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Some Words Sunday–Technical Difficulties

This is Happy Land

Welcome to Happy Land


It started with a memory leak in the Java program.  Not a big issue as I really don’t need to play Minecraft; I just like to play Minecraft.


However, today has been (and continues to be) more exciting than I would like.  I am having issues with my Minecraft, with my UPS (it has decided to blare at me twice today from a power issue) and my browser.


I’m actually just signing in quick to make my ROW80 update and then sign off for a scan of the computer.  And a memory scan too…  I’ve had weird glitches and crashes on this PC for years and have tolerated them (sort of…  I did try upgrading my operating system and running various tests/scans).


No more.   Though it is slower and has less space for storing my pictures and files, my laptop has run for as long without any crashes.  (I love Toshiba laptops; my Satellite L25 is my third one so far–the first was a nearly broken hand-me-down that I used until someone handed me a slightly newer 486 one…. That would have lasted longer except my cat dragged it off the table by its cord.)




I’m a bit scatter-brained today, as you can see.  Too many things going on and nothing really working quite the way it should.  I just wanted to let you all know that I am here and still writing (and picture-taking and game-playing) and even still posting.


Handwriting Sample

Handwriting Sample (Photo credit: Terry Bain)


And I really hope that I’ll be able to check back in on Wednesday with good news about my computer.   For now, I’ll leave you with good news about my stories…  15 pages hand written and 4 pages of notes!  Woot!


I’m really finding that handwriting is helping me get past my mental blocks lately.  It helps that with pen and paper, I’m not able to switch screens to the next coolest thing, but there is also something rather contemplative about the motion of one’s hand when writing versus typing.


So, I’m off now to enjoy the pleasures of computer scans and maybe even ordering new hardware.  Oh, and grabbing up a pen and paper…  because I can almost always find a way to write when I have those nearby.


Let me leave you with the April Fool’s joke that Minecraft people made.  Sad in a way–I wish some of these features were real.