What’s With… #WIPpet Wednesday

It’s rough when things are in transition.  I knew when I started this schedule thing here.  This was always intended to be a temporary arrangement.

Today is the last day of my What’s With Wednesday posts.  Two reasons for the change:

  1. I need to concentrate on my WIPs more
  2. They felt too similar to the Some Words Sunday posts in theme and style

Last week doing my ROW80 check-in visits, I finally got brave enough to ask about this hashtag  floating around — #WIPpet.  Some of it made sense–it was a way for people to share something about their pet project du jour.  I just didn’t know the specifics.

Now I do.

Since today is the first of the month, I have to share something that involves today’s date.

As my first WIPpet post, I’m going to share the first scene of a fanfic I’m writing.  (No moaning about how fanfiction isn’t real writing or a real WIP.  This story has been a sand box for some time, allowing me to explore my characters in absurd situations.  You can learn a lot about your stories when you play with them and allow yourself to just go wild for a moment or two.  As fanfics go, I write multiverse stories; this piece has elements of Doctor Who, Star Trek TOS, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Babylon 5 and other sci fi shows.)


Sparks, flashes–closing his eyes did no good. His optic nerves seemed to broil in his skull.

The fire….

He scrambled trying to gain his footing, reaching for the alarm. His passengers needed to be warned, before they couldn’t get to the escape pod. Wait! he’d forgotten to show it to the pair upon their initial ship tour. He slipped on something wet–the foam extinguishers had been used already? Why couldn’t he remember? What was this pulpy lump he’d collapsed against?

“Shh, Herc. Please, don’t move.”

Gillian? He opened his mouth to warn the man. Something ground at the back of his neck. He wrenched away, and a dying ember exploded into an inferno. He gasped, his breath torn from his lungs.

Pressure. From the circling emptiness, he felt fingers, then palms, the arch of each joint and the firm press of the tips against his breastbone, forcing him back and down. Falling backward, flailing in terror. All around him the conflagration burned, blinding ash. How could everything be so bright yet he see nothing?

“Gillian? Jayce?” he croaked.


No one answered.

That’s it where it all starts.  Like other fanfiction stories, I am developing a fuller world for a secondary character.  In this case, it is Herc Stormsailor.  Though I certainly am giving Jayce his fair due….Oon not so much (can’t stand whiny robot-like characters, even as comic relief).

I’m SO proud of myself…. :-/

The laugh is…  I can barely watch the cartoon that inspired all of this stuff.  I certainly don’t see any of my characters as they are in the show.  But I still write this stuff…  Kieri Vestimorn of my (only finished) manuscript, Release, was totally inspired by my playing with Herc Stormsailor’s character and making him into something beyond what the series cast him as.

So, now that you’ve had a laugh, let me tell you about my ROW80 update.

ROW80 Check-in

Things haven’t been as inspired as I’d like them to be.  My husband is at a funeral now for his uncle.  We’re staying home because the Boodle is in a wired, tense, performance mode,  and he would be the only child there under age 18.

Even when one doesn’t go to a family event like this, it weighs on the mind….  There was a lot of back and forth about what would help the most, what sort of things would make his aunt feel best.  I wrote about a page for Swan Song, futzed around the house and did my sponsor duties but not much more.

My heart was not in it… nor was my head (as I was fighting one of my multi-day migraines until yesterday afternoon).  Now the Boodle and I are off for a picnic with his homeschooling group…  I’m not really interested in that, but we’d committed to it weeks ago.

Not the most upbeat post, but honest…  and there is a bright light on the horizon.  I had some fun with this post!  🙂



21 responses to “What’s With… #WIPpet Wednesday

  1. That’s a fun little snippet. Sounds like your characters are in a heap of trouble. 🙂 I have a few friends who write fan fiction. I never really got into it myself, although I suppose some of my roleplaying character backgrounds are similar – especially for things like Star Wars games. It’s fun to play in other people’s worlds sometimes.

    I’m sorry for your family’s loss. Those things really do make it hard to be inspired and motivated. I’m glad there’s light at the end of the tunnel though. Take care!


    • Oh, those guys are always in trouble…. 😀

      You’re right about the similarity of role-playing to fan fiction, I think. There certainly is cross-over.

      Thank you, both for you thoughtful words and your visit. Have a great weekend, Leslie.


  2. This is great, Eden! We really need some sci-fi WIPpet writers!! I hope you link up at myrandommuse.wordpress.com so we can keep up with each other’s work!


    • Thanks! *blushes

      Call me a bit blind here, I didn’t even know there was a linky for the WIPpeters. I was just following person to person on the posts, trying to visit that way. I found your post through Kathi’s page (‘m having a lot of fun reading about Quinn and Ballis), but I never noticed her link in the top corner.

      Off to fix that now. Thank you again for visiting and for your kind remarks.


  3. Welcome to the WIPpeteers!


  4. Yay! A new WIPpeteer! I love Sci fi and I’m all for seeing where fan fiction takes you – even if it is into a new creation. Your WIPpet was great too. Lots of action and as a reader made me want more!


    • Thanks, Raewyn. Glad to know there are other fans of fanfic out here. I really shouldn’t climb on a soapbox, but… well, I think people who rally against fanfiction are being dishonest with themselves. We’re all inspired by other people’s creations, and I suspect we all have our moments of fantasy about them… Putting them into a more permanent form, well… I save my son’s refrigerator art too.


  5. Hurray! Hey, fanfic is writing, don’t let anyone tell you any different. It’s exercise for the imagination, the word-crafting, the brain. Never apologize for working out. 😉

    Very intense WIPpet. Sets a dramatic stage and begs to be expanded to find out more. And thanks for the kind words about Quinn and Ballis. Though Grady’s going to be a bit ticked to be left out and, truly, you don’t want to see him in a mood. Then again, we haven’t seen too much of him yet . . . maybe next week.


    • Exercise is good for the soul! 😀

      Thanks! I like to play out of the frying pan into the coals with my characters. Sometimes it’s good for them to get pushed a bit–shows them to their best.

      I was wondering when you were going to bring Brady back in. (Actually, I thought he was standing just outside the tent flap, listening in, so Quinn could play “good cop” to his “bad cop”. 😉 )


  6. I’m so excited you decided to join us! 😀 And also that you write fanfic, I thought I was the only one in ROW80 circles!

    A WIP that I’m planning on returning to after abandoning it for about a year was initially inspired by a Beauty and the Beast fic I wrote, of all things. Though it has become pretty removed from that, and the characters are now more like other characters that I enjoy.

    I love this excerpt, the pace is really fast and it’s already exciting!


    • A Beauty and the Beast fanfic? Ooh… that could be a lot of fun. I always wondered how the townsfolk put up with Gaston. Granted, he was meant to be over the top, but still…. (and would you call me strange if I really wished they’d left the castle in it’s “creepy cursed” design? I mean, yeah, turn the people back, but not the building….)

      There are a few other ROW80 fanfic peeps out there. Shan Jeniah’s work is mostly inspired by Star Trek (we used to trade/write slash/fanfic in high school). And I know there are a few others but my head isn’t working well tonight.

      But yes… I think fanfic is just part of a process, much the way some people use a photograph to inspire a story. It doesn’t mean we have to dwell in that pre-made world or with those characters, but it’s a great way to explore ideas and grow. And sometimes the restrictions of writing in someone else’s story make it even more challenging than creating everything by scratch.

      Glad you like the sample, Emily. Thank you.


  7. liked the burning hell – haven’t a clue the inspiration behind it – as i don’t think I have read/see/played any of above mentioned but the inferno was fun – what on earth is WIPpet? I haven’t heard of it before – old lady wished to understand:)

    Life stops inspiration for a moment, and that is right, so sorry for the loss


    • Hi, Alberta.

      Hmm, I’ll start with the easiest first….

      #WIPpet is a weekly (sort of–weekly participation isn’t mandatory after all) writing group thingie where people can post a sample of a work in progress for some feedback, to display writing style, etc. The only real “rule” is that the sample need to relate (loosely) to the date it’s posted somehow. So a post on the 1st of a month could be either one line, one paragraph, one page. A post on the 6th of June might be six lines from the sixth page, and so on, so on… The WIPpeters use a linky system similar to the ROW80 one; I didn’t in this post because I learned about that after I’d made the post. From now on, if you want to follow the group (there are some wonderful pieces posted in the group and a lot of fun), there is another ROWer, Emily Witt, who is involved for a start.

      The inferno… Well, actually I don’t recall there being much of anything involving fires in the original cartoon. But I figured if their ship was damaged enough in a battle, there would be fires, especially near any oxygen recycling plants (it being a spaceship they’d have to find a way to recirculate the oxygen somehow). The fire itself is actually in the past, most of the fire Herc is feeling really is in his head. A bit of foreshadowing there….

      Thank you for your kind words. Losing Uncle Dick was harder than I thought it would be, and he was my husband’ uncle not mine. But he was a fun, interesting and creative man (a writer too). The good news I got to talk to my grandfather on the phone today. He was Grandpa…telling me he didn’t want to hold me up and such, but….

      Life matters. That’s why we write, or at least why I do, and I think why you do.


  8. Cheers Eden – WIPpeteers sounds interesting, as does your fan-fic. Writing is writing, simple as that. I enjoyed your snippet. Take care and keep writing. X


    • Thanks, Shah. I agree with you, but as you’ve probably heard from other (mostly professional publication houses), there are those who do not. But if you saw Morgan Dragonwillow‘s recent Facebook post of a picture and “What do you see?”, we all bring something knew to the table, even whether it’s one prepared by a 5-star chef or take out McDonald’s (I don’t know why, but my head kept wanting to type Witherspoon’s… and they aren’t take out).

      I’m glad you enjoyed the snippet, Shah. I will. You take care and keep writing too. You have another book to get out there after all.


  9. A belated welcome to the WIPpeteers from me! 🙂

    This was a really tense opening, full of action and drama, which was great. I love the fact through WIPpet Wednesday I get to read a whole range of style and genres of writing – that’s what’s so good about it. I look forward to the next one!


    • I’m seeing that about the many different styles of writing in the WIPpet Wednesday posts. It’s nice to see some process too, at least beyond my own. They are inspiring that way.

      Thanks for the welcome in!


  10. ELIZABETH SEARLE: Ambition and women is something I had not written about in any realistic, sympathetic, in-depth way before, and it’s easy to satirize. One reason for the theme of Celebrities in Disgrace is what I have observed to be the obsessive need for attention. I taught special education for a while and noticed that this is the common denominator of all people. The phrase is used, “they’re trying to get attention,” and it seems that so often the motives of people center on the need for attention. I’m writing a novel now, in which the siblings struggle for notice. I think the challenges are that it is one of those things that people don’t want to talk about, and also portraying the characters so they are somewhat sympathetic.


    • Portraying characters we don’t like or agree with in a sympathetic light is always a challenge. Though I believe that ambition and women is only easy to satirize because we’d been culturally trained to believe that it is somehow wrong for a woman to want for herself.

      That’s foolish. We’re human beings. We all have wants, desires and needs. And we also all want/need attention and validation for our efforts. It’s how we learn as children, it’s how we school, do business, etc.. Men want attention as much as women. In most species, the male is the one who needs to preen and show himself off to garner female attention.

      Maybe humans really are different than most animals. Our females feel obliged to attract males where it is the opposite with most other species.

      Thanks for a thought provoking comment, even if it did come through my spam folder.


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