Friday Photo — at the Right Moment



Lots of photography websites discuss the elements of a good photograph.  Many kindly offer free tutorials of which I have made some use (though I could do better there, certainly).

These elements aren’t hard and fast rules, and many photography enthusiasts take extra pains to remind beginners of this fact.  Writing and photography have more similarities than this, of course, but it’s not bad for this amateur to remind herself that words like composition, form, balance, structure, etc. all have two levels of meaning.  There is the technical definition, and then there is the artistic definition.

Just as you cannot say that one best to use 1st or 3rd (or even 2nd) person POV save in the context of the story being written, you cannot say “Avoid long exposures–you don’t want blurring action in your photos“.  Well, you don’t…  until you do.

So today I’d like to share some shots I took this year…some at the “right moment”, some not.  In each one I tried to follow some rule as I was learning how to use my camera to its fullest.

I wasn’t always successful, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the results.

(If you’d like to see other photos in these sets, check out my Flickr feed.)


Lines and Shadows

Flight 1

Caught in the act

Skies on Fire

Fiery Skies

Flying High

Flying High


Windows of history

Morning Fog

Morning Fog

Pass through...

Water and Reflection


Ice Upstream 

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