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Some Words Sunday — Blog Awards

Prize distribution

Prize distribution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have mixed feelings about blog awards.  Can’t say I like them, but I don’t hate them; I appreciate the kind thoughts of people who nominate me for them, but I hate the thought of accepting them and passing them along.

It’s not because I don’t want to tell people how awesome I think they are, but because I fear I’m putting extra pressure on them to do something because “I said so.”


Starlights by Eden Mabee

I feel like it’s not my place, people are busy, yadda yadda…

But I’ve been recently nominated by a bunch of wonderful people who write fun blogs, and well…  I’m honored.

I still don’t know what I want to do about them, but for the moment, let me list the awards and the kind people who gave them to me.

  • Back in March the amazingly energetic Amybeth Inverness gave me The Next Best Thing (I say she’s amazingly energetic because she maintains two blogs, does a lot more social media than I do, great interviews, attends conferences and with several kids.  Wow!)
  • Talented WIPpeter, ReGi McClain tagged me earlier this month for the Beautiful Momma Blog Award.  Thing is, I don’t really call this a “Mommy Blog”.  Mentions of my son are because he’s an important part of my life, and this blog is here to share parts of my life as a writer and creator.
  • Jessica Minyard sweetly offered me the Seed of Light award given to people who inspire through words and/or art.
  • Speaking of Seed(s) of Light, I was just offered one from ReGi as well, which is odd because I was thinking of naming her as one of my inspirations.  Have you seen her WIPpet posts?

Well, that’s a lot to consider.  Some of these will involve answering questions, some simply need to be passed along to new bearers who do great blogging, all deserve to be acknowledged

Thank you all.

ROW80 Check-in

Not as much got done since Wednesday as I would like.  Bare minimum…  that’s the phrase of the day.  No backward steps, at least!

Five sentences a day keeps something new appearing on the page daily.  I love it, because there is never a time I feel like I cannot get five sentences written.  Before bed?  Yep, I can write five sentences.  Waiting in line?  Okay, maybe I only get one sentence done, but usually if I have to wait in one line, I am usually out and about doing errands that involve more lines–more sentences written.  As soon as I get up?  Oh, that’s easy!  I can even write five sentences as I wait for my computers to boot up.

Editing has been less vigorous, but that wasn’t on my list of must do‘s for these weeks anyway.  I’m spending more of the time figuring out where I want to take my fiction during the JuNoWriMo.  Some of the time has been spent watching shows and discussing reactions with my husband as to why we are drawn to certain characters or not.  Some was spent daydreaming (a very important task!)…


Carefully by Eden Mabee

Attention to my social media presence has made a resurgence of late.  I’m trying to be more involved, though in smaller doses so I can still get things done.  This week I resumed activity on Reddit, and G+ has seen me post and comment several times since Wednesday.  I’m not being as active on Twitter as I’d like–I keep missing the StoryDam and BiblioCrunch chats, and I only made a few #teamsprinty sprints.  And Facebook I’m cautiously approaching twice a week for visits and comments…  Hours drift away there.

On the “extra activities” end, I missed only one day of crunches (35 a day now, but I may be adding some more soon).  I’m finally getting my callouses back for guitar playing.  Although between guitar and piano practices, I’ve had to resume my physical therapy exercises for my wrist as well….  And to help my son along, I’ve been practicing some karate and fencing.  I’m eagerly looking forward to my next Renaissance Faire.

That’s about it from me.  Why not stop over to visit more ROWers now that you have some free time? wink wink nudge nudge