No Some Words Sunday today

What both Marcus and I have been like

Poor Boodle

I’m sorry, but I’m too tired after a night of not sleeping and worrying for a full “Some Words Sunday”.

This morning, the first thing we did was take the Boodle to an Urgent Care facility because he has  been running a fever of well over a hundred (103.6 last night) and a two-inch wide  Erythema Migrans rash at his armpit.  He’s also been complaining of joint pains and is trying to sleep wherever he might be..  floor, chair, lap.

Adult deer tick, Ixodes scapularis.

Adult deer tick, Ixodes scapularis (cred. Wikipedia Commons)

Those of you who’ve heard of Lyme Disease probably recognize all theses as classic symptoms of localized/acute stage of Lyme Disease.  (Yes, in the last few days, I’ve done a lot of reading on the problem.)  Normally I wouldn’t be worried, but the Boodle had been to the Pine Hollows Arboretum on Wednesday with his schoolmates, and infected deer ticks have been already found there this year.  We didn’t see any ticks on him, when he came home, but that’s not say there wasn’t one.

My husband just went down to the pharmacy to pick up the antibiotic …  The healing process can now begin.  There will still be further doctor visits and blood tests in the next few weeks, but I already feel better.

It’s the waiting and wondering that always make things like this hard to bear.  At least for me.

You too?  I understand completely.

ROW80 check-in

ROW80LogocopySince I’m already writing something for this post (more than I planned…  I think I am overwriting because of JuNoWriMo), I might as well at least get this part done….

I’m writing. I’m writing a lot.  Today not so much obviously…  but yeah, my JuNoWriMo word count is up to 23K , and yesterday was only the first week.

I can afford to take a day off.

That said, I may be a little less active for a few days as the boy needs me more with him on the couch.  I’ll catch up with everyone on Tuesday at the latest.

Have a good Sunday!

9 responses to “No Some Words Sunday today

  1. Poor Boodle. It’s so hard when one’s child is sick. Take care of yourself and him. The words will be there when you have caught up on your rest and the Boodle is better, Let me know if there is anything I can do.


    • Thank for the sweet offer, Elizabeth. Things are looking up now (it’s really like night and day… almost three days of not being able to get his fever down below 100 even with alternating ibuprofen and acetaminophen to now seeing him run and play as if he hadn’t been a sleepy floppy wilt for those days..)

      I’m a lucky person. We all are. Thanks for stopping in.


  2. Ack! I hope the little one feels better soon!


  3. Cate Russell-Cole

    Hang in there. I hope your little one has something far less scary and easier to fix. You’ll be in my thoughts.


  4. poor Boodle – I hope recovery is swift now the medicines are there. You take care there and all the best for everyone:)


    • I am starting to think this idea of wishes for good health spanning the world is far more than metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, no matter what the husband might think. The change in the Boodle in just 36 hrs since he got his medicine is amazing. Thank you for adding your gentle thoughts to the universal conscious, Alberta.