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Apologies for Missing Yesterday

Welcome Spring... Boodle-style

Welcome Spring… Boodle-style

I was out and about with the Boodle yesterday, and my writing time came in chaotic intervals where I couldn’t get my head together well.  Of the several ideas I had for my What’s With Wednesday post, all of them seemed disjointed after I looked them over last night (at 3am) because I’d fallen asleep in the chair after waiting for my laptop to boot.

It’s an older laptop, but it’s not that old.  I was that tired.

It’s that same cold (or flu) bug I’ve fought for weeks on end of late.  I’m better.  I can get out and about and do things….  but not as much as I thought I could.  I wear out too fast.

Much to fast for anything like this:

Who am I kidding?   I was never up for this type of thing…  I just watched with extra envy today, because I agree in spirit.  I don’t normally like “vacations” either.  At least not the lay back and relax kind.  If I travel, I want to see and do things.  Sitting still or relaxing be a pool seems like a waste of the trip…

A friend from college days used to say a similar thing about getting drunk:  “If you’re not out having fun when you’re buzzed, you’re wasting it.”

I guess it depends on a person’s idea of waste.  Having spent enough time enjoying the fantasies and daydreams that come from downtime, I know that nothing is really wasted.  At least as long as one allows him-/herself the chance to discover the gift of the moment.

Not all gifts are obvious.

Wednesday was ROW80 check-in day

I have been writing.  Not as much as I need to catch up after my last Sunday post where I’d taken a break…  I’m still behind on my CampNaNo project, but I’m not too worried.  It’ll get there, or it won’t.  What matters is that I’m writing; I’m editing, and I’m getting out and about with my family despite fighting the sick and ick.

In that, I think I’m doing just great… great and sleepy.

This doesn’t mean I’ve been at the top of any game, but I’m running and hitting all the check points (I even managed to visit two extra ROWer blogs  this week for sponsor-like posts).  I’m participating in some of the Twitter sprints, except when I’m falling asleep during them (my bad).

Oh, and editing and reading are both going better than I’d planned.  Mostly because they feel like something I can do when I feel too tired to sit at my desk and type and think.

Lastly..  please note:

In Solidarity

In Solidarity

I normally do not post links of this type (though I do forward them regularly in my other social media networks), but since most of us are bloggers ourselves, I’d like to draw your attention (if you don’t already know) to some recent events in Bangladesh.   Blogging is real writing–it is saying things that could help, inspire or even offend others.  And…  in some countries, it’s dangerous.

These bloggers are writers–like us–trying to share their thoughts and feelings.  They’re trying to speak to the world, just as we are.  Their views are secular, but that’s not why this matters to me.  It matters because people should always be allowed to speak and write.  And they should be allowed to disagree with someone without fear of being imprisoned for doing so.

Of course, it’s not just in Bangladesh.  This happens everywhere.

I’m offended at all these people being offended.

(As a more fun, but equally thoughtful, closing link, let me pass along this piece on writing good social media comments by The Art of Manliness.  Enjoy!)