that.  I needed to be reminded that other people had feelings besides myself.”  I looked at him, hoping he understood.  “I’ve been trying to remember.”
    Something made him smile.  He stifled a weak laugh.  “Never worry about that, kiddo.  You’d have heard about your attitude from me sooner than this if I thought you were that much of a problem.”

Friday Photo: Cloudy Skies


Just the sky

Just the sky

The ick in our house continues, but looking at beauty, especially during these new come days of Spring, outside I have little trouble sharing something to enjoy.

March brings all sorts of clouds as it brings weather changes daily, skies filled with rushing colors and textures.  My love of Maxfield Parrish color-schemes will probably be apparent in most of these.  I love sunrises and sunsets, great contrasts and vivid colors.

I hope you enjoy these shots as much as I do, and I hope they get you thinking of how beautiful our world is, no matter what the season.

Next week, let’s take the time to enjoy the return of Spring with flowers and rain.


Summer skies

Summer skies

I love pastel skies

I love pastel skies


Sun rising

Before the storm

Before the storm

Clouds and Snow Devils

Clouds and Snow Devils

Clouds and shadow

Clouds and shadow

Summer Blues

Summer Blues

Morning has broken

Morning has broken


What’s With Wednesday – Spam Box Bonus

English: Casinos in Macau.

Short post today…  A lot of family issues have taken my energy for a full post.

Besides…  Who needs to write long posts when one gets treasure like this in their spam box?  Courtesy of “Blog about  Gaming” Freegames at Tumblr  (This doozy is even informative too!  I apologize for the way it ends… that’s how it arrived.) 

(If you’d like a shortcut to the ROW80 check-in…  Click here  This is LONG!)

In Australia, playing is a popular exercise, because residents drastically enjoy playing pokies, acquiring lottery tickets, wagering upon sporting activities as well as spending some time from gambling houses. Yearly, people invest immeasureable us dollars on betting. Actually, the particular Australian Bureau involving Figures learned that the normal Australian family stays on gambling as compared to gas, power bills and also net charges. Here’s a overview of Australians commit their cash in wagering every year. XXXXXThe Australasian Video gaming Council on a regular basis profits accounts upon betting shelling out in the Australia and New Zealand. These kinds of reports provide gambling sector experts and politicians a thorough examine exactly how community residents invest their funds on different playing routines. The latest statement of the variety had been performed during 2009, delivering comprehension of the actual playing investing routines of Foreign residents.In 2009, gambling shelling out around australia totalled $19 billion, with all the tastes money staying allocated to poker machines. 54% of all betting profits ended up accrued by pokies within Australian cafes, golf equipment and also motels. On line casino gambling landed 18% of all playing paying, getting $3.A few billion dollars even though wagering accounted for 15% regarding wagering paying. Australians put in $1. Nine billion dollars upon lotto items, adding 10% on the amount of cash which Aussies invested in wagering. XXXXXResidents throughout New South Wales spent as much as possible on gambling pursuits through 2009 in order to Last year, spending $7 thousand throughout the season. They expended $4 billion upon pokies, $900 trillion on betting, $750 trillion on on line casino wagering and just around $600 zillion on lottery game goods. This kind of looks like it’s the particular heading trend for gambling shelling out around every one of Australia’s territories. Citizens commit as much as possible, certainly, on holdem poker models. Gambling shelling out also comes in second even though, inside Victoria and also Queensland, gambling establishment gambling spending outperforms sportsbetting. Even though the lotto is the most well-liked wagering task around australia, citizens spend the very least amount of money in lottery game items because they are very inexpensive. XXXXXIn the past few years, we have seen an increase in the quantity of web casino and internet-based betting investing. Even free casino game titles possess generated a lot of advertising income for gambling providers. 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I don’t gamble much and rarely with money at stake.  Still, there was some cool stuff in that effusion of text.  What’s the saying?  TMI?

ROW80 Wednesday

He's smiling

He’s smiling

There’s been a lot of writing these last few days, at least until yesterday when I got news that my grandfather had gone to the hospital for a blood clot in his heart.  Not normally a problem, save that he’s had an aneurysm the size of a nickel in his aorta for about ten years now.

And because everyone is our house is fighting the ick and sick, the trip I was going to make to Syracuse to visit him is being postponed on the doctor’s advice.

So I have to stay home and hang by the phone for news from my mom and my uncles.  Needless to say, I’m distracted again.   Even more so, because a similar thing happened the week before my grandmother died, and I never got the chance to say “Good-bye.”

So other than maintaining status quo…  I can’t report much.  I’m reading some, resting more.  I have only six more chapters in Great Expectations to read then I can count that done.  Who knew I’d finally find myself cheering Pip on?

Instead of a lot of social media today, I’ll be spending most of the time reviewing my stories and getting some editing done.  CampNaNoWriMo is coming up, and I want to have my project ready for it.  Not to mention, I’d like to mellow out some…

On that note, let me close this post by directing you to a page someone sent me about a “Creationist textbook“.  Having not read the book myself, I can’t say if the writer of the webpage cherry-picked the samples to make it look worse than it is, but…

Well, what do YOU think about it?

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