Quick apology post

Road blocked by landslide

Road blocked by landslide

I was going to try to make up my last Friday post for my Roads to London series of photoblogs, especially since, now I seem to have gotten my computer mostly under control.

That was when I realized, I won’t be home for the next week (that also means no ROW80 check-in on Wednesday or WIPpet post).  So I decided to wait and make this quick apology post.  I would rather wait a week to post and be available for comments and discussion than ignore people, even accidentally.

I’ll see everyone on Wednesday the 24th for a new WIPpet and ROW80 check-in (with hopefully lots of great writing news).  Fellow ROWers will hear from me even sooner, but only as a visitor to their blogs and ROW80 sponsor post writer as I believe Kait has my post scheduled for the 22nd.  That’s also when fellow JuNoWriMo moderator Margaret McNellis will be posting her interview of me.

Until I see you all, have a great week and happy words!

Until we get back...  Have fun!

Until we get back… Have fun!

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