ST4(Tuesday!) — Seeing Faces

I keep seeing fellow writers out there with Pintrest boards where they post (or rather pin images that remind them of characters in their stories).  And as I see these posts and boards and …  well, I give in now.  I had told ROW80Logocopymyself that I should not start one for the Swan Song series because it was really just another excuse to procrastinate and because I really do NOT need another reason to do Google Searches of cute guys just to say I am trying to get inspired…

But I give in…  mostly because I want a new reason to procrastinate I think.  I really should be working on my nearly nonexistent NaNoWriMo wordcount.

But for those who want to see some of the images that I feel best fit my characters, here are the Pintrest Boards for

ROW80 check in

Well, things are going slower than I hoped.  I’ve picked up steam on Courting the Swan Song for a couple of days, but slacked off this weekend again.  I must have let myself go too long before starting NaNoWriMo, because regaining the daily habit is not working the way it should.

On the upside, I keep having all sorts of inspired thoughts about my characters and the situations they’re in.  I even came up (on Friday) with the perfect ending for the book, one that opens the door for the rest of the series and yet gives the proper opening for the next book in the series that Alanii ‘stars’ in.  It even opens up the fourth book in the series that I’ve been slowly plotting out points for.

- Yummy -

– Yummy – (Photo credit: Warm ‘n Fuzzy)

How’s that for super yummy awesome?

As far as everything else…  sponsor duties are on track.  Great workout on Thursday, sat at my desk most of Friday….and Saturday… and Sunday (but I played videos games on Sunday instead of trying to work).  Monday I got that evil wisdom tooth pulled and then spent a family day up in Saratoga Springs.  The Boodle spent hours in the Children’s Museum, and hubby and I traded fun observation time.  Then after a delicious late lunch at the Saratoga Tavern where I even tried a beer (not my usual choice of alcohol), we all walked though through Congress Park  (COLD!).  We topped the day off with grocery store turnovers, The Big Bang Theory and quiet time.

So I am really late with this post….   That’s okay, isn’t it?

4 responses to “ST4(Tuesday!) — Seeing Faces

  1. super yummy indeed – I have been resisting pintrest since it began – mainly because I can not imagine what I would pin on it and I suspect it would be another pastime to make time vanish!:( all the best 🙂


    • Oh, it definitely is a way to spend a lot more time online not writing, Alberta. Still, I’m glad I did it. It was good to see images that I had ‘thought would work’ only to find out they were completely not right. I learned a fair amount about my own preconceived notions of my characters and reality in the day I spent there.

      And if I don’t hurry back for a few days more, I’ll even have more story based on those observations.

      So… If you ever do decide to try Pintrest, Alberta, let us know, because I’d love to see some of the Sefuty Chronicles ‘through your eyes’ as well as through your words.


      • well as to seeing more of the chronicles –um – one of the aspects of the books is apart from a couple of pointers there is no description of any of the characters physical appearance – there is a mention to green eyes and the fact that one is tall and this one is shorter – I know what they look like but every reader can chose their own – I could only put up pictures of a trashed country – countryside pursuits – landscapes not sure they would be of much interest and as a help to myself not sure I could find the right pics – the world is so clear in my head

        could try pintrest for something else I guess – interests of mine – or . . . or . . I really cannot think – maybe I had better visit some boards and see what others are doing – find out what it is all about – one always needs a distraction and as I have organical, ethically, and not for profited farmed my famville to a stand still (without spending money there is no way foward now apart from greed:) – and will i think have to abandon it maybe pintrest can be my new distraction


        • I can see what you’re saying, Alberta. When I use traits, like eye color or skin tone or height, etc… I’m trying to give a sense of history or geography to my characters. Like there’s a reason that Alanii has black hair, and the reason ends up becoming a major plot point. The hair color itself is just a clue, but it’s like giving a character a tattoo or dressing them in a nurses uniform.

          If these details don’t affect your story, then you should definitely leave them out.

          As for Pintrest… It’s cool to see how an author sees his/her characters, but it’s just as good to not do so… or to at least no do so until the book is finished and read. 😀 (Though, I find it’s just as easy to ignore my Pintrest boards as it is to pay attention to them.)