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Hastor Wit — a WIPpet/ROW80

Time again for another (short!) WIPpet.  As we’re grinding through week two of NaNoWriMo, I’m making this post a short one so I can get around to visiting everyone else’s blogs and get my daily 2K words done (and I’m having some issue with that).

But first a quick….

ROW80 check-in

The words are coming! The words are coming!

I feel kind of like that should be my second week cheer for these Writing Month events.  As I’ve stated before, I always start slow.  Things are building steam now in my head, and I’ve managed a few sprints and even a small write-in of sorts.  I don’t expect to write every day.  I used to think I had to, but…  no, I need a personal Sabbath of sorts, a day when I can just relax and enjoy being with family or a good book or… silence.

I need a day when my thoughts are just fine in my head without the pressure of trying to make them presentable to other people.

I also usually take a day from trying to write anything for my stories so that I can keep up with people here and at their blogs as a sponsor and fellow ROWer.  It’s slowing the wordcount down some, but it’s not interfering too much.

I’m writing.

How about you?  Are you getting those words written this week?  Are you finally finding your creative groove?


As I said, this’ll be a short “pet”, just six sentences.  How’d I get six on the 13th of November?  Simple maths…  11 (November) 13 became 1+1+1+3…

Of course his reasons for disliking the Harnii were different from Val’s. To say the history between the Harnii and Hastor Houses suffered from grief and bloodshed would be comparable to saying the sun rose in the morning and set in the evening and that it would do so again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. Though Alanii hadn’t heard of any recent incidents of killing from either side in his lifetime, he knew from Val that it was only because neither House made a point of announcing such things.

As Val had said without a touch of his usual acerbic wit: “A lot of their men drown in the river round this time of the year. A lot of ours run off and get knifed by some whore’s keeper.”

See why I love the Hastor?  Love, love, LOVE ’em!

As always, a big shout out to K.L. Schwengel at My Random Muse for hosting of WIPpet Wednesdays.  For a WIPpet, writers post pieces of a draft (Work In Progress) that somehow relate with the date at the group linky.  Company, comments…  even gentle (or not-so gentle) critiques are always welcome.