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Some Words Sunday from Beaver Lake Sue

For those of you who’ve never heard of Beaver Lake Sue, it’s my mother.  How she got that nickname is a story for another day.

For this post I wish to share one of her “Mommisms”, as the nascent “Mark of a Man” blogfest got me thinking about her advice to me when my son was born.

“Decide what you are willing to put up with and never compromise once you know your limits.”

It certainly CAN be

It certainly CAN be

As Mom-advice goes, I think it’s pretty much universally applicable .  It even applies to the ROW80 and the check-in I’ll be including at the bottom of this post.

Where I see it applies to the Mark of a Man comes from Julie Glover’s wonderful post, Stepping Up and Stepping Out that she did for the fest.  It comes from “guys”.

Guys are well…  guys.  Even the word sounds like a toss off.  Guh…eyezzz…

Sounds like something that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe and doesn’t want to come off.   It doesn’t even have the faint ferocity of  girls with its token growl.  It’s a meh word about a meh attitude some meh people carry inside them about themselves and others.

Then there is the word man or men.  “Man” is decisive and firm.  There is quickness to acknowledge itself as being worthy of a title.  The plural softens just slightly, perhaps in admission to the magnification of its power.


You WILL be a man

Yes, power.  A man is powerful.  I’m not talking about muscles, though on average men do tend to build muscle better than women.   I’m talking about that sense that a real man has of being good enough for whatever task he takes on and not needing to prove his prowess to the world.

I’m not talking about Players or Casanovas or … guys.

A man isn’t perfect (no more than any woman is).  A man can’t do it all.  Point is–he knows it.  He accepts it, and he does what he can do to the best of his ability.  If he can’t commit to a woman when he’s interested, he tells her up front.   If he doesn’t know if he can, he says that too.  Honesty and sharing his feelings costs him nothing, because his personal value isn’t tied up in image.  It’s tied up in the very core of his being.

And what does all this have to do with my mom’s advice?  Just this:  I see a lot of people out there who are unhappy because they got into a relationship with someone thinking “I love so much about him/her, and I’m sure that s/he can change” (unfortunately the thing they’re hoping will change usually involves physical or emotional abuse).

Stop right there!

Go back to the beginning of the post and re-read what Mom said.   Now think about this: You cannot make a person change who they are.  You can change; they can choose to change of the own accord, but you cannot make it happen.

So decide what you’re willing to put up with, what you’ll allow to happen, and don’t compromise.  Better to say “no” to yourself now than risk hurting both of you and possibly others in the future…

Caveat emptor:  You can be surprised–we’re always growing and changing as human beings, and all may work out just fine.

This week in the ROW80

Since I didn’t have much to say on Wednesday I probably should make a more detailed report for this week’s check-in.  However, since we’re all dodging high fevers here and have been  since last Sunday there’s not much more to report.

I have managed to increase my daily average word count from 800 words to 950.  It’s not a big increase, but it is an increase.

Thursday's Child Went Far

Thursday’s Child Went Far

I’ve found, courtesy of EM Castellan, another delightful blogging/Twitter group, Thursday’s Children, that shares posts on inspiration and writing.  Despite being a “Thursday’s Child” since I was born, I’m not quite ready to join the fray (I’m learning what I am willing to deal with–I said Mom’s advice applied here too) if they’d have me.  But reading the member posts was great fun and definitely inspiring.  Well worth a visit.

The trade-off in my responsive blogging and the house sick has been that I’m still not meeting my editing goals.  I have done about three pages all week. 😦

My social media and my reading goals are in track.  My Goodreads Challenge page says otherwise, but if I keep on at this pace I will be able to add another four books in a week to my tally.  And I suspect I’ll be electing a few less page-heavy classics from the pile next.

My ROW80 fitness goals have fallen by the wayside this week.  Ick does that…  I didn’t get to the YMCA at all.  I did manage some aerobics in the house between tasks, and there has been a LOT of running up and down the stairs to deal with sick family members.

I did say when we bought our house I wanted stairs to help encourage me to be active…..

Anyway, that’s about it.  Have a great week and if you feel inclined, here is the linky for the ROW80.  How about visiting a few more of our awesome crew?

Some last notes:

  • Beaver Lake is not the commonly known one in Pennsylvania, but rather a small lake in Onondaga Cty, NY.
  • The photo of Rudyard Kipling’s “If” is credit Wikimedia Commons
  • There is a cool story behind the poem, and an article to it here

Friday Photo: Moons

Various moons in lore

Various moons in lore

Last night a Facebook page I followed posted this chart about the moons in various lore.  Right now we’re in what many call a  New Moon, and there isn’t much of a sliver visible in the night sky here even if I could see it through the clouds.

I’ve always loved the moon.   Childhood on the farm gave me mornings were I could look out one window of my bedroom at the setting moon and our the doorway into the hall at the colorful rising sun.   In the field for early vegetable picking, there might be a pearl-white  new moon high above me in the cerulean sky.

The world always seems so much more alive when the moon is visible.  Perhaps it is the tidal energy… though I don’t live near enough to an ocean, imho.

Given this love of her, it’s no wonder that I would try taking photos of the moon.

It’s a lot harder than it looks.  A lot of the majestic images of the night sky we see with our eyes are illusionary, effects created by atmospheric distortion.  Not to mention that cameras “see” more than we do.

Still, I’ve taken a few shots of the moon I’m happy with.  Here are some of my favorites.   I hope you like them as much as I do:

New Moon taken January 2012

New Moon taken January 2012

Not quite a Moon Dog

Not quite a Moon Dog

Fast moving clouds

Fast moving clouds

Harvest Moon?

Harvest Moon? Not really–this was taken in January

Moon dog -1/30/2010

Moon dog -1/30/2010

Checking-in with the Powers

It’s a Wednesday ROW80 check-in day.  Feels awkward to post yet another “Same Old, Same Old–some progress here and there, but not as much as I would like”, even if that basically sums up things; so let me give you a small visual of my world instead of dwelling on writing minutiae.

picture of my office

In All its Chaotic Glory

This is my office as of 1pm this afternoon.   It’s hard to see details here, but perhaps you can imagine the sheer number of rocks and crystals on my desk, a copy of The Book of Thoth sitting near my computer, a monitor at the moment highlighting Facebook in the main browser tab–but there are also tabs for Eliphas Levi, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, Xerxes the I of Persia, Black Stone, and a number of religious, metaphysical and mystical elements open behind it.

I’m preparing for a psychic fair in April where I will be volunteering my services as a tarot reader and crystal worker, things I once practiced daily but allowed myself to drift from when I married my then very Christian boyfriend.

The reading won’t help me as much as re-immersion and practice, but it’s very centering.  So many things in my daily affairs seem out of sorts lately that there is comfort in the rhythm of the words.  And as with any rereading there are new things to be found, things that were misread, ignored or even willfully denied due to my personal maturity at the time.

I work mostly with a small card version of the Thoth deck designed by Crowley and Lady Harris; though I do have two other decks: a Cagliostro and a Hello Tarot (a handmade deck based on Hello Kitty–mine is about 17 years old now).

Tree of stones

Just a little tree of stones

My tarot decks have all been gifts.  There is something about metaphysical/magical work I’ve found true for me–it all must be a gift.  If I buy something…  it’s with the understanding that someday it’ll be given away.  I have the right to use it until that day, but it isn’t mine.

The corollary of that is that if I see something I want or see something that calls to me–I cannot buy it for myself.  I have tried the “giving myself a gift”  thing, but in this sense, it is a trick only.  Within days I’d lose the item, or I would find its proper owner.

The trick was on me.

Does anyone else here enjoy these “so-called” magical activities?  What experiences have you had with your practices?

As always, feel free to share links and stories in the comments.  I love to hear from you.