Healing Magic – a WIPpet/ROW80 post


Wednesday morning–fortunately not 3am though.  Time for another WIPpet post and ROW80 check-in.

Today is the 21th of August, so here are 22 sentences, plus one bonus sentence to finish the paragraph, from my Was Variation fanfic.  It’s where the passion lies at the moment.  I do hope you have fun with it.

As  I noted before, the Was Variation involves characters from Swan Song “all growed up” (so to speak).  I love playing with character change and evolution.  In this scene let’s reacquaint  ourselves with Atyr.  She’s a lot more relaxed around people these days, but she still has problems with her religious order and the mistake she made back in Wrong.

(To explain the WIPpet math, I took all the numbers by sets of two as it would be used in data entry: 08 for August, 21 for the day, the year separated into 20 and 13.  Then I added, subtracted, and added 08+21-20+13=22)

Her gaze fell on the bed. She took in the fading purple light of the stasis field first, then the man’s appearance. She clicked her tongue, suddenly understanding and wishing she did not. “Interesting….”

Gillian agreed. “Definitely. I recognize the spell she used. It shouldn’t be dissipating, not at that strength.”

That man…. Atyr nearly spat. No wonder he’d been willing to bargain for Sven and Lyarr. “One of your pupils, I see.”

“Not at all. He’s like this will most healing magic. He’s fortunate he watches out for his neck.”

Without touching the man, she walked around the bed, studying him. The square jaw, the raven hair, the build…. Maybe she was wrong. But the blood was old and strong. Atyr  shook her head. “He’s not like this with all magic. You’ve cured him before.”

Gillian didn’t debate that. “I can’t fix this.”

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Not exactly a Harvest MoonI’ve been writing and reading, and icky sick…  Today I’m trying to catch up on all of my sponsor duties that I missed Monday and yesterday.  My apologies for falling behind.   I hope to see everyone on my list before I go to bed tonight.

I also hope to get down to the Basic Reservoir and try to get a shot of the full moon rising over the water this evening too.  Last night the moon was so lovely and full…  and all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep.

There will be other moons.  But since I woke up at about 2:30am and stood staring out the window at it for a time, I thought I would try tonight.  Something is drawing it to me….

Maybe it’s the song, as it ran through my head, driving by discussions with Shan Jeniah about singing Simon and Garfunkel’s “Old Friends” at the Northeast Unschooling Conference this weekend.  But last night, Wednesday Morning 3AM, I was up and pensive and … aware that “the morning was just a few hours away”.

What about you?  Do you find yourself waking up at odd hours during the full moon?  What state of mind are you in when (if) you do?

22 responses to “Healing Magic – a WIPpet/ROW80 post

  1. Who’s the man and what’s happened to him? I’ve got a real sense of intrigue. Good stuff.


    • Well, I can give you a small hint… “That Man” and the man that’s she’s planning on healing are two different people. But they look similar enough that Atyr is unsettled.

      Glad you found the intrigue present. Thanks, Elaine


  2. So are you an unschooler too? Shan mentioned it in a blog comment las week about my homeschool series. Hope you’re doing great!


    • Not quite an unschooler–more eclectic. Our son chose to go to a local private Montessori-based school for three days a week, and we do other activities (karate, fencing, piano, dance, etc. plus museum/field-trips and “just stay-home days”) the rest of the week.

      And the Boodle was curious about your books… though at the moment, he’s in a Roald Dahl phase.

      Great to see you, Alan. Thanks for stopping in.


  3. Okay, so maybe the full moon explains my brain waking me up at a little after 3 a.m. with the grand news it had written a new scene and taken some notes and now the last 8 or so chapters of Emergence shall be re-written.

    I was a little confused by this line ““Not at all. He’s like this will most healing magic. He’s fortunate he watches out for his neck.”” But otherwise I’m enjoying these.


    • Oh, but that sounds like an awesome full moon waking! I’d love it if my brain did that to me. (Mine just makes me panic over whether or not I rolled up the windows on the car or put the milk away. 😉 )

      Yeah, I can see how that line would be confusing, especially if you don’t know Gillian’s character. He’s a wizard and knows some spells to heal people. Atyr is wondering if, because the stasis is fading so fast, if maybe Gillian had been teaching the man magic and it was messing with the energies of the stasis field.

      Glad you’re enjoying them though. I really love my fanfic… It the next best guilty pleasure next to Godiva Creme Brulee truffles. 😀


  4. This is a well written excerpt, and with the word magic, that catches my attention. I’m curious for why the magic is fading faster than normal and why the healing can’t be fixed. 🙂


    • Magic versus magic… even without the intention of conflict… That’s about all I can say without revealing too much. It’s along the lines of elemental forces–sometimes they work against each other.

      But I can say that Atyr will be able to heal the man’s injury despite the differences in magical forms. And doing so… well, some people don’t approve. 😀

      Thanks for stopping in, Sarah.


  5. Interesting. Is the man healed? He seems to hold a fascination, or at least an interest, for Atyr.


  6. Oooh, after reading the snippet and all the comments you made answering others questions about it, this sounds like a very interesting situation. I’m intrigued about who he is, and why Atyr could help him when Gillian can’t.

    The moon has been exceptionally pretty lately. Unfortunately the only effect it seems to be having on people around here is making them drive crazier than normal. Sigh.


    • I’m glad you think the situation sounds interesting, Christina. I mean, I know the idea intrigues me, but it’s always harder to guarantee the same effect for anyone else.

      Yeah… moon madness. It makes me sleep strangely. Stay safe on the roads.


  7. Nice excerpt, Eden! I’m intrigued. 🙂

    The moonrise here on Wednesday was amazing, but I didn’t have my camera with me. Yesterday I didn’t notice, unfortunately.


    • I got out for the moonrise on Wednesday, but there was a lot of haze and clouding, so we’ll see what happens. Good thing there is always another moon. For both of us….

      Thanks, Ruth.


  8. I like that line ‘suddenly understanding and wishing she did not.’ It’s an intriguing scene that raises lots of questions (always the case with these WIPpet snippets), such as who the man is, what’s happened to him and just why he can’t be fixed.


    • I’ve noticed that too about the WIPpets–they usually raise more questions than they answer. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it does add to the challenge when the author is asking for suggestions or commentary. 😀

      Still, even noting where people notice (or don’t notice) details has helped me a lot. You too, Kate?


  9. You KNOW I clicked on that link of harmonic sweetness! 😀

    So happy you chose the original version so I could play it with three kids asleep in this hotel room….

    I think I have read some of Was Variation…a few years back, maybe, at Panera? I am liking this, and smiling as I read the comments…but there will be no spoilers from me. NOPE.

    Not that I sleep nights regularly, anyway, but during the fulls, I don’t even try. It’s delicious writing and kid-connecting time, here!


    • That is one of my favorite S&G songs. There are so many to choose from, of course, but Wednesday Morning 3AM is the first song I realized was from Simon & Garfunkel. It’s the first time I understood they were a “group”, that they were people who loved music and song… It was one of the first songs I understood as a “song” beyond that thing that played on the radio/record player…

      You have read a bunch of the Was Variation. (Oh, heck, you’ve read bunches of its original incarnation… The Neverending Response>) I’m actually working a lot further in the story than I’m posting at the moment. I’ve been tweaking some of this section to fix continuity errors (and to see if I could find a way to remove most of the fanfiction elements without ruining the story), but I’m about 80K beyond this point in the story now.

      Spoilers? Oh… You could, but the story is always evolving. I’m not even quite sure where it will go at the moment.

      I miss the feeling of being able to sleep and wake on a whim. Not because my schedule won’t allow it, but because I’ve noticed a regular sleep schedule greatly reduces my migraine headaches… I miss the freedom, but I don’t miss the pain. I still get enough of that as you know.

      I’m so glad you were able to enjoy the music. Much love. Next year, I’d really like to try doing a song with you, if you’re still interested.


      • Sys,

        You know I’m interested. =)

        I know what you mean about the spoilers…you could and could not offer them for my stuff, too.

        I’m excited to see where this one goes…if it’s a direct descendant of one of the response folders, that’s very cool. I honestly don’t know if i have any that are, anymore. Characters, yes – but I don’t even use my own post-response storylines as much, now…I and the characters are in very different places.

        And I thank you not only for the song, but for all the sweetness of discovery you’ve brought me, over those years when I was afraid to stretch….


        • I get it. The evolution of the characters isn’t so direct as to be “the response folder stories”… I mean it is, but it’s also like comparing the modern hummingbird with a tyrannosaurus rex. The former is a direct evolutionary descendant of the latter, but there are so many layers between. So many great changes… Sometimes the names are the same, but often they are the only thing left.

          I suspect that might be the same thing with your stories, though I cannot say for certain. I can only speak for certain for myself.

          You’re very welcome.