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ST4S — It’s So Easy

… to fall in love with…


Excuse the Buddy Holly song…  But it really is so easy to spend way too much time on Youtube.

Especially when one is desperately trying to not write anything for her NaNoWriMo project….

English: Path junction at Cow Ford One path fo...Oh!  Did I just say that in a public place?

Well, yeah, I did, and I did so intentionally.  It’s my day off after all, and I’m savoring the unwriting time with some of the ‘best of the interwebs’ or at least some of the silliest and cutest and most intelligent stuff that I can find following a single Youtube cow trail.

(A cow trail, as you may or may not know, is a meandering path through a seemingly endless field that makes several unexpected, and often scenic, pauses along its way.  Clearly cows have a great sense of what’s nifty in life.)

And how I did it was to go to video John Holton had posted on his Two for Tuesday I’d been meaning to check out but couldn’t play via my laptop earlier this week (some places I wi-fi limit access to Youtube (and in the case of the Uno’s Grill in Latham, it even restricts access to the ROW80 blog).   So after enjoying some Sergio Mendez I clicked on one of the suggested videos that show up in the video screen after…

Oddly enough it was for this slash/spoof of Star Trek the Animated Series with William Shatner’s Common People as a backdrop:

Normally Youtube would recommend videos based on the video I watched, but something about their new algorithm is choosing some videos based on prior viewings…  and I watch a lot of strange stuff, some just for myself, some for my son.  So I got this next:

(Frankly, the Harrison Ford/Rose McGowan one ended up being better, but still only mediocre humor.  I love Weird Al; he can do a lot better than this stuff.)

My Little Pony is pretty popular in our house, as evidenced by some of the other suggested videos I was given.  Among full episodes of the Friendship is Magic series, there are also some really fun fan projects by Bronies (and not).  And who knew?  You could learn to speak Polish or Italian or …  well, lots of languages by watching MiP:

And the best part of this video?  Watching Derpy Hooves!

(A cool thing about Derpy Hooves is that she’s a fan-created character.  The writer of the series created and developed Derpy’s character based on discussion she saw on social media sites.  If that isn’t the ‘best of the internet’, I’m not sure what is.)

It’s not all silly stuff.  After a very fun video about Fluffle Puff (the other fan created pony who is all hair–more on my obsession with fluffy things some other week), I decided to peek at the more intellectual offering in Youtube’s suggestions.

Clearly I wanted to learn about Capitalism.   Of course, I watch a lot of RSA videos (along with TEDTalks…), so this suggestion made sense:

And after that…  and supper, I spent some time with the Boodle watching this (warning: long, but fun):

A lot of videos…  And there was some Minecraft playing and a yummy family meal, and even a nice soak in the bathtub…

A great day off after a week of getting my five sentences (and more) done daily.  I’ve still got a fair ways to go on my NaNoWriMo wordcount, but I also have a bunch of handwritten work (about 15 pages back and front) to add into my already recorded count on the NaNo-site.  My Row80 sponsor duties are all on track, and I even managed a 45 workout on Thursday that included some weights and cardio.

So, in all…  A pretty good week.  And a nice day off.  But that’s ending now.  Tomorrow’s a busy day on top of another week of busy days.  So, until Wednesday…  Adieu!

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  • English: Path junction at Cow Ford One path follows the farm track through the gate and turns to the east while the other crosses the ford by a new footbridge in the trees to the right and heads south-east. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)