Some Words Sunday — Joy

Three Sisters

I’m late posting today, but it’s been one amazing day.  Long too…

Today got spent on joy.  Perhaps not so much my joy, but I certainly got plenty too.  Today was volunteer clean-up day at Vale Park Cemetery in Schenectady.   It was also my son’s other Asperger’s Group meeting.

And coincidentally, it was also the day I took some amazing photos of tree flowers and the Nott Memorial at Union College.  The Wikimedia image is pretty awesome for that, but I think mine is pretty cool too.

The volunteer time was work, but the improvement of the grounds where we worked was easy to see.  (It’s almost sad to say how easy it is to tell where we did the clean up.)  I’ve done Highway Clean-ups with our local atheist group, this project was part of the Capital Region Pagan Alliance, and the point isn’t the group–it’s the gift of one’s self to something or someone else.

Whenever I am feeling stressed out because of all the things I have to do, I need a day like this.  As much as I find my days home alone getting stuff done, I find myself replenished far more by the gift of myself.

In this, there is joy.

ROW80 Check-In

It’s that time of the week.  I didn’t do as much writing as I’d have liked.  Actually I spent far too much of the week editing photos.

I’m still editing photos.  As much joy as I find in creating art with my camera, I’m finding that the learning curve is pretty steep.  I never took photography in school, and when my dad was inspired to teach me, I rebelled against anything that might involve him “lecturing at me”.  So I’m learning…. slowly and often painfully.

My ROW80 sponsor duties are doing well.  And I did manage some #teamsprinty time (again, mostly editing photos, but also some writing).  It was mostly on blog-stuff.  I need to remember August McLaughlin’s Blogging Commandments.  The story(/stories) should be taking precedence.

I did make it to a StoryDam chat this Thursday (yay!), and that was a hoot as usual.  I enjoy chats with other writers; I enjoy chats with most any creative person.  Except maybe cooks…  Cooks intimidate me.  I mean, I like cooks all well and fine, but cooks generally scare the heck out of me.  Always have…  I turn into a babbling idiot and want to run out the door in tears when I have to talk to a cook.

Instead of mourning the fact I didn’t get much writing done (I did finish two books on my To Be Read pile out of need to escape my computer), I have today’s joy to savor and the knowledge that it’s all growth.  I’ve learned a lot this past week.   I had a lot of fun.

And I took a lot of great pictures.

A bunch of awesome people, and me too.  ;-)

A bunch of awesome people, and me too. 😉

This isn’t one of them, but then I was across the road holding the remote in my hand as my camera sat in the gravel.  The impressive part is the amount of garbage we collected in three hours…

It’s the start of a new week and new ROW80 linky.  Here it is.  Why not go visit some of the other awesome people on it?




12 responses to “Some Words Sunday — Joy

  1. What a wonderful Sunday, Eden! I have been felled by some yucky cold that turned into well, some unknown further yuck, so I am immeasurably cheered by your sunny pictures and joy,

    As for ROW80, remember the half-full, not the half-empty glass. Your time learning how to edit will be repaid by your ability to do so easily in the future. Have a great week; once I’m not as contagious, we should definitely get together!


    • I was wondering how you were doing. After I sent you that note about getting together for your birthday, it seemed you’ve been very silent. Ack! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. That thing has been going around lately. Rest up–it does go away….eventually.

      And thanks for the reminder. I know things will settle and that all of this experience I’m gaining now will help out in the long run. It still gets challenging at times to go easy on myself. So many things to do and try; wish I could live forever sometimes. 😀


  2. So glad you had a great experience volunteering, and that you found my post helpful. Thanks for the shout out. Best wishes!


    • I love volunteering, August. This type of volunteer work is “newer” than the work I’ve done with food pantries and children’s groups, but I love volunteering on so many levels. It gives back as much as (and often more than) it takes from one.

      You’re certainly welcome for the shout out.


  3. I love cooking- I am a cook – you don’t surely run away – I don’t turn you into a babbling wreck please say I don’t:( sounds like a good week to me living is important to all especially to writers – all the best:)


    • LOL! It’s a matter of what becomes the topic of discussion. And professional as opposed to being someone who just loves cooking… Once you get that title “Cook” or “Chef” (even worse), somehow there is a right and wrong way to do things, and suddenly it seems to me that personally taste and preference must be subdued for the right way. And I’m quite aware that I don’t know that right way, so I become a babbling idiot, terrified I’m going to say something that offends because of my unsophisticated bourgeois preferences.

      And perhaps I don’t run… but I do tend to avoid and not say much. We’d have to write about writing, gardening and history, Alberta. Horrors… 😉


      • well have to confess to disliking the ‘right/wrong’ way of cooking (well most things really:) my dishes are never the same twice over – a little bit of this -lets try a bit more of that and oh just put it all in – is kind of the way I cook – I am safe to chat too:)


        • You sound exactly like me when I cook, Alberta. I think we may have a lot of cooking to talk about too. BTW, I saw your FB post of your hair…. I ♥ it! I’m actually waiting eagerly for my hair to gray some more so I can color it with pinks and teals. At the moment, it’s more hassle trying to get dye to stick with this brown mop than it’s worth.


          You inspire me so many ways, Alberta. Thank you. ♥


  4. Chatting with other writers is great and always inspiring so I’m glad you were able to do that last week. A great day spent volunteering too by the looks of it and a beautiful photo of the flowers at the top of the post. Happy writing. 🙂


    • It’s not just other writers, Kate. I think that all people have creative gifts to share with each other. But as you say, chatting with others is great and (almost) always inspiring. It’s how we discover each other…and ourselves.

      Have an equally wonderful week.


  5. Eden,

    It tickles me that I liked this and a picture you took popped up. =)

    And you know how I love those blue flowers….

    Cleaning up a cemetery sounds perfect for you. And I got some NICE pictures at Hands On Japan, so you maybe didn’t miss it, miss it…

    It seems like you did just what you needed to. With joy.

    That’s a win!


    • I thought of you a lot while photographing those blue flowers, Shan. I have a bunch more images in my Flickr feed, and every one I took made me smile. They’re my favorite part of early Spring here as our lawn is covered with them. I’m glad you enjoyed “sharing them” with me.