ST4S — T is for … OUCH!

Orthopantomogram of my teeth, showing an impac...

Orthopantomogram showing an impacted wisdom tooth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a cavity in one of my wisdom teeth.  This tooth has been impacted for years and even had a filling put in it about ten years ago.  This Spring, the tooth broke a bit and my dentist and I discussed the possibility of getting it extracted, but there had been no pain, and a glop of (what I thought was going to be) temporary filling material kept things that way.

In fact, I forgot completely about the tooth until this week when I went in for my annual cleaning.  The hygienist, with the best intentions, I’m sure, removed most of the filling material, and now….

I’ve taken one of every pain reliever I have in the house, so I can soft-chew the ravioli soup my husband made for me.  It’s working…somewhat.

Tomorrow I’ll be calling my dentist to see what can be done.  I had hoped to hold off on getting the tooth extracted until January when the next round of insurance kicks in, but we’ll see what happens.  I may not care how much it costs us to deal with the pain by morning (last night it kept me awake).

My little KIA, an accident waiting to happen

My little KIA, an accident waiting to happen

And on top of this, tomorrow is also “Teeth-Clencher Extrordinaire”…  or in simpler language “the day I take my car to get the brakes done”.  It sounds simple enough, except we live in the Heldeberg mountains, and there really are almost no brakes.  I have a new bottle of brake fluid.  I expect it to be gone well before I reach Albany.

So that’s the excitement in my life.

So here’s my brief….

ROW80 Check-in

Well, it’s NaNoWriMo time and I’m behind.  I could say it’s because I’m not feeling good or because I had family visits to do on Friday or any number of reasons, but really it’s because I always start National Novel Writing Month slow.

Vintage National Pressure Cooker, Eau Claire, ...

Vintage National Pressure Cooker, Eau Claire, Wis. 12 (Photo credit: beautifulcataya)

It’s just who I am and how my ‘process’ works.  Sometimes I don’t write anything for the first three or four days (not the case this time, but close–I have 1370 words written at the moment).  Then, as if my mind has been slowly cooking away… a little creative pressure cooker…  suddenly in the second and third weeks I burst out with days of 5K (average) only to slowly fizzle on the last week with a word here or there.

I’m not sure it’s a good system, but it seems to work for me to get the word count in.  Whether it creates anything worth polishing for publication….  Well, that’s debatable.

It also allows me to (mostly) keep tabs on all the other things I need to do for the month.  The field trips, the holiday shopping, the family visits, the…  well, I’m sure you all know because you’re doing all that too.

And in that, everything is on track.  I am writing, and I am getting to my sponsor duties, and I am…

Well, I am just doing the best I can.

How about you?

8 responses to “ST4S — T is for … OUCH!

  1. Oh, you poor thing! Keep me updated, and let me know if there is anything I can do–I do have a (nearly) abandoned minivan I could park at the bottom of a hill in Albany if that would help.

    Too bad we can’t commune somehow during our wakeful nights, but to be honest, I’m too ornery for company, punching the pillow behind my shoulder, getting up for another cup of tea . . .

    Take care of yourself, and be careful coming down from the Helderbergs!


    • I might take you up on that offer, Elizabeth (the minivan one). I have an appointment for tomorrow morning at the garage (they couldn’t take the car in today) and an appointment at the dentist this afternoon, and no way to get home if I drop the car off this evening… Hubby pushes me to do something about the car, then says he doesn’t care if it gets fixed, then…

      ARGH!!! I totally get the ornery. I feel really bad for the Boodle these days.

      And speaking of tea, do you need more tea? I have extra.


  2. I feel your pain. Really. A few months ago, I had an abscess in #1; that’s the top right wisdom tooth that’s at the very back. Oh, yeah, I have ALL of my teeth. The only problem was that the silly thing masqueraded as another problem for a few months resulting in a CAT scan and some funky drugs because it didn’t show up in a regular xray until–you guessed it–the infection was pretty advanced. Don’t go there. Fortunately, the only thing they found with the CAT scan was my brain. (I knew it was there somewhere.)

    Be so careful on your brake fix trip! I’m saying a prayer for you. That sounds terrifying.

    NaNoWriMo isn’t as much about word count (well, sort of), but it’s more about letting the muse run free and about getting in the writing habit. Best wishes for your pressure cooker to get to that critical point where the words burst forth.


    • Thanks, Kathrese!

      Wow… all your teeth. I wish I could say that (though not so much at the moment…. ask me in a few days when the pain goes down).

      As for NaNoWriMo not being about the word count… yeah! I see that. It’s about pushing past the resistance and perfectionism. And in that, perhaps I’ve never actually “won” a NaNoWriMo. 😦


  3. OUCH is right. I feel your pain though. I remember when my wisdom teeth came out. I just went to the dentist too and she said I have to have a root canal. EEK. Hang in there!


    • Root canals aren’t that bad once they get started, Ryan. Hang in there as well. Once the dentist starts the process, it’s actually pretty easy. It’s the lead up that makes things seem worse than they are… but once the nerve is dead, there’s no pain except some gum irritation.


  4. Maybe between that tooth and the car, you’ll find interesting images, emotions, events to add to your wip for NaNo? Once in Ecuador, a dentist was working on my tooth (without novacaine). He commented, “Ah, muy profundo!” I was wishing for the novacaine! May your trip to the dentist go safely, and your word count meet your expectations.


    • That was what I was hoping, Beth. Here it is Friday already though, and I have only developed increased patience for the way things happen.

      Oh! I had some teeth extracted without Novocaine before once–not fun! I dearly hope that you don’t have to go through something like that again.

      And how exciting to be in Ecuador! I dearly love travel.