Passwords — a WIPpet/ROW80 post


Wednesday evening here we are… Time for another WIPpet post and ROW80 check-in.


Today is the 14th of August, so here are fourteen sentences not from any bit of Swan Song, but from my Was Variation fanfic (I explain why in my ROW80 check-in).

I’ve posted pieces of the Was Variation before on this blog if anyone feels they want more (including this small snippet of erotica here).  In fact, my first WIPpet was from this fanfic (which is based on the 80’s cartoon Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors and the original Star Trek series).  It involves many of the characters from Swan Song after they’ve grown up, apart and discovered lives of their own.

This WIPpet comes toward the beginning of the fanfic, where Jayce is leading a young woman, Andreya, down to the ship captain’s quarters.   The captain was seriously injured in an attack, and the pair are checking on his well-being.

“We’re here.” He stopped in front on another unlabeled steel door, remarkable only for the large electronic pad near shoulder-height at one side. He pressed his hand on the sensor. “Voice override,” he said crisply. Yet when the touchscreen turned yellow, he mumbled, “I hate wearing charmeuse.”

A bland masculine electronic voice replied.|Override not initiated. Password not recognized. Re-try?|

Glancing over to his guest, he frowned. “Yes.” He waited for the screen to change color again. “I hate wearing charmeuse.”

This time the screen flashed green and the door slid open. Andreya entered the room without a word, cautiously, then with increased haste.

He saw why immediately. Herc had tried to move again—how he had the strength, Jayce could only imagine—and was once more laying prone on the floor.

“Damn.” Unwilling to leave the girl to the labor alone, he hurried over. “You can see he’s not a very good patient.”

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ROW80LogocopyNot much to report this week for the ROW80.  I’ve taken some time off of writing this past week.  Well, not exactly off writing in general…  just writing the Swan Song series.

What made me drop Swan Song?  After three months of doing WriMos on the Swan Song series without giving myself time to explore and play with the characters, I was feeling a bit burned out.   I thought reducing my writing load would help, but that actually seems to be harming me more than helping.  Emotionally I feel happier when I write stories.  I feel more curious and excited about things.  Not writing closes me off… even if it feels easier to do (and often is, because of ennui or distractions).

Still, I couldn’t get much written in Swan Song these past few weeks.  A lot of circular word-wrangling that dragged on in my character’s heads but didn’t seem to be propelling the story forward…  After a week of this, I gave up and decided my brain needed some playtime.  So I’m tossing some sand in the air, filling buckets to turn over…  having some fun.

Beyond that, progress on editing seems stalled for this week.  I’m still in a reading and watching mood at the moment.  The writing is coming back though.  And since I need to finish my piece for Collaborating Chaos by Sunday at the latest, that’s a good thing.

Exercise?  Yep!  Even went to the YMCA with Shan Jeniah for a swim yesterday.  Progress…  Slow, steady, progress.

How about you?  Did you make a discovery that has renewed your joy in something?  Did you try something new “just because”?

19 responses to “Passwords — a WIPpet/ROW80 post

  1. Stubborn patients make for entertaining writing.

    Yep, sometimes we have to walk away from a WIP and give it and ourselves time to reset. I know that feeling well.


  2. Wow, three months of wrimos on the same WIP? I’d need a break too! Good luck with the change in projects!


  3. I too understand the need to take a break from a story sometimes. I think that’s why I have so many WIPs – so I can bounce around when one gets a little stale or when I hit a word block.

    I agree with Kathils, stubborn patients do make for some entertaining situations 😀


    • I usually have a few projects going at once too. I just was trying hard to “finish” something. It didn’t work, and now I feel even more behind than before…

      Herc /Kieri is a horrid patient, but such a fun character to write. Makes sense…


  4. I’m the opposite, I need to finish a WIP before I Start the next. I’m too linear thinking, I think 😀 I wish I could work on several stories at once, like so many authors do, but I my head doesn’t seem to have the room. That said, I do need space from whatever project I’m working on, at times. But I can’t write something else (apart from a poem or blog post, etc) while I take that break. Very frustrating.

    Work on something else and feel good that you can do so. I’m sure you’ll gather inspiration and the original story will blossom from it, when the time is right to return to it. The only deadlines you have are self-imposed. 🙂

    Shah X


    • You’re so right, Shah. The only real limits I have at the moment are ones I impose on myself.

      I have been hearing from a lot of writers lately who call themselves linear writers too, Shah. I do sometimes wish I worked that way (it would definitely push “The End” into some of the work). How do you handle editing pieces then? What happens if you need to change a scene and rework pieces throughout the story?


  5. That was a fun WIPpet – and I do like that word, WIPpet!
    It’s been a while since I tried something new in writing, but now I have a dystopian percolating at the back of my mind – brand new territory for me!


    • Thanks for stopping in, Deiz… (I know, this is just so I won’t forget to hop back over and read more of Margaret’s great guest piece… but, but… NEIL GAIMAN!)

      Sounds like you have a great idea for a story to write. Go for it.


  6. I like the way you and so many of the other WIPpeteers treat us to your various different WIPs each week. They say a change is as good as a rest so switching WIPs for a while sounds like a good idea.


    • I actually admire your way of doing things, Kate… I just can’t keep a steady mental flow that long, if seems.

      We all have our “method” it seems.

      We missed you this week. Hope everything is okay.


  7. The pass-phrase is great! It sounds like that silly Herc needs to stay in bed.


  8. Sounds like you made a great decision for your writing. Sometimes we have to give a project some rest and do other things. Enjoy the play!

    Also, I am so intrigued by your story bit! I want to know about that door and why Herc is behind it, and why on earth is the password “I hate wearing charmeuse”?! This really drew me in.

    Happy writing!


    • Playtime really is necessary, but sometimes I think we forget how necessary. I know I do.

      Thanks, I will enjoy. I love my fanfic writing, but sometimes I let myself get drawn away from it because of fear… fear that I’m not being serious enough about my career, fear that I will be sabotaging myself…

      Fear is a bad way to run one’s life.

      Herc is behind that door because he’s injured. Why? That’s another story… And the password was something he’d chosen… which is why Jayce didn’t want to say it where he might be heard. 😀