Finally Gone — a WIPpet/ Row80 post

wippetwednesday_zps53e803c0Wednesday!  Oh, evil, evil Wednesday to creep up on me so quickly…

Wednesday means it’s time for the next installment of a WIPpet and a ROW80 check-in to boot.  Good thing I prepared for this since last week.  We’ll see what happens next week…

In celebration of June, I thought I would add six (June is the sixth month after all) paragraphs following ‘Ssellii and ‘Listii’s departure from home.  Remember that, for the moment, their brother*, Val, is actually using ‘Listii’s body.

“So what would you have done if she’d insisted on an escort?” Val asked once they were leaving the main house grounds.

‘Ssellii stopped looking off into the distance, and after looking at her brother, shrugged. “Nothing? Accept it? Suffer?” She raised a brow as she felt the reins get pressed into her hands. “Must you leave so soon?” She looked up to meet his gaze.

Val smiled a touch. Though he was never as vibrant when he’d made the cross into ‘Listii’s body as when he was actually there in person, this smile was less than he could have managed. “I didn’t want Mother to worry more than she already will, but I need to get back. I’ll see you this evening as promised.”

Before she could open her mouth to ask anything she saw the futility of asking him to stay. Already her brother’s face was slackening, the brightness and focus in his eyes fading to the near ever-present half-asleep lidded glaze ‘Listii faced the world with.

“Pull up your chin cup, ‘Listii dear,” she said quietly, looking away from his vacant gaze. Though she knew from the echoes of motion next to her that he’d set to doing as he’d been told, she couldn’t bring herself to look.

It was necessary, she knew it, as necessary as the straps that held him to his seat, lest he fall off. She just didn’t want to look at it, any of it.

She wondered if she could manage to keep driving until Val returned for his promised visit.

Deutsch: Frühlingslandschaft in der Schweiz (A...

However, since that doesn’t actually involve the date as good WIPpet should (and we should always encourage good behavior on the part of our pets around others), let me fix it by giving you all five sentences more from Swan Song.  This is from just a bit further on.

Wryly, she realized this sort of thing was exactly what had made Father chuckle when she’d asked him if she might make this season’s market with only ‘Listii as her companion. He too had encouraged her to bring at least an extra armsman to help her with, as she called them, the “little things” But he hadn’t pushed too hard.

She took another sip from the welcome cup, scowling into the beaten brass bowl and the worn tondo of Myékis casting Her mighty blade in the secret of the night. She had no doubt that the man had expected something like this to happen

*I tried to find out if there was a special term for a triplet sibling as there is for twins, but closest I got was “litter mate” and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there…yet.

Creation of K.L. Schwengel at My Random Muse #WIPpet writers post pieces of a draft (Work In Progress) that somehow relate with the date for commentary and consideration.  Feel free to comment and visit other #WIPpeters.   We love the company.

ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopyWith JuNoWriMo already in full swing, B.U.S.Y….  well, is.   Life continues whether words need writing or not.  In addition to my regular commitments, I’ve added an extra 1677 words a day, as well as duties as a sprint host and some moderating on the JuNoWriMo forums (not work as I see it–this is one of the nicest bunches of writers I’ve met [and all very nice]…  ROW80 level for sure).

It’s been keeping me hopping.

Yesterday,  I took some time off from writing to spend it with an old friend who came to visit.  I still managed to get in 1517 words before he knocked on the door.  Yay me!  😀

The words are coming along nicely.  Since Saturday, I’ve added over 7K on the Swan Song series, plus a Sunday blog post that has been reblogged over at Unicorn Bell (I’m pretty psyched about that), some general notes, standard sponsor duties…  I missed my Five Sentences on Sunday, but that’s all.

I’ve also been playing WriMo Rebel this month.  Though I chose to stay with the standard 50K, I am editing as I go, sometimes even editing older work.  My daily wordcount really looks more like 1325 words added/978 deleted.

fingers crossed

fingers crossed (Photo credit: cinnamon_girl)

I’ve taken the camera out for one day since Sunday.  Walking… eh, not so much, but definitely some more “get up and move by the desk”.  I’m trying very hard to not sit sat my desk too long in a stretch.  ROW80 Fitness is as well as can be expected.

So far things are off to a great start.  *crosses fingers*

That’s it for now.  Why don’t you go visit some other ROWers here?

28 responses to “Finally Gone — a WIPpet/ Row80 post

  1. Hmmmm… never heard of WIPpet before! I might have to do some searching… how is Ssellii’s name pronounced? Suh-sell-y?

    Hopefully you’re counting your daily words as your total added, even if you edit afterwards. They’re still words that count… they just aren’t words you keep.

    Good luck to you the rest of this week!


    • *laughs* Actually, I wasn’t counting the words I deleted. I probably should. I’d be up easily another 2.5K already for the month.

      Yes, you got the pronunciation right. Her actual name is Vissellii, but her family is fond of pet names.

      Hope you join us for the WIPpet one of these days, Kristen. It’s a great group. Kind of like the ROW80 crew… (Ever notice how really awesome writers are?)


      • (whaps)

        You should always count every word you wrote! At least for Nano. I use strikethroughs instead of deleting when I Nano… even if I spelled a word wrong :3 It’s not cheating; it’s Nano!

        I’m really thinking about it. I’m going to be writing a lot anyway, so it won’t hurt to showcase my best of the week 🙂 Thanks for sharing WIPpet with me! ❤


        • Well, thank you for reading the WIPpet (and for not hitting me with anything harder than that 2×4 you have hiding behind your back…).

          Strikethroughs.. I should try it. Though I’m not too worried. I hit 20K today and it’s only the first week. That’s without adding in the deletions. It’s all good.

          Thanks again, Kristen. Hope you get a chance to see some of the other WIPpets. They’re an incredibly creative bunch.


  2. I’m very intrigued by the first excerpt. Like…it’ll probably be working in my mind for hours and hours now, and as I try to push it aside, I know it’ll pop back up. I’m not quite sure what to make of it, mostly because I think I need more, which is always, always, ALWAYS, a good thing.


    • The shorter the WIPpet, the harder it is sometimes, I think. This piece follows right off of last week’s WIPpet, so that part might help.

      But hey… why I am worried about a reader saying “I think I need more”?

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Adrian


  3. The end of the first WIPpet makes me so sad. I know I’m supposed to focus on Ssellii, but Listii’s the one who needs more love. I can’t help hoping that he’ll be instrumental to the saving of the day.


  4. So, if Val is using Listii’s body at this moment in time where’s Listii? Is she just there in body rather than in spirit? It’s a really intriguing idea. I liked the description of Val fading away.


    • Well, actually, Val is a “he” too. And yeah, he’s there in spirit in ‘Listii’s body for this part (he does have his own body too, but as ‘Listii’s twin, they have been psychically connected since birth), since ‘Listii doesn’t seem to really “be there” at least as far as most people can see. He can follow simple instructions, but that’s about it.

      ‘Ssellii is bringing him along with her solely because she can call on Val to “take over” and help her in tight spots. Or so she had hoped, but now Val is saying that he’s got troubles at his end to deal with. Hmm…


  5. Okay, I missed that Val was using his brother’s body. But, being that WIPpets are out of context, that doesn’t surprise me. Still, love the way you describe ‘Listii pulling his chin up without actually saying he’s doing it. Quite a challenge to write a character like him.

    And holy cow! I thought I was busy!! My plate runneth over, but methinks you need a platter. Pace yourself and don’t forget to breathe.


    • I have a buffet to work with on this end… 😀

      Yeah, it’s hard to follow some WIPpets from week to week. The pieces are cool though sometimes, because the ideas they inspire. It’s like skimming a book at a store before buying it… (of course, my skimming often involves the first half or so…)


  6. Poor Listii – you capture him beautifully. I’m kind of excited that he’s heading for a change though (last week’s WIppet?). And a litter mate? You learn something new every day… Surely the mutiple birth clubs have come up with something better than that?

    Oh and I’m super impressed with your word count!


    • Oh, ‘Listii’s been heading for a change for some time. He wasn’t born this way after all, and eventually people can heal… even if their families have given up on them.

      Yeah… I thought the same thing about “litter mate”. I guess it’s because they are uncommon enough already. Maybe I’ll have to come up with something myself. Although, later in the story it could work….

      Thanks for stopping in, Raewyn.


  7. Screw the rules, right? That’s the thing about NaNoWriMo (and its various offshoots) that I never liked. “Start a totally new 50K word piece of fiction no sooner than 12:01 on November 1, and only the work that is completed by midnight on December 1 can be counted.” Yeah, right.


    • I like a lot of writing advice, John, because it’s full of cool “rules” that we are supposed to practice well enough to know how to best break them. With the WriMo’s… I feel I’ve done my time doing the FastDraft word-vomit thing by now. Now I’m ready to step things up a bit and just write the best story I can as fast as I can. And I’m not alone. We have a whole group of JuNoWriMo Rebels in our forums. One of the founders is setting her own word count; other people are writing dissertations and poetry… The point is writing, and we’re doing that.

      It’s the only “rule” that should matter. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping in. I know you’ve been extra busy, so I appreciate you thinking of me.


  8. I love this excerpt – it’s all melancholy and bittersweet (both of which I am a bit of a sucker for). I can really sense it as ‘Ssellii realises the futility of the situation.


    • Oh, I’m glad I touch your heart-strings, Emily.

      Yeah, ‘Ssellii…she’s a stubborn one though. She’s going to find a way to get what she wants despite the problems she’s having. And it’ll bring her much, much closer to both her brothers because of it. (and that’s all I can tell you right now)


  9. Sys,

    This one gave me chills! I want ‘Listii whole and healed, and, knowing him for so long, this is more than a little hard to take.

    It’s a very vivid and visual scene, though, and really captured me.

    Hooray for all the other great writing and nonwriting stuff, too! 🙂


    • Getting chills out of you where my writing comes in (you know so much more about the series after all) is definitely real praise.

      And yeah… I had trouble getting into this part of ‘Listii’s life for a time. It’s not something he’s generally comfortable discussing after all. 😉 But now that I understand it better, I think I can write it the way he deserves and in a way that people aren’t shocked to see the man you, Shan, know come out of this one.

      (and if you want, I will send you a bit more of it directly…)



  10. So admire your dedication to your writing! 1600+ words a day is no small feat. At least for me it’s not.

    One of the things I appreciate about reading people’s ROW80 posts is learning so much about all the other awesome writing movements out there (can I apply the term “movement” here? I don’t know what else to call them), such as JunNoWriMo, WriMo Rebel, the 1-minute writer, etc. So many great things to look into!

    Hope you have a lovely & productive weekend.


    • Thanks, Sione, but what I’m doing is hardly special. I just really want to make a story that is publishable.

      You’re right about all the little writing movements (I like that term) out there. Just goes to show there is something for everyone in the world.

      Hope you have a great (and productive too) weekend also.


  11. Yay! Long excerpt 😀 I really like the way you meld worldbuilding elements like the welcome cup into the story.
    Also, I’m doing something different for my WIPpet next week. I’m going to let you vote at this post for which previous WIPpet you’d like me to continue. I should have put this at the bottom of this Wednesday’s post but I forgot so sorry for clogging up your comments. 🙂 Feel free to edit this bit out 🙂


    • Worldbuilding elements… oh, have to do that. Otherwise I’d be info-dumping everywhere. I think I’ve created almost as much history for this world as I remember learning in school. (It’s been a lot of fun too. Great way to pretend one is writing without actually getting anything written. *gryn*)

      No problem. Maybe some one will see the comment and get inspired to check out your posts. (Psst! to the other readers out there… you’ll be glad if you do!)