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Some Bad Stuff Happened

I know…  I said I wouldn’t be posting on Sundays.  Slow blogging , I said…  I had the schedule all picked out: one weekly post on Wednesday and one monthly post on Friday.

What do they say about the best laid plans of mice and men?  (Well, they say a lot of things, but since my nickname used to be Mouse, perhaps Robert Burns will not mind me borrowing his phrase once more in its corrupted form.)

I missed both posts I had promised to make last week.

Killer Server

Killer Server (Photo credit: ArtBrom)

I had an excuse.  My computer (actually both my computers) got infested with viruses.  I got things up and running Thursday night, but needed to reinstall and re-setup several of my favorite programs over Friday and Saturday.  I still need to get Photoshop working, but Scrivener is fixed, both Picassa and Tweetdeck are running again; Winamp was reinstalled, even Seamonkey got some fixing.

Yeah…  pretty much everything I use on a regular basis needed maintenance.

Add that to a holiday week with a 7 year-old boy who has discovered he loves fireworks (we had to see two parades and three fireworks shows this week), and I just didn’t have the energy for much.  I’m holding up my writing, and that’s about it.  I’m behind on that too.

But because I am still involved in the ROW80 (I am a sponsor, and did make a trip to a library to get my sponsor visits in on Tuesday), and because I didn’t want to get too far behind on that, here is my first post of Round 3….  complete with goals.

ROW80 Goals

Simple goals for this round….  Simple goals work best for me.

  • Write my Five Sentences daily–creative writing only
  • Do my sponsor visits at each check-in (save July 14th)
  • For the July CampNaNoWriMo, (I need to catch up) write 50,000 words to add to the Swan Song series
  • ROW80 Fitness: stop sitting so much!
  • Finish a few books in my “am reading” pile (right now that consists of  I Shock Myself by Beatrice Wood, The Bedside Book of Beasts by Graeme Gibson, The Way I See It by Temple Grandin, The Mammoth Book of New Comic Fantasy  ed. Mike Ashley, The Eyeless (Doctor Who) by Lance Parkins among others)
  • Resume the blog schedule I have posted

That’s about it.

And since this would be the second check-in (my first) of Round 3,  now it’s time for a….

ROW80 Check-In

ROW80LogocopyI’m behind on my writing.  My Five Sentences are on track.  I’ve fallen behind on my CampNaNoWriMp goal though, and I have to make up my check-in visits for Wednesday.  It’s a good thing that I don’t mind getting things done longhand as well as by typing, otherwise, I don’t think I’d be able to get the WriMo done this month.  Next week our family will be heading up to Saranac Lake for camping.  No computer, no internet…  Just pens, paper, and some drawing supplies.  And of course my camera.  Can’t forget that.

And now for the good news of this check-in.  I did managed to get a lot of reading done (amazing what one can do when there isn’t this electronic distraction machine in front of one demanding undivided attention).  I got some editing done on Swan Song (printouts are grand things), and I got a lot of walking and “outdoors” time in.

So, yeah, things could have been better, but they could have been so much much worse.  I’ll deal.

Other ROWers are having their own tribulations and joys that they’re sharing.  Why not visit a few and cheer them on too?