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Some Thing Sunday — Concords

A generous harvest

A generous harvest

Welcome to my first installment of “Some Thing (for) Sunday”.  (For those her for a ROW80 check-in, there’s a short one at the bottom of the page.)

If you’ve followed this blog any amount of time, you know I’ve tossed ideas right and left for a regular blog series.  Thing is, I realized, I’m not much into “regular” anything.  It’s part of why I go with group posting projects most of the time such as the WIPpet or ROW80.  Weekly, or even semi-weekly, themes just frazzle me.

But I’d really like to spend more time with you all.  And I wouldn’t mind posting a bit more often.  I think that it would actually be helpful to maintain a bit more of a firm schedule, even if it’s scheduled chaos.

And that’s what this is–scheduled chaos.

CRW_1874_tweakI will be waking up each Sunday morning and offering you something.  Today it’s some lovely pictures of the concord grapes growing outside our house on a trellis made of 10ft wooden poles and chicken wire.  In this image you can see the spot, complete with my 3ft tall peach tree (for such a tiny tree, we get a lot of peaches out of it–almost an 8qt handlebasket’s worth this year, and it produces every year).  You can also see my (now faded with the ending season) clematis, my lavender (which is almost as tall as the peach tree), and the fact that I am an abysmally poor gardener.  This plot is a little over  5ft by 5ft, and it’s engulfed by Queen Anne’s Lace, goldenrod, various wildflowers…

It usually is empty

It usually is empty

It also provides shelter for my butterfly house and lots of color year round.  In spring, the soft pink peach blossoms and bees fill the air with activity.  In summer, the purple clematis and green young grapes make a cool counterpoint to the warm orange and golds of the young peaches.  In fall, the grapes are succulent indigo, and the leaves are changing to reds and yellows…

Even in winter we have color… fading grapes up above easy reach feed the birds who stay all year, blue jays, cardinals with their colorful wings, merry chickadees who sing for seeds by the front porch…

Nature's candy

Nature’s candy

It started out, as so many of my gardening projects do, with a sense of purpose and order.  But it shifted as Nature took over, and the bed needed my assistance less and less to support itself…  Now it grows mostly unhampered.  This year I did support the peach tree while it sagged from trying to produce so much fruit.  In fact, next year it will start the season with its own crutch.  I’ll remember to trim the lavender down before Spring takes hold so it doesn’t have to work so hard to survive.  I’ll pull some of the chicory and wild carrots from the main bed and add a new layer of mulch and seashells.

Until next year, I’ll savor this year’s returns.


Just a quick check-in here….

Some for later...

Some for later…

Missed my Five Sentences the other day, trying to stay on track, but my head wants me to read, read, read and little else.  Sometimes note-taking…  The good thing is that I’m getting my head better into beta reads than I had been.  All this reading has been good for my line-editing progress on my own stories too.

And ROW80 Fitness progress…

Exercise?  Mediocre progress, at best.  Maybe it’s the changing seasons and the “knowing” that Winter’s on its way.  I can’t imagine so, given that I don’t feel inspired to scurry about at harvesting and gathering.  If anything, I’ve been evacuating and cleaning my house obsessively.  Maybe I’m in the wrong hemisphere?  😀