What? Another #ROW80 – #WIPpet Wednesday?

Cafe Office

Cafe Office

Wednesday, Wednesday….  It seems to come around every week at this same exact time…

Oh, yeah, it’s supposed to do that.   <:-|

#WIPpet Wednesday number two here, and close on its heels is another ROW80 check-in.

Chapters? We don’t need no Stinking Chapters

A strange thing happened when I started looking over my WIPs for this weeks WIPpet–I realized I haven’t written much of anything resembling a chapter in…  Well, almost 20 years.  When I write, I just….write (and then I type it in later).

Even with Release (my sole nod toward chapter breaks over scene breaks), I didn’t start writing chapters.  Those divisions came later… in the fourth or fifth draft.

So I felt a little off trying to find something for today.  I mean, last week’s post was easy; every book has a beginning.  But what do you do when you don’t break up your story into definable parts?

I don’t know what you do (tell me in the comments?), but I fudged it.  Since today’s date is May 8, 2013, I went into my present WIP Swan Song (yes, I know, that fanfic last week was fun, but it’s just the sandbox for Release and Swan Song) and picked out eight paragraphs from the fifth section from my Scrivener project for the beast.

“Are you telling me that you…” The Guard commander paused yet again, his expression completely bereft of the calm that Alanii had begun to associate with the man. After one more broken attempt to speak, the man let out a bark of laughter that caused the whole of the Spotted Hawk’s common room spin to see what had inspired such an outburst.

More than a bit nonplussed Alanii looked at the sea of curious faces, the mass of curiosity surrounding them an assault on his mind. He swallowed and then once more, as his mouth felt suddenly dry. Surely, he thought, nothing he’d done or said should have garnered this sort of reaction.

“Sir?” Alanii asked. His voice cracked, producing barely a whisper despite his attempt to show some strength of will and authority in the face of the guardsman’s mirth. He tried again.  Then when that “sir” had come out as a bare whisper, he picked up the ale the innkeeper had set before him—according to Val, he’d be wise to start drinking the common beverage in case he did end up getting his father’s approval for military training…supposedly wine didn’t travel quite as well as a good keg (although he doubted that). Then, as he tasted the thick, sweet, grainy drink his friend preferred, he understood what Val really had meant.

No wonder the man could go most of a day just on his drinks. Val, and most of the other guards, Alanii realized, drank their dinners. Either that, or someone had poured some very weak porridge into his mug.

The pause he took to run a cautious tongue along his teeth and remove anything that might have settled there had been enough for Lanilis Kailiis to regain his stoicism. The man gave a small shake of his head and then nodded to the glass Alanii had just put down. “What do you think the soldier’s bread?”

The man seemed more than content to simply ignore the fact that he’d drawn so much attention to himself only moments before.

Alanii didn’t know what he should say. The drink wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t something he’d have chosen. Had he tried it a bit younger, he might have acquired a fondness for it close to that of his best friend was. It certainly seemed fortifying enough. “I can stand it,” he said trying to keep his tone neutral. The simple fact that Lanilis Kailiis had called it “soldier’s bread” meant the man had drunk more than his fair share of similar brews during his lifetime. It also implied that the man would likely insist he do the same.

Why did Val always have to be right? Alanii wondered.

There you go…a bit tamer than last week’s piece.  I’d considered posting a bit of Release‘s Chapter 5, but I didn’t want you think that everything I wrote was all death and dismemberment.  Maybe next week….  😉

ROW80 Check-in

YAY!  Writing, writing, and even more writing!

P writing blue

P writing blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is that a good enough update?  I mean, it about covers it.  I’ve spent hours of writing, editing, and contemplating my WIPs since Sunday.  In Swan Song, ‘Listii and his sister are checking both sides of the road for signs of an ambush as they try to easy their way through some wild country, tired and wishing they could stop and rest, but not daring to.  In another unnamed story (the one I was posting last year for my Tuesday Snippets), I have Alanii and Valmara trapped in a trysting cave as a tsunami tears through the region, and the millennium of feuding between them and their families may prove more dangerous than the storm.

I’ve edited too.  It’s amazing what one notices after some time away from one’s writing–especially NaNoWriMo produced stories such as the piece I posted for today’s WIPpet!  Yes, I nibbled down the over-writing a touch here.  It’s still needs work, but I figured it was better to post this and write more.  It’s supposed to be a Work In Progress after all!

It’s not all roses this week so far.  I had to call the dentist about another inflamed tooth, and Monday morning I woke up unable to walk on my right foot.  Has anyone else has this happen to them?  It’s like I twisted it in my sleep.  But the afternoon my arch and toes were swollen to about twice their normal size.  Some ibuprofen and all…  it’s better today, but it was weird.

It didn’t keep me from getting some exercise in.  So in all, a pretty good start to the week.  And I missed (and will miss) most of my sprints on Twitter this week.  There are a lot of things to get done and most of them don’t involve me sitting at my computer.

Come and join in our fun bloghops!

wippetwednesday_zps53e803c0For #WIPPet Wednesday, post a bit of your Work In Progress (hopefully a current one so we can encourage its eventual publication).  Make sure the sample you post somehow correlates to the day’s date (perhaps a paragraph on the first, or paragraphs, or lines, or sentences or …  well, something loosely related to the date). Then use this inlinkz linky (complete with blue froggie) to add your post to the collection!

A huge thank you to K. L. Schwengel at My Random Muse for hosting this group.

ROW80LogocopyBrainchild of the talented Kait Nolan, the Round of Words in 80 Days truly is the “Writing challenge that know You have a Life” (and that is Life with a capital L).  The ROW80, as you’ve probably guessed by the multitude of posts I’ve made for it, has become my online home (Thanks, Kait!).  Even more than Facebook…  (definitely more than Facebook!)  Check out the blog, set yourself some goals, read the FAQ and then add your post to the linky and visit some.

Most of all, have some fun and meet some other really wonderful bloggers!

27 responses to “What? Another #ROW80 – #WIPpet Wednesday?

  1. Ah, a wine drinker’s introduction to ale. 🙂 I can well imagine. I love the descriptions.


    • Yeah… it’s that too. Alanii is being a pretty good sport here, but it’s because he knows he’s about to get trounced by his best friend for something he did…to the man’s sister.

      Thanks, Kathi, for stopping in.


      • Then if I were him, I’d drink a lot more!! 😉


        • Or he should buy a few drinks for Val…

          But no, Alanii wouldn’t do that. He wants to make things right–just sometimes no matter how much we want to do the right thing, we can’t.

          Thanks again, Kathi. Just saw you linked in for the WIPpet… off to check now!


  2. I don’t think I could drink that! I’m not a wine drinker, either, but I’d take it over something that gets stuck in your teeth… yech!

    And your choice for the date is just fine. Eight words, eight sentences, eight paragraphs, thirteen lines (8/5 = 8+5)… no nee for chapter divisions. I can’t use page divisions because I write in Scrivener, but there are lots of other options. 🙂

    Can you join ROW80 any time, or just at the beginning of a session? I looked at the site and thought about joining (even if she does seem a bit hard on NaNoWriMo at times…).


    • Oh, feel free to jump into the ROW80 at anytime. Yes, Kait’s not a huge NaNoWriMo fan (especially in her earlier posts), but it was more because she felt it didn’t work for a lot of people to get them into the habit of being a writer (that surge and ebb thing).

      Now that they’ve added some camps and the writing is spread more evenly through the year, she’s a lot more gracious to it. She even participated last year….

      Plus a lot of ROWers do both

      And really, it’s all about writing more, not less. So try all the challenges you can and see what ones help you get the most done.

      As for the drink… I would guess it’s an acquired taste. 😉


      • Maybe I’ll join, then. It looks like fun, but I have a “Nobody puts NaNo in a corner” attitude. I understand it doesn’t work for everyone, but you don’t badmouth it when I’m around. 😉

        I know a lot of people who participate in ROW80, though, and seem to enjoy it. Let’s see, I’ve got JuNoWriMo coming up, then Camp NaNo again in July and NaNo in November… heck, why not something to fill the gaps? 😀

        I don’t have much luck with acquired tastes. Maybe I give up too easily?


  3. Hey Eden, I usually do breaks but I don’t number the chapters or title them until way later since I often move things around. I liked your excerpt so far too! Good luck with all your writing goals, and hope you enjoy some better health this week!


    • Your method sounds a lot like mine then, Alana. I write “clumps of scenes” and then move pieces around all over the place after the fact. The breaks are all scene-based however, or whenever I feel like I need to make a big shift in the story because I’m blocked somewhere. 😉

      Thanks bunches about the well wishes. It’s mostly “stuff”, but stuff gets in the way of writing thoughts and fun thoughts at times.

      Have a lovely week!


  4. I very much enjoyed this excerpt Eden. I wondered what made the guard commander laugh and why everyone else was looking? And what was that special drink? Can I get some??!!


    • Thanks, Elaine. What made the guard commander laugh… Well, quite a bit, but that might be more for next week’s WIPpet.

      As for the drink…. hmm, you’re a braver woman than I am. Basically it’s a very unfiltered ale, with lots of the grain still in it. Supposedly it’s very healthy. Can’t be all bad… it’s used as animal feed a lot these days.


  5. gypsyharper

    Oh but death and dismemberment is so much fun. 🙂

    I like Alanii – he seems like a good sport, even though he’s obviously a little out of his element here.

    Yay for lots of writing! I hope your tooth and foot are better soon!


    • Death and dismemberment can be a lot of fun… in context, at least. And I’m not saying I won’t post more, but …well, you know how it is, you don’t want to scare away people on your second introduction. 😉

      I’m glad you like Alanii. I adore him, even when he’s a twit. And yes, he’s very much out of his element.

      Thanks! They’re both a lot better today. Time wounds all heels and all that.


  6. Aw, poor guy! I know exactly how he feels. I’m a cider girl myself but once got talked into buying a particular type of ale… I was told it would be the greatest thing I had ever tasted. It… wasn’t. Nice job conveying the awkwardness in this scene.

    And yay for lots of writing done this week! 😀


    • Oh! I’ve had people do that to me with beer and ales too. Ack, ptooey! If you like ciders, you like ciders, tea…teas, coffee, etc… Sometimes there is crossover, but…

      Thank you for saying I conveyed the awkwardness well. I worry about stuff like that probably more than I should.


  7. I love that description of beer! I never thought of it as weak porridge before, but it makes sense.


  8. Sections work just as well as chapters. I always end up structuring my WIPs as I go along, so I use chapters from the very start but they do end up being cut about a lot before the final draft.

    A thick, sweet, grainy drink sounds just about the worst thing to have when your mouth’s feeling dry!


    • It’s all flexible until it’s published–I get that.

      Oh, they’re just starting on Alanii. But yeah, I don’t think they were all that worried about his embarrassment. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping over and reading, Kate.


  9. Hey, Sys!

    Two questions….

    Where’s my ‘Listii> And where’s my Guinness? =)

    I love Alanii here. It feels right.

    I’m intrigued about this WIPpet thing. I’ve been looking for something simple-ish to have as a regular weekly feature on Trueborn Jottings, and this sounds really just about perfect.

    Once, somebody tried to talk me into this particular sci-fi show, and this singing duo from the 60s, and some goofy singers from Australia, and a really cool trio from Norway and and and….

    Oh, wait. Those all turned out very well, come to think of it. I’m still holding firm on that Babylon 5 thing, but I am really enjoying Enterprise these days. T’Pol rocks – but then, you knew I would think that. =)

    Great scene, great progress, great energy! Love you – and one of these Tuesdays, thing swill work out….


    • I loved Enterprise. Scott Bakula made and excellent “Captain”, and as you say, T’Pol rocks! While Deep Space Nine did little for me (and still doesn’t), Enterprise is… I liked it a lot.

      As for Babylon 5… I think it’s a matter of style. The story arc is more steady and continuous for B5 (even though there is a similar one in the Star Trek sagas, it’s done more “obviously” in B5). You don’t need to watch them, but I think you may like them when the time is right.

      There is enough “love of awesome” in our hearts for a multitude of nifty writers and creators and actors…

      Oh… I’ll get to ‘Listii eventually. I have to. H’s pivotal to the whole story. 😀


  10. The great thing about the WIPpets is everyone gets creative about the date link. I’m just waiting for someone to say all the you will find all the letters in ‘eight’ in this section…

    I number my chapters as I write, but the numbers change frequently as I add or move.

    I loved the idea of a soldiers bread, being somewhat akin to an ale. Nourishment and entertainment, and no need for utensils.


    • Ooh, all letters of the work “eight”… (Well, actually, I think I’d have to somehow get the name of the month in too.)

      You know, Raewyn, you’re the first person who said she uses chapter breaks from the beginning. Granted, you have them being flexible…. I wonder if there is anyone out there that holds to their outline exactly!?

      (I don’t think they drank the beer for entertainment–I think they drank fermented beverages because the water was too dirty.)