Rest Stop — a WIPpet/ROW80 post


Wednesday evening here we are… Time for another WIPpet post and ROW80 check-in.

Today is the 7th of August, so here are seven lines for your reading pleasure from Swan Song, third book of the series (still working on the name).

For this WIPpet, I am taking you  back to Vissellii and ‘Listii as they are leaving home to head for the market.  This scene happens before Meeting and after Finally Gone.   ‘Ssellii has taken her brother to one of the small gatherings of houses that the migrant Holder farmers that help her family in the Harvest seasons.

Instead of getting upset, ‘Ssellii sighed. It could have been far worse, she figured. And so, she walked over, uprighted the empty pails and poured the remnants of the tipped pail into the wash basin.

Washing basin

Then she retrieved the full pail from her brother’s unresisting arms. She didn’t trust his stumbling step to not spill the water everywhere as she had him move over to the trench hall.

She’d chosen this Holder House specially once she’d seen it for its trench hall. She would deal with outhouses and streamside washing when she had to later. For now she had access to shelves and spare sponges and clothes… and a seat to sit her brother on that would keep man from collapsing in his own offal if he became off-balance while relieving himself.

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I took days off.  Many, many days…

The first Ferris wheel from the 1893 World Col...

I was supposed to have had a First Friday Photo post this past Friday.  I didn’t have any inspiration for the post, nor did I have Photoshop up and running for all the neat pictures I’ve taken lately.

Most weeks I’d feel somewhat guilty.  I don’t this one.  My husband took the week from work.  We’ve gone out for a “date day” of walking in the woods and a visit to The Great Escape yesterday.  We’ve had some home time, some television togetherness time, some…  us time.  I missed my sponsor visits on Monday because we didn’t have internet access in the house when I didn’t have to be driving my son places.  Mondays are busy days for us.

I got a lot of exercise (walking around amusement parks and trying to not spend any money on park food is great for weight loss, trust me…), a lot of reading done…  and even my five sentences a day.

What wonderful things have happened in your lives this week?

Photo Credit:

  • Washing basin (Photo credit: Ahoova)
  • The first Ferris wheel from the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

18 responses to “Rest Stop — a WIPpet/ROW80 post

  1. Poor Vissillii. I really feel for his character. I’m not sure if I should, since I’m just getting little bits and pieces, but from what i see, he leads a miserable, lonely life. 😦


    • Vissellii is ‘Listii’s sister, and yeah… she has some challenges to face.


      • … I need to go back and read some of your WIPpets again. I think I confused a couple of characters.


        • It happens. I have to go back and reread WIPpets here and there more than I want to admit. It doesn’t help that we’re just sending out small samples of our works. A lot can happen in a week of writing and some of it may involve minor characters as well as major ones…

          I certainly understand. We’ll go back and reread when we can…. together. 😀


          • Not to mention the fact that there are about 18 WIPpeteers now and some of us have more than one WIP to snippet! Oi! I think at this point my poor brain is just rolling with the punches. 😛 I do try really hard to keep everyone’s various stories straight, but every now and then I flub.


            • I completely understand. Though it is cool that WIPpets is growing the way it is….

              I suspect we’ll be starting to make our visits take a few days at this rate. Instead of commenting on the opening day, we might end up commenting more through to the end of the week… Not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve been thinking of doing that myself.

              Been still trying to think about your post and how you’ve noted the drop off in traffic and comments…. Even though I commented on it, I’m still trying to think of other causes. Maybe it’s because, though you say you’re writing “for the WIPpet” it still feels more as your piece than a public project?

              Dunno… grasping at straws now. It’s probably just the summer.


            • 🙂 The more ideas I can gather from everyone, the better a picture I get. Thank you.


            • You’re very welcome. It’s a learning process for all of us.


  2. Her brother makes me crazy! How does she put up with him? She’s very strong, that’s for sure.


    • Why would any mother, sister, father… brother… put up with a disabled child/sibling?

      And Vissellii is an amazingly strong young woman. (at least in my opinion)


  3. I would offer to hold ‘Listii up, even now. Maybe especially now.

    This week, I learned that I can have a serious discussion with someone related to me, and whose stated practices and beliefs I strongly disagree with, and remain emotionally non-reactive.

    And that I could do this at my parents’ house, at a party, without “backup”.

    I think you know what a big deal that is, even if it’s not the person you might initially think of.

    And I did soem writery stuff, too…
    Amusement parks and walks in the woods sound lovely. And, look – the blogosphere is right here where you left it! =D

    See you next Tuesday?


    • Sounds like your family picnic/pool event was more than what you hoped it would be (and somewhat less too), Shan. I’m glad that you were able to have that discovery and hopefully it turned out to be a (pleasing) revelation for both of you.

      Tuesday sounds lovely!

      ‘Listii is in a hard place. So is ‘Ssellii. I’m hoping that I am portraying them both well so that their strengths and weaknesses show through. I don’t want them to be perfect people… just very real and honest.


  4. Sounds like S (yep, I’m abbreviating, lol) has a lot going on and a lot to worry about. Not easy dealing with a tough brother. I’d especially be frustrated about having to clean up messes (which I’m inferring is her bro’s fault?). Anyways, thanks for sharing!


    • Abbreviating is perfectly acceptable.

      Yes, she has a lot on her mind, but it’s less that ‘Listii is being intentionally difficult and more because he’s “not there”. In our modern terms he’d probably be called highly autistic and non-verbal with savant traits. His problems are different but a modern doctor would probably diagnose him that way because of the accident that nearly killed him as a 12-year old.


  5. The concept of a trench hall confused me at first, but then I reached the part about the offal and that cleared things up fast. That’s a clever name for a bathroom/outhouse/priv! I like it.

    Poor Vissellii and ‘Listii though. I have a nephew who is austic, though he’s higher functioning than ‘Listii is, and even on his good days he can still be quite the handful.


    • I never thought of it being so much clever as just a bit of a way to show how much militarism was part of their family (since in a lot of older military stories I’ve read, the jacks were often called trenches too). And though it’s part of the house in this case, it’s clearly something a bit more than the shelter itself…

      I’m glad you can relate some to what Vissellii is dealing with. It means I’m getting some of the “characters in my head” through to the page. 😀

      Thanks for the observation and comment, Christina.


  6. I can really feel both ‘Ssellii’s frustration but also her loyalty to her brother. It can’t be easy for her. I love the little details, like choosing the house because of things like the seat for Vissillii.


    • The little details matter… Sometimes the little details are more important than the big ones in the long term. I’ve been learning that with our son…